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Chapter 308: Letting Imaginations Run Wild

“What did you say!”

“Hua Xiaoli, did you see wrongly”

Li Peirong and Zi Xuan acted as if they had heard the greatest joke of their lives and did not believe her at all.

Hua Xiaoli found their reaction weird.

“Didnt you come together with Zi Yi to report to school”

She could confirm that she saw Zi Yi earlier.

Moreover, the Director of the School of the Chinese Language had personally brought her away.

She then hastily explained the earlier situation to them.

“Impossible.” Zi Xuan said in a definite tone, “Its impossible that the person you mentioned is her.

Li Peirong was even more distrustful.

“Student Hua, you must have seen it wrongly.

My eldest daughter had undergone the withdrawal process in the latter half of her third year in high school.

How could she possibly enroll in M.Uni”

“Ah” Hua Xiaoli was even more dumbfounded.

“I really saw her earlier.

There were also many other students who witnessed the scene.

Moreover, how could I possibly recognize Zi Yi wrongly”

“There are many good-looking people in this world.

Perhaps the person you saw only bore a similar resemblance to her,” Zi Xuan said to her seriously.

“She has already left our home.

Hua Xiaoli, please refrain from mentioning her before me in the future.”

She then said to Li Peirong, “Mom, lets go.” She turned around and left immediately after saying that.


Li Peirong glanced at Zi Xuan who had walked far, then at Hua Xiaoli, and pretended to be embarrassed to mention something.

“Student Hua, to be honest, my eldest daughter is currently in the capital.

Its not strange for you to see her.”

Hua Xiaoli nodded and thought to herself, “I knew it, I didnt see it wrongly.”

Li Peirong continued to speak and there was a trace of sadness in her voice, “But she isnt fond of studying.

Out of anger, she dropped out of school due to an argument with her father and came to the capital.

Moreover… sigh…”

Li Peirong revealed an expression as if she could no longer continue and allowed Hua Xiaolis imagination to run wild.

“Auntie Zi, since she came to the capital due to the conflict with Uncle and has also dropped out from school, then its certain that she has not taken the exam.”

Li Peirong sighed.

“Student Hua, I would like to ask you for a favor.”

Hua Xiaoli was inexplicably excited.

“Auntie, what is it about”

“In the future, try not to mention Xuanxuans sister before her.

Yiyi liked to mingle around with people from bad society since before and she has not gone to see her grandfather, even when she arrived in the capital.

She cut off all contact with us and if you see her in the future, just give me a call right away.

My number is… xxx.

Sigh… lets not talk about this any further.

You and Xuanxuan have managed to enroll in M.Uni and it can be considered as having a companion.

Youre welcome to discuss with Xuanxuan about studies in the future.

Ill be leaving first.” Li Peirong left after saying that, and left behind Hua Xiaoli to let her imagination run wild.

“Even in the past, she liked to mingle around with hooligans.

Dont tell me shes still using her appearance to get herself connected with them”

Speaking of this, she shivered.

“That person is definitely Zi Yi.

Perhaps she has gotten herself acquainted with the triad members and went through the back door to get herself enrolled in M.Uni.

Thinking of this, the trembling of her body intensified.

“Would she try to get back at me for what happened today This wont do, I need to record down what happened today.

Its best to let my friends know of this.

If something bad happens to me one day, the culprit would definitely be Zi Yi.

She then ran towards the dormitory.

Director Huang brought her to his office and passed her two forms to fill up.

While Zi Yi was filling up the forms, he said, “There are many applicants today and I brought the forms here to my office instead.

Student Zi, you can see which major you like.

A few majors from our school are the best in M.Uni.

You can choose more majors if you are able to cope.”

Speaking of this, he earnestly suggested.

“If Student Zi feels pressured by the workload, you can choose lesser majors from other schools.

As the Director of the School of Chinese Language, he would definitely wish for Zi Yi to choose all the majors the school offered.

At that time, she would have a thorough knowledge of the Chinese Language and win honor for the school.

However, Zi Yi had come to an agreement before that and he merely brought it up in passing.

Without a doubt, Zi Yi would not agree to do so.

Just as she finished filling up the forms, her phone rang.

It was from the School of Mechanical Engineering that called her over to fill up their forms.

Zi Yi said to Director Huang, “Then Ill make a move first.”

Director Huang could only agree with a smile on his face and allowed her to leave.

Zi Yi spent the whole afternoon rushing around the various schools in M.Uni to fill up forms.

It was around the afternoon when she was done.

Dou Xiangling had calculated the time and gave her a call.

“Yiyi, are you done with the enrollment”

“Im done.”

Dou Xiangling smiled and asked, “Which school are you at right now Ill drive over and fetch you.”

Zi Yi informed her of her location and stood by the roadside to wait.

There was no longer any crowds left at the reporting areas, as everyone had gone to eat lunch.

Zi Yi did not wait long and saw a familiar car driving over.

Dou Xiangling saw Zi Yi standing there and smiled, “How many forms did you fill out today”

“Dozens or so.” Zi Yi got in the passenger seat and buckled the seatbelt.

Dou Xiangling drove out and asked on the way, “Yiyi, since youve selected so many majors, why dont you come to the School of Fine Arts too”

She vetoed her suggestion immediately after.

“Oh wait, this wont do.

Theres no teacher that is capable of teaching you in the School of Fine Arts.

Its only suitable if you come over as teaching staff.”

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at her and the corner of her lips curled up.

Dou Xiangling brought her to the staff canteen.

After they fetched their meal and sat down, Dou Xiangling told her about Elder Dous condition.

“Grandfather has been sleeping well these two days and hes much more spirited.

The time he stayed awake was also longer.

Zi Yi nodded.

“This is a good sign.”


They continued to chat and ate their meals.

Just then, a young man with a tray in hand walked over from the sides.

The young man appeared to be around the same age as Dou Xiangling.

He had deep facial features and slight mixed-race features.

He wore a dark British striped shirt with two buttons unbuttoned.

His slightly revealed neckline revealed the exquisite black cross necklace around his neck and all in all, the temperament he gave off was very contradicting.

The young man smiled and asked, “Beautiful ladies, can I sit next to you”

Dou Xiangling clearly knew the young man and nodded at him.

“Teacher Zhang, go ahead.”

Teacher Zhang sat next to Dou Xiangling.

Dou Xiangling introduced him to Zi Yi.

“Hes also a teacher of the School of Fine Arts.

His name is Zhang Hanyu.”

Zi Yi nodded at him.

Zhang Hanyu said with a smile, “Student Zi is very famous amongst the circles of teachers in M.Uni and now that Ive met the real person today, I can only say this.

Those who said good-looking people are bad with studying are simply rubbish.”

Dou Xiangling liked it when others praised Zi Yi and felt even happier than when others praised her.

Following that, they started a casual conversation.

Zi Yi could not join in on the conversation and so, she buried her head and ate.

When the three of them finished their meal, Zhang Hanyu invited Dou Xiangling.

“I have a friends gallery opening this Saturday.

I wonder if I have the honor of inviting Teacher Dou to join me in the exhibition”


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