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Chapter 366: Zi Yi: Hes Not as Charming as My Ah Jing

They did not manage to walk around for long before many enthusiastic foreigners came forward to hit on them.

Zi Yis appearance had basically overpowered all the females present.

Some of the foreigners had even leaned over the fences just to take a look at her, and there were even one or two who nearly fell into the river.

Dou Xiangling smiled and bought two hats for each of them.

Only then did they attract less gazes.

Dou Xiangling said, “I feel that if we go to crowded places in the future, I have to make sure youre fully armed.”

The corner of Zi Yis lips curled up at her words.

“There are many who are looking at you too.”

Dou Xiangling smiled in response.

The two of them continued to walk forward and they soon arrived at a wide and long bridge.

The bridge was made of white marble with many sculptures on it, making the bridge appear exceptionally beautiful.

There were artists on both sides of the bridge while the middle area was for pedestrians.

They headed towards an artist who painted portraits and stayed there for a while before they continued to walk around.

They did not walk for long before Shadows voice sounded in Zi Yis ears.

“Master, someone is following you.”

Ziyi merely responded with a hum and did not check her surroundings.

She then took out her phone and sent Shadow an order: Keep a close eye on them.

She then put away her phone and looked up to see a violinist who was surrounded by numerous women screaming at the top of their lungs.

The violinist was wearing a golden mask, revealing his sharp nose and sexy lips.

He wore a slim-fit tuxedo, which accentuated his charming waistline.

He had shoulder-length blond curly hair and due to the strong wind blowing on the bridge, he simply tied up his hair with a rubber band, adding to his mysterious charm.

Dou Xiangling always felt that she was not someone who judged people by their appearances, but she could not help but sigh when she saw the man.

“That violinist is very charming.”

Zi Yi simply said, “Hes not as charming as my Ah Jing.”

Dou Xiangling could not resist as she released a peal of soft laughter at her words.

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at her, as she revealed an expression that seemed to say: I didnt say anything wrong.

Dou Xiangling pulled her hand and said, “Lets go over and listen.”

Soon, they walked over to the violinist who had been surrounded by a group of women.

After they listened for some time, Dou Xiangling sincerely praised him.

“This man plays really well.”

Zi Yi nodded and said, “Its pretty good.”

After they continued listening for a while more, they could not stand those women who would scream from time to time and decided to continue walking around.

Before they left, the violinist who was playing the instrument in all seriousness had inadvertently looked up, just to see their back views.

The man moved his gaze away and continued to play his violin, as if the surrounding screams did not exist.

Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling continued to walk around the bridge for some time and Dou Xiangling felt somewhat tired.

“Yiyi, why dont we take a rest at a cafe”

Zi Yi thought about it for a moment and decided to tell her of their current situation.

“We have been followed since earlier.”

Dou Xianglings expression was about to change, but Zi Yi held her hand to comfort her.

“Dont worry, Shadow has been keeping an eye on them and they wont dare to do anything to us.”

Only then did Dou Xiangling breathe a sigh of relief.

However, her mood to tour around the night market had been dampened by the situation.

“Why dont we go back now”

Zi Yi nodded in agreement and they turned to retrace their footsteps.

However, they did not walk for long before they saw a large crowd of people and large festooned vehicles.

Just then, someone near them was pleasantly surprised as they said, “To think there are festooned vehicles today, were quite lucky.”

There were many others who were excited at the sight of those festooned vehicles.

However, Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling furrowed their brows concurrently.

Zi Yi was worried that Dou Xiangling would lose her way in the midst of the chaos.

She thought for a moment and pulled Dou Xiangling as they turned around.

While walking, Zi Yi said, “Ill pass you Shadow later.

If we were to accidentally separate, make your way back first.”

“Then what about you” Dou Xiangling was worried about her and tightly grabbed her hands.

“Im fine.” Zi Yi said, “Ive brought plenty of good items along and no one will be able to do anything to me.”

She then continued to assure her.

“Rest assured.

Perhaps I might return earlier than you when the time comes.”

Dou Xiangling wanted to say something else, but the people in their surroundings had joined the crowd in excitement and there were also many who walked towards the bridge from the shores.

For a moment, both of them had difficulty walking.

Sure enough, they were separated by the crowd.

Zi Yi swiftly gave Shadow an order: Protect my cousin well.

Send her back at once.

Shadows response came soon after: I understand, Master.

Zi Yi then put away her phone and she quickly headed towards the bridge.

After she left the bridge, there was a smaller crowd.

She then glanced in two directions before she headed towards one of the routes.

There were many people on the shores climbing onto the fence to check out the festooned vehicles and the parade had set off fireworks too.

Fireworks exploded in the night skies, and all kinds of colors covered the skies.

When Zi Yi sensed that the people following her were approaching at fast speeds, she started to run forward.

She would often take care of people in places where there was no crowd.

She continued running for some time until there were no longer any sounds from her surroundings.

The streetlights shone on her, elongating her shadow.

This was a residential area and there were many trees along the river.

Everyone in the vicinity should have gone to join in the fun and it was currently extremely silent in that area.

It was to the extent that her footsteps were amplified.

Zi Yi slowed down just then and stopped when she ran past a corner.

At the same time, she turned around to look at those people coming towards her and asked in a cold voice, “Who sent you”

The men merely looked at each other before they headed in her direction.

“Youre not going to speak” Zi Yi took out a circular ball and threw it towards them.

The ball turned into a lethal frisbee with sharp knives around it and headed in their direction.

At first, they did not think of it as a threat.

When the frisbee flew in their direction, all of them quickly dodged.

Zi Yis lips curled up as she saw them dodging and coldly snorted.

“Ill give you another chance.

Are you going to speak or not”

The group of men remained silent.

“Very well.”

After she said that, the frisbee spun even faster and in the blink of an eye, it had sliced their clothing into pieces.

They were momentarily stunned before they hastily grabbed onto their pants that dropped to the ground.

“Are you going to speak or not” Zi Yis voice sounded even colder.

“If you dont speak at once, itll be your skin the next time.”

The men had also experienced how lethal the frisbee was.

Their expressions turned solemn and they quickly separated.

However, how could their speed be as fast as the frisbee

Soon, waves of screams sounded in the air.



Zi Yi coldly looked at those people rolling around on the ground and screaming out in pain after having their skin skinned off and retrieved her circular ball.

Just as she was about to leave, a powerful killing aura engulfed her from behind.

Before she had time to respond, a gun was pointed at her back and a threatening voice sounded, “Dont move, or Ill shoot.”

Zi Yi pursed her lips and remained still as she asked, “I doubt youre with them, so who sent you”

“You dont need to know.”

The gun behind her, had pressed against her back tighter.



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