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Chapter 355: Someone Gave Zi Yi Flowers Right in Front of Lu Jingye

There were several other female students who said that.


Lu, who was seated beside Lu Jingye, took a peek at her sons expression.

There was not the slightest change in Lu Jingyes expression and he looked as calm as usual.


Lu shook her head deep down: Dear son, just continue pretending.

Id like to see how long you can pretend.


Lu, who had no sympathy for her son at all, had even deliberately added oil to the fire.

“I wonder, if someone gave Little Zi flowers at this moment, I wonder what reaction she would have.”

Only then did Lu Jingye tilt his head and glance at his mother.

He shifted his gaze away shortly after and continued looking at the young lady on stage while feeling slightly annoyed.

He should have bought a bouquet of flowers earlier on.

Sure enough, someone walked towards the stage with a large bouquet of flowers in hand.

Several female students who could not control their emotions were even more excited.

“Ahhhh! The Marketing Department Head, Chu Xuan brought flowers on stage!”

“AHHHH- its roses too!”

“What would happen to our President”

“Oh my gawd, Im so excited.”

“Son…” When Mrs.

Lu was about to agitate her son, she saw Lu Jingye standing up and heading upstairs.


Lu saw the powerful aura he radiated and covered her lips, while revealing a chuckle.

When Lu Jingye walked over, Chu Xuan had already arrived in front of Zi Yi and was just about to gift the flowers to her.

Zi Yi looked at him with that cold and indifferent gaze of hers.

When their eyes locked onto each other, Chu Xuan detected traces of killing intent.

While he was stunned by her gaze, he saw Zi Yi walking past him and heading towards the side stairs near the stage.

Everyone looked at her head towards a tall and noble-looking man who was standing beneath the stage, seemingly waiting for her.

Shortly after, they left the stage together.

Everyone was confused.

What the hell just happened

For the first time ever, Chu Xuan who was standing on the stage had experienced embarrassment.

That feeling was simply indescribable.

He had never been humiliated to such a degree before!

Nangong Yu standing next to him had spoken up at that moment.

“Junior Zi has a boyfriend, why bother to do this”

Chu Xuan pursed his lips and looked down, and no one knew what he was thinking at that moment.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye had walked backstage and everyones line of sight subconsciously turned to Chu Xuan.

“This can be considered as Department Head Chu getting ruthlessly rejected”

“I doubt so He didnt even have the chance to speak and Zi Yi left.”

“Did you realize that Zi Yi is wearing a ring on the middle finger of her right hand Is the owner of that ring the man standing under the stage”

“It must be.

However, I wonder what that man looks like.”

“I didnt get to see his face.

His back was facing this direction and I only managed to see his back.

But I feel that he must be an unrivaled and extremely handsome guy.”

“He also has a noble and elegant aura.

I guess that his identity is not as simple as it seems.”

“No wonder Zi Yi would fancy a man like that.

When comparing Department Head Chu and that man, hes simply lacking.”

“But I feel that Department Head Chu appears a little stupid while hugging a bouquet of flowers and standing there.

Even I feel embarrassed on his behalf.”

“Me too.”

The Vice Dean waited for Zi Yis calligraphy to dry before he carefully rolled it up and kept it.

The moment he looked up, he saw Chu Xuan hugging a large bouquet of roses.

He then furrowed his brows and asked, “Chu Xuan, what are you doing”

Chu Xuan felt even more embarrassed.

In fact, the Vice Dean more or less guessed what had happened after he asked the question.

He was admiring the calligraphy earlier and only noticed Zi Yi had disappeared.

Thus, he asked Nangong Yu.

“Wheres Student Zi”

“Junior Zi headed backstage to change out of the costume.”

The Vice-Dean nodded and walked down the stage with the calligraphy in hand.

Nangong Yu glanced at the bouquet of flowers in Chu Xuans hands and said, “Lets go.”

With a flushed face, Chu Xuan tagged along and walked down the stage.

He could already imagine how everyone would mock him in the future.

The flowers in his hands were like a hot potato and he wished that he could throw them away immediately.

However, he could not do so.

He could only continue carrying the flowers and walked down the stage, and walked out from the side entrance.

When he came to a deserted place, Chu Xuans complexion immediately turned ashen.

At that moment, familiar footsteps could be heard from behind him.

“Bro, you were hasty.”

Chu Xuan roughly threw the flowers into the large bin next to him and turned to glare at her with an ashen expression.

Chu Xiang glanced at the flowers in the bin and said, “I told you that you cannot chase her like how you chase other girls.

With Second Brother as a comparison, do you think a few roses can impress her”

“Then what should I have done” Chu Xuan grinded his teeth as he felt extremely unjust deep down.

Chu Xiang lowered her eyes and thought for a moment.

“You gave Zi Yi flowers today, do you think Second Brother will get back at you out of anger”

“Hes not someone who would do that.” Chu Xuan felt that he understood Lu Jingye well.

“How could he possibly do anything like that, just for a woman”

“He wont, but we will.”

A cold voice suddenly interrupted them, causing the Chu siblings to tremble for a moment.

They hastily turned over to take a look.

They saw He Fei and Ouyang Ming standing near the side entrance.

They both had a solemn expression on their faces, as if they wanted to pick a fight.

Chu Xuan immediately raised his guard.

Chu Xiang also looked at them warily.

“What do you want to do”

Ouyang Ming revealed a creepy and insidious smile.

“Of course we are thinking of beating people up.”

Having said that, he moved his fists in front of him and headed towards Chu Xuan.

Chu Xuan stood there and looked at him.

A sneer curled on his lips as he said, “Oh, I seemed to have forgotten that Fourth Brother He had chased Zi Yi in the past and didnt succeed in doing so… Since he was the one who chased her, what does that have to do with you Why are you so agitated Can I understand it to be that youre also interested in Zi Yi”

“Pft.” Ouyang Ming sneered and strode over as he swung his fists towards Chu Xuans face.

Chu Xuan was trained.

Moreover, Ouyang Mings legs had yet to recover and were not as agile as before.

Chu Xuan retaliated.

Ouyang Ming did not manage to hit his target and instead, nearly received a punch.

Ouyang Ming swelled in anger and insisted on fighting against him.

He Fei walked over in large strides and pulled him to one side before he started to fight against Chu Xuan.

He Fei did not train at Lu Jingyes bodyguard training ground for naught.

That punch of his was very solid.

Coupled with how he was provoked by Chu Xuan who dared to give flowers to Zi Yi, he did not hold back his punch in the slightest.

In addition, he aimed his punch at Chu Xuans face.

“Stop fighting!” Seeing that her brother had received a few punches, Chu Xiang was so anxious to the extent that she was about to tear up.

She wanted to pull them apart, but was blocked by Ouyang Ming.

Ouyang Ming said in a serious voice, “If my memory serves me right, you and Second Brother are related in a roundabout way, am I right I dont believe Chu Xuan has the guts to openly aim at something that already belonged to another.”

“What are you saying” Chu Xuang felt her heart clench tight and she tried to keep a straight face as she acted as if she did not understand what he just said.

“Youre pretending not to know anything” Ouyang Ming smiled even more grimly.

“Second Brother has yet to leave.

Should I give him a call and get him to confront you”

Chu Xiangs complexion paled.

“If my guess is right, someone was behind the reason why Chu Xuan is trying to approach Zi Yi”

“Y-you… youre spouting nonsense! Y-you… what are you doing”

Facing Ouyang Ming who suddenly leaned forward, Chu Xiangs voice cracked due to fright.


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