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Chapter 337: Are You Willing to Come and Work For Me

The Zhou Family brothers looked towards Lu Jingye who stood to the side away from them.

With a gentle expression on his face, he made an invitational movement.

“If the both of you have anything to say, you can come inside and sit down to discuss it.”

Having said that, he led them inside.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye sat on the sofa.

When the Zhou Family brothers had followed them inside, they looked at the filth on their bodies and felt inexplicably embarrassed as their faces turned red.

Just then, Lu Jingye pointed to the living room below and said, “The first room is for you to sleep in tonight.

There are toiletries prepared inside.

You can go and wash up first.”

The Zhou Family brothers were momentarily stunned before they hastily thanked him and headed in that direction.

Zi Yi looked at the both of them making their way into the room and snorted in dissatisfaction.

“I should have made them have a taste of true suffering!”

Lu Jingye smiled and leaned over to grab a fork and fed her some snacks.

“Since youve saved them, it means you noticed something good about them.

If you want someone to be loyal to you, you have to use a carrot and a stick.”

Zi Yi took the snack and only responded after she took a bite.

At that moment, the housekeeper walked in from outside the door.

Lu Jingye said to him, “Send two sets of clothes to them along with injury ointment.”

The housekeeper glanced in the direction of the guest room and knew what had happened.

He turned around and told a servant to prepare some clothes and ointment.

Zi Yi leaned her head against Lu Jingye and they started to talk about the Dongfang Family.

Zi Yi said, “Dongfang Yan had already left before we came back to the XX Base.

Where is she right now”

“Shes in the Dongfang Family.” Lu Jingye said, “She disguised herself before she entered the base and thinks that we are unaware of her true identity.”

Zi Yi sneered.

“Its better this way.

Ill be able to play around with her then.”

Lu Jingye raised his hand and touched her head.

“Dongfang Yan is a top student from a Medical University.

She studied Chinese medicine and is good with poisons.”

“Poisons” The corner of Zi Yis lips curled up.

“Then Id like to compete with her on who is more proficient in it.”

It just so happens that she had not visited the black market for quite some time.

It was not a bad idea to purchase some rare poison items and poisonous herbs to craft some poisons.

As someone from the interstellar era, the number of poisons Zi Yi had knowledge of was so vast.

How could Dongfang Yan possibly compare

However, she did not have much time to make poisons in recent days and so, she turned to Lu Jingye and asked, “Ah Jing, do you know anyone who can make poison”


Zi Yi narrowed her eyes.

“Ill pass you some recipes then and you can get your men to help me make those poisons.” After she returned from participating in the calligraphy competition, it was a good time to take care of Dongfang Yan.


When the Zhou Family siblings came out after they washed up, they saw Zi Yi leaning her head on Lu Jingyes shoulders.

The Second Brother, who was highly respected in high society, was actually feeding her with a gentle expression on his face!

The two brothers subconsciously looked at each other and suddenly felt a little embarrassed to make their way over.

Just then, Lu Jingye turned around and looked at them.

Shortly, he said to Zi Yi in a whisper, “Theyre out.

Lets have a meal first.”

Zi Yi nodded and the two of them stood up.

Lu Jingye said to the Zhou Family brothers, “Lets eat first.

Anything to be discussed can wait until after the meal.”

The Zhou Family brothers did not expect such good treatment and instead, they felt somewhat uncertain.

Unexpectedly, Lu Jingye added on, “Little Zi just returned from the military training today and she still has to report to school tomorrow.

The conversation must end before 9 p.m.”

What he meant was that no matter what time it was after dinner, they could only speak with Zi Yi until 9 p.m.

They both subconsciously glanced at the time.

It was already after 7 p.m right now.

The Zhou Family brothers no longer spoke and they followed them to sit down, they then started to eat.

Lu Jingye first scooped a bowl of soup for Zi Yi to drink before he touched his chopsticks.

Throughout the meal, the Zhou Family brothers view on Lu Jingyes gentleness and consideration was refreshed.

They were not close with Lu Jingye in the past, but they would often hear information about him.

It was said that even though Second Brother was a gentleman, he would keep an appropriate distance from all women.

It was also said that Second Brother never looked at ones backing and only looked at ones abilities.

The Zhou Family brothers felt very stressed throughout the meal.

After dinner, Lu Jingye patted Zi Yi on her shoulder.

“Ill go to the study room.

Well leave at 9 p.m.”

Zi Yi nodded in response and Lu Jingye made his way upstairs.

Zi Yi looked at the Zhou Family brothers sitting next to her.

After the servants served the refreshments, she asked, “What do you have to say”

Zhou Shiyu clenched his fists and said, “Thank you for saving us today.”

“And then”

Zhou Shiyu did not know what else to say.

After all, they were currently being chased down, and could it be that he had to beg her to deal with the men chasing them

Zhou Shiyu felt that he did not have the face to bring up this request.

Just then, Zhou Shijin said, “Thank you for reminding me that I had fallen into someones trap in the past.

I have already found the evidence.”

“So youre getting chased down due to that” Zi Yi did not quite understand their situation.

“Since youve found the evidence, shouldnt you be informing your grandfather at the very first instance Could it be that you went to confront the culprit face to face”

Zi Yis words were very sharp and straightforward.

Traces of embarrassment and sadness flashed past Zhou Shijins face.

“Its not that… Im not afraid of Boss Zi laughing at me.

When we had gathered the evidence, I had told my fiancée about this matter.


Speaking up to here, he suddenly was unable to say it out loud.

Zhou Shiyus expression, on the other hand, was filled with fury and he helped his brother complete the sentence.

“My brother loves that woman so much but we didnt expect her to be having an affair with our eldest cousin!”

Zi Yi remained silent for a moment after she heard the story.

She did not express any sympathy nor did she try to persuade him.

Instead, she asked, “Could it be that you dont even have the money to hire bodyguards”

Unexpectedly, the two brothers faces were flushed red.

“Thats right.

All our cards have been frozen.”

Zi Yi knew of the situation of the two brothers.

Their parents died in a car accident a few years back and they had been supporting each other all these years.

Even though they appeared to dislike each other on the surface, they were the ones who cared about each other the most.

In fact, Zhou Shijin had good abilities, just that he trusted people too easily, which caused him to end up in such a miserable situation this time around.

Zi Yi felt that after he had experienced this incident, he would certainly change a lot.

It just so happens that she needed a manager right now.

“If I help you this time, I want you to give up the fight in inheriting the Zhou Family mantle and come over to work for me.

Are you willing to do so”

“You…” Zhou Shiyu wanted to say that Zi Yi was fishing in troubled waters.

However, Zhou Shijin spoke before he could and said, “Okay.”

After all, he never liked being the successor of the Zhou Family.

If it were not to prevent them from getting bullied by other people, he would have tried to venture out alone himself.

“Brother, didnt you say that you must become the successor of the Zhou Family” Zhou Shiyu growled at him in a low voice as he expressed his confusion.

“Why do you agree to her conditions”

Zi Yi clicked her tongue at what she heard.

Zhou Shijin looked at his particularly impulsive younger brother and asked another question instead, “Didnt you always oppose me fighting for the position of Zhou Familys successor”


“The reason why I had been fighting for the position is so that we can be treated better in the Zhou Family.

However, after what we have experienced during this period of time, I feel that I dont want that position at all.

If possible, I hope that the Zhou Family will decline instead.”


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