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Chapter 333: Lu Jingye Said, I Will Carry You

They soon found a dry tree hole and went in.

Zi Yi soon told Lu Jingye about the situation.

Lu Jingye stood up and said, “Ill go over there to look after them.

You can call back Shadow.”

Having said that, he was about to walk out the tree hole.

Zi Yi grabbed his hand and said, “Ah Jing, wait a minute.”

She tried to take off the raincoat and outerwear she was wearing.

Lu Jingye stopped her.

“Keep them on.

Dont catch a cold.”

Zi Yi insisted on taking them off and passing them to him.

In the end, Lu Jingye wore the raincoat and left.

Zi Yi pursed her lips as she watched him leave.

She then turned her head to look at Feihu lying there and touched his drenched fur.

“Feihu, dont sleep.

Youve lost too much blood and you wont wake up if you sleep.”


Feihu seemed to be saying that he was in pain.

Zi Yi looked at his trembling body and simply took off Lu Jingyes outerwear and wrapped Feihu in it.

She then took a look inside the tree hole and saw some dry branches and leaves.

She picked them all up and placed them beside Feihu before taking out a circular ball.

She walked to the side and used the wind power to create sparks.

As soon as the fire was started, the tree hole slowly became warmer.

Zi Yi squatted beside him and hugged his big head and asked, “Is it better now”

Feihu stuck out its tongue and licked her hand.

It seemed to have thought of something and continuously groaned.

Zi Yi guessed what he was doing and said, “Ive expelled the toxins in my body.

Thank you for the medicine you found.”

As she had been poisoned and coupled with exhaustion, her mental energy was somewhat scattered and she could not dispel the poison in her body.

But when she saw the appearance of Feihu lying on the ground, the surge of anger gathered her mental energy, which had then dispelled the poison.

Zi Yi raised her hand and stroked its large head while she casually chatted.

Before long, Shadow appeared outside the tree hole.

The moment Zi Yi saw Shadow, she hastily said, “Shadow, go out and find a few medicinal ingredients for me.”

As she was still worried, she directly entered the data of those medicines using his control panel.

Shadow soon disappeared outside the tree hole.

Zi Yi and Feihu continued to wait.

But it did not take long for Feihus body to get hotter.

The heat spread to Zi Yi and she was frightened.

“Feihu, how are you feeling”


Feihu whined feebly and his eyes dropped, and it felt as if he was about to shut them soon.

“You cant sleep,” Zi Yi said.

“If you sleep, you wont have a chance to go on missions with your comrades in arms ever again.

Could it be that you want your first mission to be your last one Think of your comrades.

They have undergone so many missions and many of them have even been awarded medals.

Dont you want them”

“Aoooo~” Want them.

“If you want them, you better endure.

Otherwise, everyone will only remember your mischievous self.

Also, you tried scaring me with a snake.

How could there be a military dog who tries to scare someone”

“Aooo~” Feihu suddenly felt regret.

If this matter were to be remembered by this woman forever, then his wise and brilliant image would be gone.”

“If you can hold on, I wont bring this up again in the future.”

“Aoo~” I can definitely hold on.

Zi Yi kept talking to Feihu.

The moment she noticed that its eyes were starting to droop, she stimulated it with words.

Even though Feihu was a dog, it had strong self-esteem.

Moreover, as military dogs, it was not surprising that it could understand human words.

Thus, one human and dog had conversed with each other.

Shadow had gathered the medicinal ingredients very quickly.

Around ten minutes or so later, it had gathered all the medicinal ingredients Zi Yi requested for.

Zi Yi got Shadow to smash them into juice and she applied them on Feihus wounds before giving it water.

Not long after she was done with these things, sounds of movements could be heard outside the cave.

Shadow said to Zi Yi, “Its Lu Jingye and people from the camp.”

It turned on invisibility mode immediately after.

The group of people had entered the tree hole shortly after.

Lu Jingye was walking at the front.

The moment he saw Zi Yi wearing a short-sleeved shirt and hugging Feihu, he felt his heartache and walked over to squat before her.

“Are you cold”


Leader Zhang who had come in tactfully took off his military coat and said, “Little Zi, wear my coat first.”

Before Zi Yi had the chance to speak, Lu Jingye stood up and took the coat as he put it on Zi Yi.

Zi Yi then told them, “Ive applied medicine on Feihu, but hes not in a good condition.

He needs to be sent back to the base for surgery at once.”

Lu Jingye had told them about Feihus condition when he led Leader Zhang and the group over.

After Leader Zhang heard that, he said with a stern expression, “Our bases helicopter will be arriving soon.

Well send Feihu back at once.

The doctors there are all prepared to operate on him.”

Having said that, Leader Zhang walked to Feihu, squatted down, and patted it on the head as he praised it in all seriousness, “Feihu, you are a hero.

You must hold on.”

“Aoo~” Feihu was a little touched.

Zi Yi breathed a sigh of relief at his words.

The helicopter arrived very soon and Feihu had been sent off.

Zi Yi pulled Lu Jingyes hands and said, “We have yet to locate my cousin.”

Lu Jingye touched her head.

“Dont worry, well look for them immediately.”


Zi Yi asked, “Did you bring your phone”

Lu Jingye passed her his mobile phone.

Zi Yi quickly swiped around and after she locked onto a position, she said to Leader Zhang, “Theres a high chance that my cousin and the rest are here.”

Leader Zhang glanced at the location and nodded.

“Ok, Ill get someone to search right away.”

He left with his men after he said that.

Zi Yi pulled Lu Jingye and said, “Ah Jing, lets go together.”


Lu Jingye walked to her and turned around, so that his back was towards her.

“Ill carry you on my back.”

Zi Yi definitely would not agree to it.

“The road is uneven and it is difficult to travel.

Ill get Shadow to carry me instead.”

Shadow revealed itself after she said that.

Lu Jingye thought for a moment and nodded.

Thus, two humans and the robot had followed the group.

Everyone was stunned for a moment when they saw Shadow who was carrying Zi Yi on its back.

Leader Zhang did not want people to know that Zi Yi could make such a powerful robot.

Therefore, he deliberately asked in a loud voice, “Little Lu, to think you even brought a robot”

Lu Jingye had even given a grunt and it could be considered as him admitting the robot was his.

Everyones line of sight had gathered on Lu Jingye.

The group headed in the direction of the place Zi Yi mentioned.

At around 3 p.m in the afternoon, they finally found Dou Xiangling and the rest.

Sure enough, the group of people were hiding inside a cave.

After they saw the rescue team, a few students directly burst into tears.

Zi Yi ran to Dou Xiangling and asked, “Cousin, are you alright”

Dou Xiangling looked at Zi Yi and the tears of having a close brush with death could be seen in her eyes.

“Im fine, but Teacher Zhang got injured from saving me.”

Zi Yi looked at Zhang Hanyu who was lying on a pile of coats.

His lips were pale and there was an abnormal flush on his face.

Leader Zhang had already gotten his men to check up on Zhang Huanyus condition by then.

One of the men said after he examined him, “He broke his left leg and he must be sent back for treatment at once.”


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