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Chapter 324: As Long as You Take Care of Her For Me

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They remained in the room for an hour or so.

After Zi Yi finished the cake, he sent her back to her room.

Before they parted, Lu Jingye said, “I will try my best to rush over on your birthday.”

“Okay!” Zi Yis lips could not help but curl up.

She stood up on tiptoe and kissed him on the lips, before she returned to her room through the window.

After Lu Jingye sent her back, he went to see the highest-positioned leader in this camp.

The leader revealed a smile at the sight of him.

“Little Lu, Ive let you meet your sweetheart.

So when can you deliver what you promised”

Lu Jingye said, “I will send someone to transport all the equipment after I return.”

The leaders smile deepened.

He stood up and walked over to him and patted him on the shoulder as he sighed.

“You youngsters know how to do romance better.

If I could think of these tricks when I was chasing my wife, she wouldnt be complaining about how Im cow dung and a fresh flower like her had been poisoned by me.”

The corner of Lu Jingyes lips curled up.

His eyes revealed gentleness and even the leader was speechless at the sight of him.

“It seems like that beauty has walked into your heart.

However, does the old man know about her”

“He knows, but ideological work still needs to be done on Grandfathers side.”

The leader nodded in understanding and advised.

“The old man has a bad temper and is used to having the final say.

However, he has your best interest at heart.

Even though you might not necessarily want that… but dont cause the situation to be too irrecoverable.

“I know.

Therefore, I hope that Uncle Zhang wont inform my Grandfather about how I came here.”


“Do I seem like someone who does that” Leader Zhang laughed and said, “As long as your equipment is in place, not to mention coming over once to sneak a peek at her, dozens of times is also not a problem.”

The Lu Group supplies more than half of the capitals military supplies.

Conventional supplies were available everywhere, but those equipment that required cutting-edge technology to produce were rare.

If they wanted to obtain them, they had to send an application report several months in advance.

Not to mention, it might not necessarily be available.

Leader Zhang felt that it was a waste not to make use of such a great opportunity.

Lu Jingye smiled too.

His smile was modest and polite.

“Uncle Zhang, you can rest assured.

I will deliver what I promised you, as long as you take care of her for me.”

“Hahaha… I like your straightforwardness! Dont worry, I will definitely help you take care of her!”

“However, since this is a transactional relationship, I also hope that Uncle Zhang can find out those who are having ill intentions towards her in the dark.”

Both of their expressions became serious on this topic.

“Little Lu, you can rest assured.

The incident last night did not only affect that little girl.

The military dogs are our comrades-in-arms and I wont allow anyone to make use of them!”

“Speaking of this.” Leader Zhang suddenly asked Lu Jingye, “Did that little young lady of yours bring some cutting-edge technology inside that we were unable to detect I sent someone to hide her luggage away the previous morning but she somehow managed to locate them soon after.

Moreover, the antidote that the military dogs received last night was definitely done by her!”

Lu Jingye looked at Leader Zhangs excited expression and said with a serious face, “Uncle Zhang, this is only your guess.”

How could Leader Zhang not know of his thoughts He revealed a crafty expression as he said, “It doesnt matter if you dont admit it.

After all, I can make that little young lady reveal it herself.”

Lu Jingye pressed his lips tightly together.

Obviously, Leader Zhang would not provoke Lu Jingye for real.

“Dont worry.

I have a sense of propriety.

Moreover, the leaders of M.Uni have mentioned her great skills when she first arrived.

I only wish to have the little young ladys help with some upgrading here and there, and changing the old equipment.

This isnt too much to ask, is it”

Lu Jingye lowered his eyes and thought for a moment.

If Zi Yi was unwilling to do anything, no one could force her.

Only then, did he nod his head.

When Zi Yi woke up the next morning, Li Xia had already gotten out of bed before her.

She went out after she washed up and just so happened to hear the sound of chopping from the kitchen.

Zi Yi turned around and walked to the kitchen and asked Li Xia, “What are we having for breakfast”

Li Xia turned to look at Zi Yi as she smiled and said, “Zi Yi, youre up.

Instructor Li and I were talking about letting you sleep for a while more.

Todays patrolling plans were canceled and Instructor Li said that theres no need to get up so early.”

“Im preparing dumplings… Do you like them steamed or boiled”

“Im fine with both.” Zi Yi then said, “Thank you.”

“Hehe, youre welcome.”

Zi Yi turned around and left the kitchen.

Just as she arrived at the outside yard, she saw Instructor Li walking in from the outside with a bucket in hand.

“Instructor Li.”

Instructor Li nodded at her and his sharp eyes saw the ring on her fingers.

He merely paused for a second and kindly reminded her.

“Student Zi, its better to put away the ring on your hand.

Accessories are not allowed in this camp and moreover, its easy to spoil them during the training of the military dogs.”

Zi Yi nodded and headed back to the room.

She took the ring off and called for Shadow before she passed it to him.

“Help me keep it safe.”


After Shadow kept the ring, Zi Yi walked out one again.

Coincidentally, Instructor Li was also headed outside.

Thus, Zi Yi followed beside him.

As they walked side by side, Zi Yi asked Instructor Li, “Instructor Li, have you identified the person who drugged the military dogs”

“Weve found the culprit.

One of the staff members who manages dog food had made a mistake in the formula and blended in ingredients that would cause them to become excited.”

“What Instructor Li means is that the dog food that they ate would not actually cause any harm to their bodies”


That staff member has also been punished.”

Zi Yi felt that things were not as simple as they seemed.

However, she did not comment on the incident any further.

They soon arrived at the training ground.

The military dogs were all full of energy now and they had been training independently on the training grounds.

The moment they saw Zi Yi and Instructor Li, a few of them ran in their direction.

They ran around Zi Yi and Instructor Li twice before they made their way back to train.

Zi Yi and Instructor Li revealed a smile at the same time.

Shortly after, they went to bring over the dog food he had collected in the morning.

The moment the group of military dogs saw there was food, they immediately happily fetched their bowls and lined them up side by side.

After their food was distributed, Li Xia just so happened to call them for breakfast on her end.

However, just as they sat down, they heard someone calling for them from outside.

“Is Instructor Li here”

Instructor Li stood up and headed outside.

Li Xia said to Zi Yi, “This voice sounds familiar.

Could it be that Doctor Zhang is here”

Zi Yi nodded.


Li Xia smiled and said, “This Doctor Zhang seems like a nice person.

Shes gentle and generous.

Most importantly, shes also very enthusiastic.”

Soon, Instructor Li came in with Doctor Zhang behind him.

When Doctor Zhang saw that they were just about to have breakfast, she said in slight embarrassment, “It seems like I have come at a bad time.”

“Doctor Zhang, have you eaten” Before Instructor Li spoke, Li Xia had enthusiastically asked.

Doctor Zhang said with a smile, “Ive eaten already.”

She smelled the fragrance in the air and said in envy, “It smells good.

Are those dumplings Did you wrap them yourself”


“Wow! We also have a kitchen on our side, but everyones too busy to cook.”


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