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Chapter 329: I Have a Boyfriend

Leader Zhang nodded in satisfaction and said to Zi Yi, “Little Zi, protect yourself well.

I will wait for your safe return here.

Remember, if something that you are unable to resolve happens, you must find a way to seek help.”


Everyone wore a raincoat and carried a backpack before they set off at once.

There were many traps outside the camp to prevent wild animals from entering.

Coupled with the landslide and debris caused by the heavy rain during the past two days, along with the footprints of large animals, it made traversing even more difficult.

When they walked into the jungle, what surrounded them were trees, grass thorns, and mud.

The places they stepped on were also uneven and they could not increase their speed at all.

Zi Yi led two military dogs while Doctor Zhang carried a medical box and they walked together.

Just then, someone asked Doctor Zhang, “Do you need me to carry your bag for you”

Doctor Zhang shook her head and politely rejected.

“Theres no need.

You still need the energy to rescue people later.

Dont waste your energy on something small like this.”

That person did not give up.

“We still have to travel a long road ahead and the path is uneven.

If youre tired, just pass it to me and Ill carry it for you.”

“Alright then, thank you.”

“Youre welcome.” That man walked ahead of them while feeling embarrassed.

Just then, Doctor Zhang smiled and asked Zi Yi, “Student Zi, youre so pretty and I believe you must have plenty of guys chasing you”

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at her.

“I have a boyfriend.

Others do not have the opportunity.”

Doctor Zhang was momentarily surprised at her words before she softly chuckled.

Her laughter was masked by the sound of rain hitting against the leaves and could not be heard clearly.

However, it gave Zi Yi a strange feeling.

Doctor Zhang spoke up again.

“Student Zis boyfriend must be a handsome guy.”

Zi Yi tilted her head again and looked at her.

Doctor Zhang had unexpectedly explained herself.

“Youre so pretty and your boyfriend must also be a handsome guy.”

Zi Yi nodded in all seriousness.

“Yes, hes very handsome.”

Doctor Zhang seemed to want to say something.

Just then, Yang Jiangbos voice sounded from the front.

“Everyone, be careful.

We have reached the area where traps are concentrated.

Be careful not to step into the traps.”

Everyone immediately increased their vigilance.

Doctor Zhang did not continue the conversation after that.

The area had been trampled on very heavily and there were broken branches and weeds all around.

The path beneath their feet was even harder to see.

Yang Jiangbo got someone to get two branches for them to be used as a walking stick.

In fact, Zi Yi did not require it.

However, she still took it in the end.

The military dogs were at the front leading the way and this had also allowed them to avoid the majority of the traps.

When they walked out of the trap area, what was ahead of them was a denser jungle.

The skies were already dark due to the rain and they could only travel forward with the help of torchlights.

It was not known how long they had walked when a large landslide suddenly happened in front.

The military dogs leading the way had stopped and barked at that area.

The men Yang Jiangbo sent out to scout the terrain in front, just so happened to return and report.

“The landslide is still ongoing ahead.”

Yang Jiangbo got everyone to stop.

He turned around and said to Zi Yi and the group, “We can only take a detour.

However, we have to climb a slope.

Are you all alright”

Zi Yi said, “Its not a problem for me.”

Doctor Zhang said the same thing.

“Its not a problem for me either.”

Yang Jiangbo nodded.

Just as he was about to get everyone to continue walking, thunder sounded in the skies.

Immediately after, a bolt of lightning descended from the skies and it just so happened to strike somewhere nearby in front of them.

Everyone was frightened.

“Why is there thunder and lightning Can we continue to head forward like this”

Everyone knew that one should avoid traveling in the jungle during a thunderstorm, or else they would be in deep trouble.

Even the military dogs were a little cranky.

Before Yang Jiangbo set off, Leader Zhang had specifically informed him to ask Zi Yi if she could resolve the problem if they were to encounter any issues.

Even though he felt that it was unnecessary to ask, he still asked for her opinion, “Student Zi, do you have any methods”

Zi Yi nodded.

“This is a small matter… I have a lightning conductor with me.

It will be alright as long as everyone stands closer to me.”

Yang Jiangbo was surprised.

The thought of Leader Zhang repeatedly reminding him to ask her, crossed his mind again, and he then shouted to everyone, “Everyone, come closer.

We will continue to walk forward.”

Everyone walked closer in Zi Yis direction.

Sure enough, a flash of lightning soon struck down.

Looking at the glistening lightning, everyones complexion paled from fear.

The next second, the lightning seemed to be intercepted by something by the tree above them and disappeared without a trace.

“What happened”

“Isnt it too amazing”

Everyone looked upwards at the tree and was stunned.

Yang Jiangbo looked at Zi Yi with a shocked gaze.

Doctor Zhang looked up at the intercepted lightning and was also amazed.

“Little Zi, how did you manage to intercept the lightning.”

Zi Yi mentioned it casually.

“A self-made lightning conductor.”

Doctor Zhang somewhat did not believe what she said.

Since the lightning could be intercepted, everyone continued to travel forward.

After walking for another two hours or so, everyone was somewhat tired.

Yang Jiangbo got everyone to stop and ordered two people.

“Check the vicinity to see if there are any shelters we can use to avoid the rain.

Lets have a short rest first.”

The two men quickly went to survey the area and made their way back very soon.


Theres a tree hole ahead and we can shelter there from the rain.”

The area they were in was a primeval forest and there were trees that were as large as a few people or dozens of people.

Therefore, it was normal to have large tree holes.

Everyone finally felt assured and they were not afraid of getting struck by lightning in the tree hole.

When they entered the tree hole, the group of people sat down to replenish their fluids and ate some dry rations.

Just as Zi Yi finished drinking, Doctor Zhang, who was sitting down beside her, suddenly asked in a soft voice, “Student Zi, do you want to go to the toilet”

Zi Yi looked at her.

Doctor Zhang was somewhat embarrassed.

“I want to go to the toilet, but Im afraid of going alone.

Why dont we go together”

Zi Yi thought for a moment and nodded.

She informed Yang Jiangbo who had looked in their direction.

“Well be going out for a moment.”

Yang Jiangbo nodded in understanding and said, “Dont walk too far.

You can go to the back of the tree.

We wont go out.”


They wore their raincoats and headed outside.

Feihu who was crouching on the ground had suddenly leaped up and followed them.

When Zi Yi saw Feihu following them, she even asked, “Feihu, could it be that youre here to protect us”

Feihu turned his head to the side, and looked proud.

The corner of her lips twitched.

Doctor Zhang who was walking beside her could not help but laugh.

“It seems like Feihu likes you a lot.”

Zi Yi nodded.


Feihu: *Whine*

Who likes you!

They walked around to the back of the tree, but Doctor Zhang still felt a little uneasy and headed towards another tree.

While they walked, she said, “Little Zi, if you dont plan on relieving yourself, theres no need to follow me.

Ill be back soon.”

Zi Yi responded with an ok and did not continue to follow.

Feihu had also stood beside her and remained there.

However, after they waited for a while, Feihu suddenly barked in that direction.

What followed after was Doctor Zhangs scream and there was no other sound that followed.


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