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Chapter 347: Twisted From Anger

Hearing this, Mrs.

Lu deliberately interrupted her with words of consolation.

“Sister Li, Little Zi merely did not wish to marry someone she didnt love and came to her grandfathers family for refuge.

What are you worried for

Little Zis grandfathers family is a scholarly family.

At that time, your husband prevented Little Zi from taking the college entrance examination, which was why Little Zis grandfather had arranged the independent enrollment examinations for her.

The reason why she was playful in the past is that she wished to receive her fathers care and concern.

Shes so smart and if she doesnt display rebellious behavior, how would her father pay her any attention”

Li Peirong found herself unable to find a good reason to refute her.

She was itching with hatred deep down and decided to leave immediately.

After she returned, she would try to find a way and expose everything Zi Yi had done in the past.

However, on the surface, she revealed a guilty expression and said, “Zi Yi has not been in contact with us for quite some time and I was also unable to find her.

Thus, I was worried.

Since youre fine, Im relieved.”

Having said that, she added, “Your father is coming over to pick up your sister tonight.

What would you like to eat Ill go back to cook for you at once and wait for you”

Zi Yi looked at her with her chilly gaze.

Li Peirong seemed to be afraid of her rejection and immediately turned to leave.

Looking at her departing back view, the people around them started to discuss the situation.


Lu swept her gaze across the spectators around them and her eyes unconsciously contained a sharp glint.

Everyone was unexpectedly stunned by her expression and subconsciously dispersed.

But the problem between Zi Yi and her stepmother had instantly spread out in all sorts of different versions.


Li looked at Yu Xuan standing beside them and patted Zi Yis shoulders.

“Little Zi, you can participate in the competition with peace of mind.

Auntie will not let anyone bully you.”

Yu Xuan, who had been standing by their side, looked at Zi Yi and Mrs.


She had more or less guessed some things and she knew that Zi Yi definitely did not wish to bring up her stepmother at this very moment.

Therefore she said, “Zi Yi, do you want to reconsider what we had suggested in the morning Performing in such a large-scale event is a good opportunity for us students.

It would also be easier for you to enter the Student Union in the future.”

Zi Yi looked at Yu Xuan.

Yu Xuan smiled at her.

“Besides, if you can enter the Student Union, itll be convenient to do things too.

If youre capable enough, you can even take the position of the head of a department.

M.Unis Student Union has a lot of privileges.”

Zi Yi asked, “What privileges”

“Student Union members have the priority for exchanges between international universities.

As you know, each university has its own reputed major and research inventions.

I heard that you are fond of robots.

D Countrys D Universitys robots are world-famous and there is an exchange between our schools annually.

The Student Union members have the priority.”

Zi Yi did not immediately agree to it.

On the other hand, Mrs.

Li felt that it was a pretty good opportunity and said, “Little Zi, I feel that joining the Student Union is not a bad choice.

You can become the President of the Student Union.”

“Pft- cough cough…”

Zi Yi and Mrs.

Lu looked towards Yu Xuan simultaneously.

Yu Xuan thought: “Its easier said than done! To think that shes thinking of aiming for the position of the Student Unions President” She tried her best to suppress the impulse of refuting what Mrs.

Lu said earlier and explained to them.

“The President of the Student Union will be elected once a year, but that position is not only chosen based on the students votes.

It is also dependent on all the Directors of various schools within M.Uni.

In the end, the candidate still has to be reviewed by the Education Bureau and its not something that one can become if they wished for it.

The conditions to become the President of the Student Union are also very strict.

They must win international rewards, have outstanding achievements and outstanding leadership skills.”

Having said that, Yu Xuan subconsciously sized up Zi Yi and revealed a particularly fake smile.

“Its actually good that Junior Zi has such a goal.”

However, in her heart, she sneered: “Our President is an all-rounder and if you wish to compete with him for that position, its simply a pipe dream.”

Zi Yi glanced at Yu Xuans expression and said, “I can join the event tonight, but I have a condition.”

Zi Yi told her about the conditions before she left with Mrs.


Yu Xuan looked at Zi Yis departing back view with slight surprise.

She only then took out her phone a few seconds later to make a call.

“She agreed to it, but she brought up two conditions.

I feel that what she brought up is pretty good… Yeah, I will immediately get someone to prepare.”

After Zi Yi and Mrs.

Lu walked away, Mrs.

Lu said to her, “Everyone in the Student Union is smart, but if you have the capabilities, itll be good for you if you can gather them all under you.”

Zi Yi nodded in response.


Lu added, “That stepmother of yours is not an easy person.

If you dont have the time to deal with her, I can help you.”

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at her.


Lu still had a gentle appearance at the moment, but there was an additional trace of chilliness in her eyes.


Lu was worried that Zi Yi would be frightened by her present appearance and had hastily restrained herself.

“Your time should be used to do meaningful things, and not for dealing with these types of nasty things and people.”

Zi Yi felt a warm current in her heart and she took Mrs.

Lus hands.

She then leaned her head on her shoulders and said coquettishly, “Auntie Lu, youre so nice to me.

Even I wish to marry Ah Jing as soon as possible now.”


Lu liked Zi Yis personality where she would openly admit what she wanted.

When she heard what Zi Yi said, she smiled and said, “Alright.

When I go back, Ill discuss your wedding date with Uncle Lu.

At that time, well directly head to your grandfathers house to propose your marriage.”

The moment she heard Mrs.

Lu mention her grandfather, Zi Yi stood upright.

“Whats wrong” Mrs.

Lu knew about the tense relationship between Zi Yi and the Dou Family.

“Dont worry, youre doing well right now.

The Dou Family people will definitely like you.”

Zi Yi nodded in response.

The two of them made their way to the control room in the second auditorium.

On the other side, after Li Peirong left the university, she contacted the bodyguard who was sent to the capital to look for Zi Yi.

It was only after she asked, did she find out that they had never found her at all.

Li Peirong was furious.

“How the hell are you guys doing your work Its been so long and you cant even locate a single person Could it be that youre unaware that shes in M.Uni”

The bodyguard was clearly surprised.

“How is it possible that Miss Zi is in M.Uni”

Li Peirong had ordered the bodyguards to investigate the underworld in the capital as she believed that Zi Yi had become the woman of a triad boss.

However, now that she heard from others that Zi Yi had always been in M.Uni, she would obviously be in disbelief.

Li Peirong also knew that the direction in which she pointed the bodyguard was incorrect.

“Go and find some people for me.”

Speaking up to here, she suddenly stopped talking.

Since Zi Yi knew about how she had commissioned people to take care of her in the past, perhaps she was really a triad boss woman.

However, she merely concealed it well on the surface.

If she were to find hooligans to take care of her again, wouldnt it be giving that little bitch a weakness of hers

Thinking of this, she changed her mind.

“You just have to head to M.Uni and keep her under your watch for the time being.”

She disconnected the call and was about to head towards the apartment.

However, just as she was about to head into the apartment, a voice called for her from behind.


Zi, please wait.”

Li Peirong subconsciously stopped and turned to take a look.

She saw a bodyguard and immediately increased her vigilance.

The bodyguard came to her and passed her a business card.


Zi, I am the Dongfang Familys bodyguard.

This is my boss business card and he told me to pass it to you.

If you wish to make your stepdaughter be obedient, you can directly look for him.”


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