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Chapter 317: Could She Have Kicked that Kettle on Purpose

Everyone only managed to come back to their senses after Zi Yi and Li Xia left the room.

They looked at Wang Ying, whose face was distorted by anger, with a strange gaze, and hastily went out the door with their toiletries.

Wang Ying looked at everyone who had ignored her.

She clenched her teeth hard while her chest undulated greatly from her heavy breathing.

She glanced at her surroundings and saw a kettle next to her.

If her memory served her right, that kettle belonged to Zi Yi.

And so, she went over and gave it a kick.



When everyone ran back because they heard the screaming sounds, what they were met with was a tragic scene.

An exploded kettle, where the shards were scattered everywhere and the steaming hot water was spilled on the floor, along with a large red patch on Wang Yings left leg.

Currently, Wang Ying was sobbing as she cried due to the pain.

“Could she have kicked that kettle on purpose and caused it to explode”

“Its obvious thats what happened.

This person is so scary to have done this even before the military training started.”

“The instructor is here, lets go.”

Just after someone reminded them, a loud shout sounded from behind.

“Whats going on Its going to be ten minutes soon and could it be that all of you want to run ten laps”

The crowd hastily scattered like birds.

The instructor entered the dormitory upon hearing sobbing sounds.

Following that, the female students tried eavesdropping and heard the instructors stern inquiry.

“What happened!”

The sobbing Wang Ying said, “I dont know who placed that kettle in the middle of the room.

I accidentally kicked it and it exploded.”

“Ho, what the hell” Upon hearing this, Li Xia immediately burst out.

She rolled up her sleeve and strode over in large steps.

Zi Yi had followed behind her.

Li Xia rushed to the door and said in a loud voice, “Reporting to the instructor…”

She then informed the instructor of what had happened earlier.

The instructor had a stern expression and shifted her gaze to Zi Yi who stood behind Li Xia, “You, explain.

What happened”

“Its as what Li Xia has said.” Zi Yi pointed to the kettle with a calm expression.

“Thats mine, and it was placed in the designated place along with everyone elses.

Instructor, you can call in everyone in this dorm to verify the authenticity of my words.”

The instructor looked at Wang Ying with a harsher expression.

“Student Wang Ying, please tell the truth.”

“I– I…” Wang Yings face paled from fright.

She suddenly realized that she was scalded by boiling water and started to burst into tears.

“My leg hurts.”

A chilly intent flashed through Zi Yis eyes as she stared at Wang Ying.

The instructor could not possibly do anything to the student and so, she said, “Ill bring you to the military doctor to take a look.

Can you walk”

Wang Ying glanced at Zi Yi and Li Xia standing by the door and the sobbing had intensified.

“I– I cant walk.

My leg was scalded and I definitely cant participate in the military training anymore… Sob~”

Li Xia softly muttered, “Could she have deliberately caused trouble just to avoid military training and we just so happen to be the unlucky ones”

Zi Yi looked at the instructors solemn expression and said to Li Xia, “Lets go.”

They turned around to leave.

As for Wang Ying, she did not return to the dormitory after this.

The strength Zi Yi revealed in the morning had frightened others in the dormitory and no one else dared to cause trouble with her for no reason.

When the military training started, everyone was fully engrossed.

Even though it was tiring and harsh, the training could forge and cultivate everyones team spirit.

A week later, all the male and female students were tanned, and only Zi Yi remained fair.

Zi Yi was already very eye-catching to the point where everyone would try to sneak a peek in her direction.

Right now, everyones gaze would subconsciously shift towards her.

A few instructors were simply angry and vexed and they discussed this privately.

“If this continues, the students we teach will definitely be the worst amongst the other teams.”

They did try to stop this from happening.

However, not to mention the students who would subconsciously turn in her direction, even the instructors had done the same, even though Zi Yi merely stood there without moving.

“Say, how did this student grow up Isnt she too beautiful”

“Why dont we bring her to other places to train instead”

“Where can she go Its all guys here and she cant possibly follow them to train”

“Why dont we move her to the military dog training camp Theres only Old Li there and hes patient and gentle.

This wouldnt be too awkward for her too.”

“I think its feasible.

Having her train the military dogs is not any easier compared to the military training.”

“But… what if she gets afraid”

“Why dont we let her bring someone with her With two girls together, they can take care of each other too.”

“I think its feasible.”

When Zi Yis instructor called her over to inform her of this, Zi Yi was only stunned for a moment before she nodded and said, “Okay.”

The instructor breathed a sigh of relief and said, “You can bring a female student along with you.

As for who to bring, you can ask around.”

Zi Yi nodded and asked, “When do I report there”



After the training ended for the day, the group of female students did not feel like moving after they returned to the dormitory.

Li Xia said to Zi Yi, “Student Zi, you can take a rest first.

Ill go and fetch water for you.”

Zi Yi stood up and said, “Ill go with you.”

The place to fetch water was located next to the guard room on the first floor.

When they came down, the whole building was filled with voices of tired shouts and laughing sounds.

Li Xia asked, “Student Zi, why arent you tanned despite standing under the sun for several days”

Zi Yi thought of the scene where Mrs.

Lu specially delivered sunscreens for her before she left for military training and the corner of her lips curled up.

“I used sunscreen.”

“The others had also used sunscreen too… It must be because youre too pretty and even the sun is kinder to you.”

Zi Yi: “…”

Li Xia was amused by her own reasoning and burst into laughter.

After she finished laughing, Zi Yi asked, “The instructor asked me to head over to the military dog training camp.

Do you want to go with me”

“Ah” Li Xia only managed to react two seconds later and she asked in confusion, “Why”

“I dont know, you only have to answer if youd like to go.”

“Of course I want to.

After all, there are only us two in the archaeology major.

I will definitely follow you wherever you go.”

Zi Yi nodded and said, “Okay, well be heading there tomorrow.”

“Will we still be staying here”

“Well stay over there.”


Speaking of which, I have been fond of military dogs since I was a child.”

When everyone gathered the next morning their gaze subconsciously turned to where Zi Yi stood, they were surprised to see Zi Yi absent.

“Why isnt Zi Yi here today”

“Could she have fallen sick”

“Is she fine”

Zi Yi and Li Xia were already standing in front of the military dog training camp at that time.

The person who sent them there had said, “Wait here for a moment.

Someone will come to fetch you within ten minutes.”

The person left after he said that.

The two of them placed their luggage on the ground.

Li Xia looked in the direction of the iron railing and sighed.

“It looks pretty big here.”

Zi Yi checked out her surroundings and just as she was about to look away, she saw a woman wearing a white doctors uniform coming over from one side.


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