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Chapter 362: I Have a Method to Make Lu Jingye Obediently Marry Your Younger Sister, Do You Want to Know About It

“Even Auntie Lu had personally done the work, why cant I do the same” Aishas stubborn temper flared up.

“I dont care.

No matter what, I have to learn about the jade business.”

“If you learn this, then what about your favorite dance”

“I… I can give up on dancing.”

“No way!”

Ricks voice rose several pitches higher out of agitation and he said, “You cant give up on your favorite dancing!”

Aisha remained silent, but she still had a determined expression on her face.

Rick was angry and yet anxious at the same time.

Even when he slept at night, he had been tossing and turning around.

Just when he was thinking hard about how to dissuade Aisha from having such thoughts, his phone suddenly rang.

He grabbed his phone to check the caller ID and what he saw was an unknown number.

He immediately ended the call.

Unexpectedly, it started ringing again.

His phone rang several times and Rick had quickly been enraged by it.

He answered the call with the intention of cursing out loud, but before he could speak, the other party immediately said, “I have a method to make Lu Jingye obediently marry your younger sister.

Do you want to know about it”

The moment he heard that, Ricks heartbeat sped up.

He calmed down the next second, as he felt that someone was deliberately trying to play a prank.

He then said with a solemn voice, “Who are you Why should I believe what you say”

“Theres no need for you to know of my identity.

You only have to tell me if you want to make Lu Jingye marry your younger sister or not.”

“Why should I trust what you say” Rick repeated himself.

The other party said, “Lu Jingyes younger brother is brain dead, but he has been keeping it a secret.

You can use this to threaten him.”

“Why should I trust you!”

“If you dont believe what I said, you can try to sound out Lu Jingye.”

The other party had unexpectedly hung up the phone having said that.

In the end, Rick was unable to fall asleep.

He knew of Lu Jingyes younger brothers existence.

Moreover, he was very good at keeping himself hidden.

From his conversation with Lu Jingye, he could discern that the relationship between the two brothers was very good.

Moreover, during Elder Lus birthday banquet, he had even specially brought up Lu Yunxiao.

From this, he could more or less infer Lu Yunxiaos position in the family.

And yet, someone like that was actually brain dead A person who was brain dead was equivalent to a dead person.

However, Lu Jingye had managed to keep it hidden.

What did that mean

“Lu Jingye, youre managing the Lu Familys business on the surface while your younger brother manages the secret forces of the Lu Family.

You dont want to let others know that your younger brother is dead, I believe its because you dont wish for the Lu Familys enemies to attack”

Every single large family, especially those with authority and influence, had its own secret forces.

As a child of a Count, Rick had managed to guess the reason behind it in a single try.

“If this is real, Id like to see if you can reject marrying my younger sister.” Thinking of this, Rick laughed.

His laughter revealed his confidence.

X Country.

At 10 a.m in the morning, Zi Yis airplane reached its destination.

The moment Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling walked out of the airport, a middle-aged man with Chinese facial features walked over and welcomed them.

“Hello, Miss Chu, Miss Dou.

I am the housekeeper of the Second Young Masters villa in X Country.

My surname is Ye.

Welcome to X Country, please follow me.”

Under numerous stunned gazes, the two of them walked out of the airport.

There was already a car parked outside.

Lu Jingyes villa in X Country was located in the prime location in the city area, where the land prices were extremely expensive.

There was a large villa located there.

When the housekeeper drove the car into the villa, he said to the two ladies.

“It only takes ten minutes to get to the art gallery.

In the eastern direction is the National Palace area, and in the southern direction are numerous famous tourist attractions.

The west direction is the business district and the north is a university town.”

The art gallery was located near the central business district.

After Housekeeper Yes introduction, Dou Xiangling could not help but exclaim.

“Staying here is much more convenient than the hotel I had booked previously.”

The car soon drove into the villa.

The villa was a two story European style building, and there was a fountain carving outside, which was a popular style in the country.

The stone steps outside were also made of white marble material.

Housekeeper Ye brought them in to tour around the villa before he led them to the room they would be staying in the following days.

It was obvious that Dou Xianglings room was a guest room.

When the housekeeper led Zi Yi to a room, he said to her, “Miss Zi, this is the room that Second Young Master would stay in when hes here for business.

He doesnt like being disturbed when others come over to visit, so theres only one master bedroom and guest room on this floor.

If you dont mind, you can stay in the master bedroom.”

There were indeed not many rooms here.

Zi Yi nodded her head and said, “This will do.”

The housekeeper smiled and said, “Miss Zi, please have a rest first.

Ill be downstairs and you can inform me if you need anything.”


The housekeeper left after he sent her to the door.

Zi Yi opened the door and walked inside.

Lu Jingyes room was very big and it had light blue walls, making the room look refreshing.

Other than a large bed, there was a large study table near the windows, and to the opposite of it was a set of sofas along with a wall-embedded wardrobe.

Zi Yi looked around and thought of something.

She took out her phone and took two photos before she sent them to Lu Jingye.

[Your room has been occupied by me.

This shall be my territory in the future.]

After sending the message, she was about to take a shower.

She did not expect to receive a reply from Lu Jingye a few seconds later.

Lu Jingye: [You can take a look at the closet, there are clothes prepared for the female owner.]

Zi Yi walked to the closet out of curiosity and pulled the door open, only to see a whole row of female clothes inside.

The corner of her lips curled up and she swiftly replied to his message.

[When did you have these prepared]

It was no wonder he had stopped her from bringing clothes along.

Lu Jingye: [When you boarded the plane.]

Zi Yi smiled and sent him a heart-shaped image before she threw her phone on the bed and grabbed a set of clothes to wash up.

When she came out from the shower, Lu Jingye had already sent her a reply ages ago.

Lu Jingye: [Youre not allowed to stay up late over there.

You must sleep before 11 p.m.]

Zi Yi: [What if I cant sleep because I miss you too much]

After she sent the message, Lu Jingye did not immediately send her a reply.

Zi Yi was not disheartened by it and instead, she left the room while in a great mood.

When she got to the stairs, she saw Dou Xiangling and the housekeeper having a conversation on the sofa.

They were casually chatting about the local customs of X Country.

Housekeeper Ye was very knowledgeable and he even knew about the international Painting and Calligraphy competition.

When they heard footsteps approaching them, they turned around at the same time.

Dou Xiangling smiled at her and said, “Yiyi, why dont you rest longer”

“Youre not resting too~”

“Haha… I cant fall asleep.”

Zi Yi walked over to Dou Xianglings side and sat down as she told them.

“You two can continue chatting.”

“Housekeeper Ye was telling me about the X countrys art culture.

Our competition starts tomorrow and we have to head over and register in the afternoon later.

If we finish early, we can visit Master Anga who resides here.”

Master Anga was a famous painter in X Country and was also a member of the International Painting and Calligraphy Association.

Dou Xiangling was acquainted with him and she wanted to make use of the opportunity to introduce him to Zi Yi.

Zi Yi nodded and said, “Sure.”

After the three of them chatted for a while, the Housekeeper went to the kitchen to have lunch prepared.


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