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Metropolis University had ten slots available for independent applicants, but over a thousand people had applied for the spots.

Most of these people had connections or came with their teachers recommendations.

It was 30 minutes before the exam and the students were verifying their identity using a machine.

The moment Zi Yi walked over, everyone automatically looked at her.

“That girl is so pretty.

I wonder how she managed to get a slot in the exam.”

“Judging from what she is wearing, she probably knows someone.”

“Youre right.

I simply dont believe that someone as pretty as her came in at the recommendation of a school or teacher.”

A lot of the people were envious of her good looks.

They were more ready to believe that she had a connection than believe that she was genuinely talented.

Zi Yi did not take their comments to heart while she queued.

A girls voice came from behind her.


Zi Yi turned to glance at her.

The girl wore glasses and had long thick bangs, she looked like a nerd.

However, her eyes kept glinting from behind her spectacles.

“Yes” Zi Yi looked at the girl coldly.

The girl did not appreciate Zi Yis reaction.

She adjusted her spectacles as she contemplated.

Considering how pretty Zi Yi was, she must have obtained an exam slot using her connections.

Why act innocent

“How did you get your slot”

Zi Yi frowned.

“What does it matter to you”

The girl was annoyed and wanted to say more.

However, Zi Yi turned her head and ignored her.

The girl looked at Zi Yis head from behind her as she angrily thought, “What gives her the right to compete with diligent students from common families like theirs, just because she was good-looking Since she was gorgeous, she might be someones mistress.”

Zi Yi verified her identity and took her exam ticket before she headed to the exam hall as everyone stared at her.

The young woman standing behind her in the queue happened to sit right behind her.

The girl looked at Zi Yi from behind as she thought enviously, “I must check Zi Yis grades when they are out.

How could a mistress study at Metropolis University”

The girl suddenly spoke to Zi Yi with a sense of superiority, “Hey there! Good luck.

I hope we can be classmates.”

The other students looked over nosily at Zi Yi.

Zi Yi could not be bothered with the girl behind her.

The girl was only capable of talking big and was so weak that Zi Yi found it a hassle to even take care of her.

The exam commenced at 8:30 am.

The invigilator walked over and solemnly told the candidates about the rules of the exam.

“Other than the compulsory subjects, Metropolis University has set some questions too.

Time is tight for the exam.

You need to finish exams for six subjects in two days.

You will do two subjects in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Please be mentally prepared.

If we discover any cheating, the students will get kicked out of the exam immediately.”

After the test paper was given out, everyones heart skipped a beat.

“Oh god.

This is so hard!”

“Most of these questions are outside the syllabus.”

“Silence! Or else, please leave.”

The moment the invigilator warned the students, they shut up.

Everyone started to work on the test paper and no one dared to say a word.

Zi Yi packed her things and stood up after she was done… 30 minutes later.

Everyone looked at her quizzically.

“Only 30 minutes have passed for the exam.

The moment you stand up, we consider you done with your exam.” The invigilator shook his head in his heart.

Why sign up for the exam if she was not serious It was such a waste.

Zi Yi nodded.

“I am done.”

The moment she finished her sentence, she turned to leave.

The invigilator walked up to her table and took her test script.

He sat on the podium and glanced at it casually and ended up being stunned.


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