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Chapter 314: Attracting Thunder and Lightning

“Master, I have already broken one hand of every person.”

Zi Yi looked towards the winding road as she thought of how she could make it so that Lu Zhiheng and his mother had no time to plot against Ah Jing, before she returned from the military training.

Soon, thunder and lightning came as the rain intensified and the wind blew past strongly.

The skies had darkened in an instant.

A flash of an idea surfaced in her mind and the corner of her lips unconsciously curled up.

She took out a circular ball from her bag and passed it to Little Loli.

“Take this ball and follow behind Lu Zhihengs car.

Dont stay too close to them.

As long as you can get the lightning to brush past the car, you can return after their car flips over or crashes.”

The material used to build Little Loli could guard against lightning and it was even capable of converting it into energy if struck.

Therefore, Zi Yi was not worried about her in the slightest.

When Lu Zhihengs car suffers from a natural disaster, he will be admitted to the hospital for several months.

In that case, no one would be able to identify her as the culprit.

“Also, dont let them discover you.”

Little Loli took the circular ball and guaranteed as she said, “Master, rest assured.

I guarantee that I will not let them discover me.”

“Okay, go and come back quickly.”

Little Loli jumped forward and flew away.

A short while later, a shocking scene appeared.

Countless loud and thunderous lightning bolts were all attracted to a certain area and the scene was similar to those of fantasy films of ancient times, where a cultivator undergoes a lightning tribulation.

Even those people from the temple, located at the top of the mountain, had witnessed the scene.

The Third Madam pointed in that direction and exclaimed.

“If that hits someone, it wouldnt surprise me if the person instantly turns into ashes.

It looks really scary.”

Other than the Third Madam, the other visitors of the temple had also looked in that direction as they continuously pointed over there.

The First Madam did not look surprised as she said, “Its merely a wonder of nature.

Its not the first time such wonders have appeared, whats there to be surprised about.”


Lu looked in that direction and thought that the plan of heading back home today had fallen through again.

The First Madam and Third Madam were the ones who invited her on this trip.


Lu agreed because of the fact that Zi Yi was heading for her military training soon.

Therefore, she planned to ask for a protective talisman on her behalf, so that she could rest assured.

Just as the voices of discussion became louder, the abbot suddenly came out and clasped his hand together as he called out, “Amitabha Buddha.” He then spoke to the two monks following behind him.

“Go over there and take a look.

Remember not to get too close.”

The Third Madam hastily tried to dissuade him.

“Abbot, its so dangerous over there.

Its better not to let them head over.”

The abbot said to the Third Madam, “This monk has a feeling that someone is in a predicament over there.”

Everyone started to discuss after hearing what the abbot said.

“Who would be coming to the temple at this time The temple fair is almost over too.”

“Thats right.

Moreover, its very dangerous to head into the mountains in such weather.

Its easiest to get into an accident when thunder and lightning strikes.”

“If someone really gets struck with lightning, I wonder if they would be dead or alive.”

The two monks hastily headed outside the temple.

Everyone was still curious about who the unlucky person was.

Some of the madams had sent out their bodyguards to tag along.

Even the Third Madam said, “Lets get a bodyguard to go and have a look.”

The First Madam said, “Whats there to look at This is heavens will.

Its impossible to go against it.”


Lu was a little worried for the person and said to the Third Madam, “I think taking a look is good too.

Perhaps its someone from a family who came here to pick up their family members.”

A short while later, it began to rain again, extremely heavily, but the thunder and lightning did not gather in that area anymore.

Everyone continued to wait.

Another half an hour or so, the Third Madams phone suddenly rang.

“Whos calling me at this time”

When she took out her phone, she said in surprise, “Its the bodyguard that I sent over to check out the situation.”

She immediately answered the call.

When she heard what the bodyguard said, she cried out in alarm.

Following that, she anxiously said to the First Madam, “Sister-in-law, something happened to Zhiheng!”

The First Madams heart clenched tightly and her head was in a buzz.

Out of subconsciousness, she did not believe it to be true.

“What are you saying How is it possible that Zhiheng was the one struck by lightning!”

“Sister-in-law, are you alright”

The First Madam only saw darkness and nearly lost consciousness.

The next second, she screamed, “My dear son!”

Following that, she ran into the pouring rain without a care for her surroundings.

“Sister! Sister!”


Lu and the Third Madam yelled, but the First Madam did not seem to have heard them.

The Third Madam grabbed onto Mrs.

Lus arm and asked anxiously, “What should we do now Zhiheng was struck by lightning!”


Lu was comparatively calmer.

She hastily called for the bodyguards and gave them an order.

“Quick, go over to the site and save Zhiheng!”

She then said to the Third Madam.

“Lets go and pack all our belongings first.”

“Oh… okay, yes.”

The two of them hastily headed to their rooms.

The lightning did not directly strike Lu Zhihengs car.

However, the electrical force it released was considerably powerful and it had directly overturned his car into the shallow ditch beside the road.

When the car overturned, Lu Zhihengs waist had absorbed the force as the car hit against a hard object and he broke his back.

The Lu Familys bodyguards rescued him whilst the First Madam wailed and whined and hastily sent him to the hospital.

As for what happened after, that was none of Zi Yis concern.

She had left the site with Little Loli, while driving the racing car Little Loli had driven over.

The next day, the accident was all over the news.

Some people had joked about the incident.

“I wonder how much evil the Lu Family has committed for them to be struck by so many bolts of lightning.”

The three-day registration time was soon over.

Zi Yi did not appear again in M.Uni during those few days, but there were quite a number of posts related to her on the schools forum.

When the senior students finally found out what major she had enrolled in, everyone was surprised.

“The pretty girl has unexpectedly enrolled in Archaeology!!”

“For real There are so many popular majors under the School of Chinese Language so why did she choose Archaeology”

“Perhaps the admission score is lower.”

“Do you know that pretty girls admission score She ranked first in the independent enrollment and obtained a score of 750.

She did not even lose a single mark, so how could she possibly have to worry about not meeting the minimum scores”

A stone had stirred up a thousand waves and the discussion about her on the schools forum had reached a boiling point.

When Hua Xiaoli, who heard of other peoples discussion, knew about this, she specially went to inform Zi Xuan.

Zi Xuan, who was originally reading a book, had furrowed her eyebrows in displeasure.

“Its only someone with the same name as her.

I wonder why you insist on telling me about this.”

Hua Xiaoli opened her mouth as she had the urge to refute her.

Zi Xuan did not bother to argue as she directly opened her tablet and brought up the college entrance examination results ranking.

“Look, even though her name is also Zi Yi, she was recommended by the Capitals No.8 High School.

I have already specially checked this.

It is a famous aristocratic school in the Capital and those who can enter are all from high-society.

Do you think my sister has the capabilities to be recommended by such a high school to take the independent enrollment exam”


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