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Chapter 358: Second Young Master Taking a Cold Shower

Lu Jingye brought Zi Yi to her bedroom and stopped outside.

Zi Yi tightened her grip on his neck and bumped against his forehead discontentedly.

“Why did you stop”

Lu Jingye looked at the young lady in his embrace and tightened his lips.

His voice had even constricted.

“Go to bed soon.

You have to wake up early tomorrow.”

“I dont wanna~”

Zi Yi made up her mind about making him step into her room.

She then deliberately revealed a pure and innocent expression.

“Carry me inside.”

She reached out her hand and opened the bedroom door.

Lu Jingye glanced inside her bedroom and ended up walking inside.

He walked to the bed and leaned down, to put her down.

Zi Yi simply hugged his neck and dragged him downwards.

His body was pressed above hers, and the sensation of her feminine curves was magnified.

Lu Jingye Adams apple bobbed up and down and his voice was hoarse.

With restraint that he himself did not even know he had, he said, “Yiyi, let go.”

“Nope, I dont wanna~”

Zi Yi fluttered her eyes and said while acting spoiled.

“I want to sleep with you.”

She then pulled him onto her bed and pressed her lips onto his.

A string seemed to have snapped in Lu Jingyes head.

The young lady was too aggressive and who could possibly resist her enthusiasm

The temperature in the bedroom rose rapidly.

A crescent moon, half-hidden between the clouds, could be seen through the gap of the pulled curtains.

Sounds that would make one blush continued for some time before Lu Jingyes extremely hoarse voice could be heard.

“Yiyi, goodnight.”

He stood up and walked out her bedroom door in large strides.

Zi Yi laid on the bed and looked down at her messy pajamas before blushing and laughing softly.

She then muttered, “Old-fashioned.”

Even when that man touched her, he merely stopped at her waist level.

She was the one who accidentally unbuttoned her top, which revealed a large amount of her skin.

It was no wonder he could not control himself.

She pulled back the collar of her pajamas that revealed her silky shoulders and rolled around the bed.

She was thinking whether Lu Jingye would take a cold shower when he returned to his room.

Sure enough, Lu Jingye went to take a cold shower.

However, his mind was filled with the enchanting young lady, and instead of cooling down, his body temperature rose.

In the end, he dressed himself back in his pajamas and returned to the study room.

Early in the morning, Zi Yi had woken up.

She checked the time, only to realize it was 5:30 a.m.

Since she could not fall asleep, she decided to wash up and left her bedroom.

The second floor was completely silent, but there were faint voices coming from the first floor.

Zi Yi walked towards the staircase and just so happened to hear Lu Jingye telling to the housekeeper.

“A batch of red wine will arrive in a few days.

Keeping them in Zi Yis villa will do.”

“I understand, Second Young Master.”

The moment Zi Yi heard that there was wine, she hastily came down the stairs.

When the housekeeper and Lu Jingye saw her, the former took his leave.

Zi Yi went up to Lu Jingye, tiptoed, and hugged his neck as she gave him a good morning kiss.

She revealed a smile and asked, “Where did the red wine come from”

“I have a vineyard in Country F.

The steward would store some fine red wine every year and I got him to fly some over.”

Zi Yi pulled his hand and they headed outside together.

“Red wine can be used to make plenty of delicious food.

Lets get the chef to prepare some for us at that time.”

They walked into the courtyard and smelled the scent of the blood lotus.

Zi Yi took a look around and released Lu Jingyes hands to grab a basket.

“The blood lotus is ready for picking.

Ill pick them and get the housekeeper to prepare some tonic for you.”

Lu Jingye felt a sense of impending crisis.

“What effects does the blood lotus soup have”

Zi Yi had guessed his thoughts and patted him on the chest as she smiled happily.

“Dont worry, blood lotus replenishes blood and its very effective for you who stays up often, late at night.

It would stop your body from feeling unbearable.”

Lu Jingye tightened his lips as he looked at the young lady whose eyes were flickering with a crafty glint.

He reached out to hold her hand and said, “Then lets have the soup together.”

Zi Yi nodded.


Lu Jingye was responsible for harvesting the blood lotus while Zi Yi stood below and placed it in the basket.

The housekeeper just so happened to make his way over after they were done with harvesting the blood lotus.

Zi Yi informed him of what type of soup the blood lotus should be prepared with and what other ingredients should be added.

The housekeeper took the basket from her.

Zi Yi then turned to Lu Jingye and said, “Ah Jing, we have an excess of the blood lotus.

Should we get someone to deliver some to Auntie Ill send her a message shortly and tell her how to prepare it.”

Of course, Lu Jingye did not object to her suggestion.

After they finished harvesting the blood lotus, they went out to run for half an hour.

By the time they got back, Lu Jingye received a report from his subordinate.

He told Zi Yi after he received the report, “The Dongfang Family wants to have your stepmother take out evidence of your past and upload it over the net.”

Zi Yi snorted and took out her phone as she swiftly swiped around.

While swiping, she said, “Since the Dongfang Family is so fond of interfering with someone elses affairs, then Ill let their family become busy for a while.”

Soon, she managed to obtain information of numerous hidden secrets of the Dongfang Family, which had been glossed over nicely on the surface.

Lu Jingye had been looking at her screen since a while back.

When he saw what she prepared, he raised his hands and stopped Zi Yi from uploading them.

“Send them to me.

Ill upload it instead.”

Zi Yi turned to look at him.

Lu Jingye explained, “The Dongfang Family is different from the Zhou Family.

The latter focuses on the business industry and they do not have a strong backing.

I can casually let their family suffer in ruin in the dark.

However, the Dongfang Family has a strong backing.

There are some things that cant be touched upon right now.

Otherwise, it would also involve the other families.”

Lu Jingye had always been far-sighted.

Since he wanted to cause someone to suffer, he would also make adequate arrangements for it.

The Dongfang Family had been bullying Zi Yi and he already had plans to take action against them, it is just that the opportune time had yet to arrive.

Zi Yi had also more or less guessed that the interest of the eight families was involved and so, she nodded her head and sent the evidence she had obtained to Lu Jingyes mailbox.

She even set up a program on his mailbox where only the two of them could access it.

Lu Jingye touched her cheeks and said in guarantee, “No one can bully you.”

Zi Yi rubbed her cheeks in his palms and deliberately asked, “What if you suddenly feel like bullying me”

Lu Jingye saw the young ladys naughty look as she blinked in his direction.

He could not help himself and pinched her on the cheeks.

Zi Yi then giggled at his response.

After breakfast, Zi Yi set off to the First Hospital.

Lu Jingye did not leave immediately.

Instead, he dialed a number and said with a chilly tone, “Let Li Peirong know that the Dongfang Family only wishes to make use of her.

They will directly dispose of her after that; Investigate Li Peirong and her maiden family.”

Shortly after, he made another call.

“Let Zi Xu head abroad in the following days.

Use the XX company in M Country as bait.”

When Zi Yi arrived at the First Hospital, Dou Xiangling and Dou Zerui were already waiting for her at the car park.

The moment she parked her car, the two of them made their way over.


Dou Xiangling smiled and said, “I guessed that you should be arriving about now.

My brother and I also just came down.

Lets go in together.”

Zi Yi nodded and was about to head in together with them.

However, after walking for a while, she saw that many people around them had either carried fruit baskets or flowers in their hands.

She thought for a moment and said, “Give me a minute, Ill go get some fruits.”


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