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Chapter 319: Getting Pounced On

The robot replied.

“A person sent by the higher-ups.”

Zi Yi was a little surprised.

“Then was there anyone when you took away the luggage Was there any surveillance in the surroundings”

“There is.

I had blocked the transmissions of the surveillance cameras.”

Zi Yi held her chin and thought for a moment but still could not figure out what was going on.

However, she was certain that the person who took their luggage away did not really intend for them to be left without anything.

Before Zi Yi had managed to figure out what was going on, Instructor Li and Li Xias footsteps and voices could be heard outside the door.

Their footsteps stopped outside the door and Instructor Li said, “Theres a vegetable field not far from here.

If either of you can cook, you can go there to harvest some vegetables directly.

I will bring back the meat and eggs for you.”

Li Xias voice sounded particularly excited.

“Yes, sure! Then Ill have to trouble you, Instructor Li.

Ill take care of all three of our meals in the future.”


Ill go and get some meat in the afternoon and show you the way to the vegetable field later,” Instructor Li said and left.

Li Xia pushed open the door and saw Zi Yi sitting inside.

She walked over with the steamed bun and eggs in her hand.

Zi Yi stood up and took the breakfast from her and said, “Thanks.”

Li Xia smiled in response.

“I told the chef in the canteen about the situation and I didnt expect him to be so nice, and he even added an extra egg for you.”

In fact, Zi Yi was not fond of boiled eggs.

She looked at the three eggs in the bag and only took one before she passed the remaining two to Li Xia.

“You can have these two.”

“I just ate mine earlier.

These two are for you.”

“One is enough for me.”

Zi Yi put the two eggs aside and said, “You can eat them when youre hungry later.”

Li Xia had a tall physique and a big appetite.

For the past several days, Zi Yi could hear her stomach growling in the middle of the night.

“You can cook more when youre preparing food in the future.

Dont starve yourself.”

Li Xia nodded at her words.

After Zi Yi finished breakfast, they headed outside together.

The instructor was currently standing outside waiting for the two of them.

When he saw them walking over, he explained to them what their job entailed during this period of time.

“For the first week, you can try to familiarize yourself with the military dogs.”

Li Xia immediately asked, “How Are we to accompany them and train”

Hearing this, Instructor Li suddenly glanced at her and asked, “The training with them can be delayed awhile.

During this period of time, you can watch how I bring them for training, prepare some food and drinks and help me wash and bathe them.”

Li Xia asked another question.

“Then do you need us to clean the place they stay in”

Her question caused Zi Yi and Instructor Li to look at her with an intense gaze.

Instructor Li sighed deep down as he thought, “As expected of an ignorant and fearless student.”

Zi Yi asked, “Who cleans the place where military dogs live”

“Im the one doing the cleaning.

But you two dont have to do so.

That type of labor is not something girls should do.”

“Why cant we do it I can!”

Zi Yi looked at the sincere young lady once again.

Instructor Li smiled and said nothing as he then changed the subject.

“Lets go.

Ill show you around the vicinity and tell you places you can go and places you are forbidden from entering.”

The three of them walked out together and Instructor Li brought them to tour around the training base.

The place was really big and it took them at least thirty minutes to finish the tour.

Instructor Li said, “The military dogs would usually train in the military base, but I will take them around to patrol once every few days.

Its mostly to see if there are any poisonous snakes or animals who lurk inside.”

Li Xia hastily asked, “What if they discover any poisonous snakes”

Instructor Li smiled and responded, “Dont underestimate any single one of the military dogs.”

There were several buildings near the military training camp.

Instructor Li pointed to those buildings and said, “You are forbidden from approaching those buildings.”

“That area is close to the primeval forest and you shouldnt head outside too.”

“Thats the vegetable field and there are plenty of seasonal vegetables grown.

However, only pick the amount you intend to eat.

Dont over harvest and cause waste.”

“Across the vegetable farm is the pig farm.

All our meat is from there.”

After Instructor Li finished his explanation, Zi Yi suddenly asked, “Instructor Li, wheres the infirmary here”

Li Xia looked at Zi Yi with an odd gaze.

Didnt Doctor Zhang inform them where the infirmary was earlier

Instructor Li gave them the directions.

Zi Yi asked another question, “If we were to accidentally get bitten by poisonous animals, is there any medicine in the infirmary”

“Theres definitely medicine available, but these come in small quantities.

Therefore, its better to be careful instead.”

Zi Yi nodded and did not continue to ask.

The three of them returned to the camp after the tour and Instructor Li brought them to the training ground behind the building.

The training ground was rather large and there were all sorts of different training equipment inside.

When they entered the training ground, the group of military dogs was locked inside a big fence.

The military dogs were obviously happy at the sight of Instructor Li and all of them barked at him.

Li Xia was shocked to see so many military dogs.

“Instructor Li, are you able to take care of so many military dogs by yourself”

“Im not the only caretaker here.

I have two colleagues with me, but they all went home to visit their parents.

Therefore, Im the only one left these days.”

Speaking up to here, Instructor Li smiled and said, “It just so happens that you two were sent over to help.”

Even though he felt that it was possible that it was better than training a bunch of rowdy kids, he still had to take care of two young ladies.

Of course, Instructor Li would not say that out loud.

He reminded both of them.

“Dont be afraid when the military dogs come out later.

Dont get nervous too.

They wont bite, just that…”

Instructor Li suddenly glanced at Zi Y.

He recalled the situation in the morning and thought that it should not be a huge problem.

“Some military dogs who just matured might be a little naughty and like to pounce on people.

Just pay attention to this.”

He then got them to stand aside for a while as he opened the fence.

Li Xia stared at the military dogs and said excitedly, “Zi Yi, this is my first time seeing so many military dogs.

I love watching movies about military dogs and they are really awesome.”

Zi Yi was also staring at those military dogs and she reminded Li Xia out of kindness.

“When they pounce over later, be sure to stand your ground.

“Ah… Oh!” Li Xia felt that she would definitely be alright.

Zi Yi kept her gaze on the fence.

The instant Instructor Li opened the fence, a few military dogs rushed over and she said, “Theyre coming.”

Woof woof woof!


Li Xia looked at the group of military dogs rushing over in their direction and her eyes subconsciously widened.

The next second.


Zi Yi looked at Li Xia who was starry-eyed after getting pushed to the ground by several enthusiastic military dogs.

Immediately after, she glanced at several other dogs who were eager to rush in her direction.

The corner of her lips curled up and the few military dogs subconsciously took a step back.

Instructor Lis helpless shout sounded.

“Lingfei, Chilong, Feihu, Flash, Overlord, Maide, all of you, come back!”

Only then, did the group of military dogs turn around and run towards Instructor Li.

Zi Yi looked at the starry-eyed Li Xia and asked, “Are you alright”

Li Xia got up from the ground and nodded.

“Yeah, Im alright.”


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