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Chapter 356: Ah Jing, Am I Pretty

Ouyang Ming was a famous dandy man in the capital and he did things as he pleased.

His personality was even more unpredictable.

Perhaps a second ago he might be smiling at you and the next second, he would turn gainst you.

As a young lady of high-society, Chu Xiang never bothered to interact with people like Ouyang Ming.

Now that he was leaning towards her, the first thought that came to her mind was that he wanted to flirt with her.

“Ouyang Ming, youd better show some respect.”

Ouyang Ming immediately guessed Chu Xiangs thoughts upon hearing what she said.

She snorted in disgust and took a step back while he rudely sneered.

“With your appearance and figure, a random confidante of mine is better than you.

Do you think I would do anything to you”

Chu Xiang felt that she had been insulted and she flushed red in anger.

She as a high-society young lady was actually compared to those dishonest and wanton girls!

Ouyang Ming admired Chu Xiangs change of expression and continued to speak.

“Let me make a guess.

Youre relatives from the First Madams maiden family.

Chu Xuan is somehow trying to raise his senses of presence before that Zi woman.

Is there any purpose behind your actions Could it be that the First Madam…”

“Ouyang Ming!” Chu Xiang raised her voice and interrupted her while she spoke in an anxious voice.

“My brother is purely fond of Zi Yi.

You better not bring my aunt into this!”

Ouyang Ming looked at Chu Xiangs expression and clicked his tongue.

“I had yet to finish what I was going to say, why are you so anxious about wanting to explain yourself Could it be that the First Madam truly intends to do something to Zi Yi”

“Youre talking nonsense!”

“Nonsense Why dont I get Second Brother to come here and let him ask you”

Chu Xiangs complexion became paler at his words.

Ouyang Ming saw her expression and laughed.

His laughter was extremely irritating.

He deliberately approached her and said, “Whether you admit it or not, I have a way to convince Second Brother into believing that the First Madam sent you here to approach Zi Yi.”

Speaking of his, he glanced at Chu Xiang whose cheeks turned a flushed red.

It was unknown if she turned red due to anger or because he had approached her.

Ouyang Ming purposely made his voice sound gentle, just like a lover whispering in her ears.

“Its obvious that the First Madam wanted to do something to Zi Yi, and youre both accomplices.

If Second Brother finds out about this, would you like to guess what he would do”

Chu Xiang thought of the methods Second Brothers used to deal with his enemies and her body unconsciously trembled.

“Dont be afraid.” Ouyang Mings voice became even gentler.

“As long as you tell me why the First Madam asked you to approach Zi Yi, I wont tell Second Brother about this.


Ouyang Ming narrowed his eyes and revealed a malicious look.

“Id like to see if Second Brother would flare up at you.”

Chu Xiang tightened her lips and did not utter a single word.

“Youre not intending to speak” Ouyang Ming sneered.

He took out his phone and waved it before her.

“Ive already recorded our previous conversation.

I will only give you three seconds to think it over.

One… Two…”

“We wish to obtain the flying car technology and high-end robot technology that is in her hands.”

Ouyang Ming smiled at her words and took two steps back at the same time.

He then turned around and called out.

“Ah He, stop fighting.

Otherwise Second Brother and Zi Yi would have already come out by thw time youre done.”

He Fei immediately stopped attacking.

He then looked at Chu Xuan whose face had turned blue and black from his punches and said, “You better not hit on Zi Yi again.

Otherwise, Ill beat you to death.”

Following that, he and Ouyang Ming left.

After they left, Hei Fei used his thumb to wipe the corner of his lips that was bleeding.

His mood did not turn for the better after the fight.

Instead, he was still as irritated as before.

Ouyang Ming crossed his arms and asked, “How do you feel when you see Second Brother and Zi Yi walking side by side”

He Fei had a dark expression and he did not speak.

His footsteps merely hastened as he continued walking.

Ouyang Ming chased after him and said, “Its simply impossible for you to catch up to Second Brother.

Ive said it before.

We have an opportunity right now and as long as we do a few large business moves, perhaps you still have a chance.”

He Fei finally stopped walking.

Ouyang Ming smiled.

“What were going to do is not illegal, its just something in between the gray areas.

What are you so afraid of”

He Feis hands clenched into fists and he spoke up only after a long time had passed.


Ouyang Ming put his arm behind his neck and they walked side by side.

“Thats the correct attitude.

Think about it, if were lucky, doing it twice would mean tens of billions of income.

Perhaps our wealth would exceed that of Second Brothers in the near future.”


When Lu Jingye and Zi Yi walked in together, a group of people who were near the exit had subconsciously made way for them.

Everyone looked at the both of them with a shocked gaze.

They did not have much intimacy between them as one of them walked in front, while the other walked behind.

However, the aura between them made others feel that they were a couple.

Zi Yi directly brought Lu Jingye into the dressing room.

As soon as she closed the door, everyone else exploded.

“That guy is soooo handsome!!!”

“He looks so familiar!”

“Why do I feel that he looks like the famous Second Young Master Lu from the Lu Family that all women wish to marry”

“AHHH… no way!”

Zi Yi did not care about other peoples opinions.

After she entered the dressing room, she was not in a rush to change out of her costume.

Instead, she turned around and held Lu Jingyes neck.

“Ah Jing, do I look nice”

“You look pretty.” Lu Jingye held her waist.

Looking at her face that appeared even more stunning due to the contrast of her bright red costume, he could not help but raise his hands.

He then lifted her chin and sealed her lips.

The two of them were unable to restrain their emotions due to the kiss.

It was only until some time later did Lu Jingye reluctantly release her.

With a hoarse voice, he said, “Go and change your clothes.

Well go and grab supper with my mother later.”

Zi Yi leaned her head on his shoulders for a while.

She rested until her breathing returned to normal before she headed for the changing room.

After she was done changing, she intended to hang the costume back on the rack.

However, Lu Jingye said, “Pass it to me.”

Zi Yi gave him an odd look, but she still passed the costume to him.

Lu Jingye held the costume along with her hand and headed outside.

“Why are you taking the costume along”

“Since youre the only person who can wear this, well buy it.”

Zi Yi did not continue to speak, but the corner of her lips curled up uncontrollably.

They held hands and left the dressing room, only to be met with dozens of passionate gazes staring at them.

Lu Jingye swept his gaze across everyone and spoke with his deep and powerful voice.

“Whos in charge of costume”

The Department Head of Logistics Wu Jiang subconsciously raised his hand and said, “Me.”

After he raised his hand, he realized that his reaction was somewhat strange and suddenly felt embarrassed.

Lu Jingye did not give him time to reflect on his embarrassment and asked, “Are you selling this costume”

Wu Jiang was about to shake his head when Lu Jingye asked, “200k, as funds for your Student Union.

Are you willing to sell”

Wu Jiang fiercely nodded his head without the slightest trace of principle left.

“Yes, were selling it.”

What a joke! This costume only cost them a few thousand and with 200k, they can add plenty of items for the Student Union.

Lu Jingye nodded in satisfaction and took out a card from his pocket.

Before Wu Jiang managed to react, the Department Head of Finance somehow took out a POS machine and enthusiastically walked to Lu Jingye as she revealed a bright smile.

“This is our Student Unions POS machine, you can simply swipe your card.”

Lu Jingye paid 200k without the slightest hesitation while under everyones stares.

Shortly after, he held Zi Yis hand and left with the costume in hand.

A wave of buzzing voices and commotion sounded from behind.


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