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Chapter 321: This Human is Cheating! We Clearly Agreed to Rely on Our Abilities, But She Actually Complained

Zi Yi took a step to the side when the military dogs pounced in her direction.

At the same time, she grabbed one of the dogs paws and flung it away.



Zi Yi stood there while remaining calm.

She narrowed her eyes and swept her gaze towards theunruly kids that seemed as if they were about to help the other dog.

A trace of cunningness flashed through her eyes and she suddenly shouted out loud, “Instructor Li, theyre bullying me!”

With her shout, the group of military dogs was stunned.

This human is cheating! We clearly agreed to rely on our abilities and yet, she actually complained!

All of them acted as if nothing had happened and dispersed.

It was only some time later did they realize they had fallen for her tricks and were just about to surround her once again.

Zi Yi slowly said, “Instructor Li has tasked me to collect food for you in the following days.

Say, if I were to add something in the food, would you be in a miserable state”

All their footsteps suddenly stopped.

Immediately after, they acted as if nothing had happened and continued to run about and play.

The corner of her lips curled up and she continued to look after them.

After Instructor Li had cleaned and disinfected the place where the military dogs lived in, he came over to where they were and even praised them.

“Its great that youre all able to live in peace with Student Zi.”

The group of military dogs wagged their tails from the praise.

Zi Yi narrowed her eyes and said, “They were all very obedient.”

Instructor Li nodded.

“Thats right.

Theyre a group of obedient kids.”

Having said that, he blew the whistle twice.

The next moment, the group of military dogs ran towards their accommodation.

Zi Yi and Instructor Li headed towards the building in front.

As soon as they walked to the entrance, the scent of food could be smelt.

The two of them subconsciously increased their pace.

The place was a courtyard surrounded by buildings on all four sides.

There were many dog toys inside and Zi Yi asked out of curiosity.

“Military dogs still play with toys”

“These are for the young military dogs.” Instructor Li said, “Young military dogs would not receive much training in the first three months.

The most important thing is to foster their feelings with the trainers, so we have prepared plenty of toys.”

He then added on.

“The previous batch of young military dogs are now all grown up.

They are the ones you have seen today, which have been slightly naughty.

The next batch would only be sent here a month later.”

Zi Yi nodded at his explanations.

They continued to head inside.

When they walked into the hall, Li Xia had walked out with a big dish pot of food in her hands.

The moment Instructor Li saw the dish Li Xia had brought out, he said, “Its been a long time since Ive had a big pot of stew.”

Li Xia stood there and smiled.

“Im used to cooking stew.

But if youre not used to eating it, I can do a stir-fry tomorrow.”

Instructor Li did not have much of an opinion.

“I can eat anything.”

Zi Yi was also very adaptable to the surroundings and felt that everythings good as long as there was someone that cooked.

The three of them sat down and started to eat.

After dinner, Instructor Li said to both of them, “I will be taking the military dogs outside for a patrol at 6 a.m tomorrow.

Dont force yourself if you cant get up.”

Li Xia hastily said, “I can wake up.”

Zi Yi nodded.

“Me too.”

“Alright then, meet me at the main entrance at 6 a.m tomorrow.

Dont force yourself if you are really unable to wake up.

You should go to bed early tonight.”

Having said that, he headed somewhere else.

After Instructor Li left, Li Xia and Zi Yi met gazes.

Li Xia was a little surprised.

“A day passed by just like that.”

Zi Yi planned to go to bed early tonight and said, “If you cant sleep, you can think about how youre going to get along with the military dogs tomorrow so that you dont get pounced on again.”

Li Xia revealed a foolish giggle.

“What you said makes sense.

But I dont understand anything.

Why are those military dogs so fond of pouncing on me and not you”

“Perhaps… youre easier to approach.”

Zi Yi headed towards her room after she said that.

In the middle of the night.

There was a huge commotion outside.

Zi Yi and Li Xia woke up at the same time.

Li Xia went to switch on the lights and they both got dressed before heading outside.

The noise was even louder when they came out.

“Its the voices of the military dogs.”

Zi Yi hastened her footsteps and walked out.

Li Xia had immediately followed suit.

Just as they arrived at the hall, they were welcomed with Instructor Li rushing in from the outside.

Instructor Li said to them, “Dont come out.

I dont know what happened to the military dogs, but they are a little aggressive tonight, so its best to stay inside lest you get hurt.”

“What about you” Zi Yi asked, “Instructor Li, do you have a way to control their aggressive behavior”

“Ill give a call to the higher-ups first.

Theyre currently very unstable right now.

Its still alright for me to get in contact with them, but you two shouldnt go.

Its going to be very dangerous.”

He then headed towards the courtyard to make a phone call.

Zi Yi and Li Xia stood on the spot without moving.

Li Xia said out of worry, “What should we do The situation sounds very dangerous.

Zi Yi, we should listen to Instructor Li and head inside right now.”

“Its too late.”

Just as she said that, she pushed the door open and walked out the gate, not forgetting to shout at Li Xia, “Quick, close the door.”

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Li Xia paled from fright.

The moment she heard what Zi Yi said, she subconsciously closed the door.

But the next second, she shouted out loud while feeling regret, “Zi Yi, come in quickly!”

Woof! Woof! Woof!

“Its too late.

Ill distract them away first.”

She quickly ran towards one direction after she said that.

The aggressive military dogs had immediately chased in her direction.

After she ran for some time, Zi Yi spoke to the air.

“Shadow, take their blood for testing.”

Having said that, she increased her running speed.

The group of aggressive dogs continued chasing her.

The scene was something that would cause anyone to break out in cold sweat.

Zi Yis mind was very clear at that moment.

She quickly thought through the possible reason for their aggressive behavior.

Just then, a mechanical voice sounded in her ears.

It was Shadow who reported to her about the test results.

Zi Yi furrowed her brows after hearing what Shadow said.

“Go and find these few medicinal ingredients for me at once.”

Shadow left and Zi Yi continued to run.

As she ran and ran, she soon arrived at the fence.

The fence here was at least three to four meters high and there were barbs on the top of it.

Zi Yi thought about it for a moment and ran in that direction.

Soon, she arrived at the fence and started climbing upwards.

While climbing, she was thinking deep down, “Me, a person from the interstellar era.

To think there would be a day where I will climb a fence due to getting chased by a group of dogs.”

She had managed to climb up to the top easily.

Soon, those military dogs had caught up to her.

Seeing that they were about to pounce over, fortunately, Instructor Li had arrived in time.

Instructor Li shouted at the top of his lungs as he ran, “All of you, stop!”

Zi Yi saw Instructor Li running over at fast speed and shouted, “Instructor Li, dont come over.

Theyre unable to think straight and they will attack you.”

Instructor Lis mind was occupied by anxiousness and how could he possibly have heard Zi Yis shouts On the contrary, he had increased his pace.

The moment the group of military dogs saw someone running over, they turned around and dashed forward fiercely.

Zi Yis heart skipped a beat and she was about to jump down.

Just then, Shadows voice sounded in her ears.


The medicinal ingredients are here.”

Zi Yi stopped and hastily said, “Mix them all together and sprinkle it directly over their heads.”


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