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Chapter 301: As Expected of Being Biased

When Zi Yi arrived at the top floor, she saw Lu Jingye standing outside waiting for her, the moment the doors opened.

Zi Yi happily walked over to him and called out, “Ah Jing.”

Lu Jingye took the thermos flask and held her hand as they walked towards the CEOs office.

“Have you eaten”

“I ate.” Zi Yi planned to head over to the racing club later and already had her lunch.

Lu Jingye nodded.

On the way, they saw a gold-rimmed spectacled man that looked like a gentleman coming from the side with a cup of coffee.

When he saw them holding hands, his hand holding onto the coffee trembled.

After several drops of hot coffee splashed on his hand, he recovered his senses.

The next second, he nodded at them and calmly turned around as he headed to another office.

Zi Yi said, “That man was clearly extremely shocked to see me, but he was able to remain expressionless.

It seems like your employees are very capable.”


Thats my special assistant.

Shao Hua.”

After he said that, he held her hands and pulled her to the CEOs office.

His office was huge and spacious.

Other than a desk, there was a large bookshelf to the side and a floor-to-ceiling window on the other side.

There was a set of sofas placed near the windows and it was obviously used to entertain visitors.

Currently, there was a lunch set placed on the table.

They made their way over and Zi Yi glanced at his lunch.

“Ah Jing, hurry and pour the tonic soup and have a bowl.”

Lu Jingye nodded and opened the thermos flask.

He suddenly turned to see her expectant gaze and his voice slightly dimmed.

“What soup did you prepare for me”

Zi Yi confidently said, “A tonic soup! Dont worry, the effects are gentle and you will not have any discomfort.”


What else could he possibly say He could already imagine how difficult it will be to endure past the afternoon later.

Zi Yi was clearly busy.

She left after she saw Lu Jingye finish a bowl.

However, she was unaware of how much of a sensation she had caused, just because she came to the floor of the CEOs office.

This incident had soon reached the ears of Elder Lu.

Elder Lu had a stern expression, but he did not get people to call for Lu Jingye.

Instead, he reprimanded the First Madam that passed this news to him.

The First Madam could only stifle her anger and snorted when she returned.

“As expected of being biased… it seems like he influenced you plenty when he came back the previous time.”

The more she thought, the angrier she got.

She immediately called her husband and complained to him about this incident, while feeling aggrieved.

Her husband was currently abroad and he said, “Dont say these in front of father.

Since Lu Jingye brought her to the office, it proves that she is very important to him.

Its better to try and get her on our side, rather than doing such meaningless things.”

The First Madam was reminded by her husband and she seemed to have sobered up.

She immediately called her nephew and niece.

In the next two days, Zi Yi continued heading to the racing club to debug and modify the cars.

Zhou Shijin was much more ruthless to himself compared to the previous time.

He could be said to have desperately practiced racing.

Zi Yi would occasionally watch him drive for a while and ended up shaking her head.

At noon, Zi Yi said to him, “I suggest youd better rest for two days.”

Zhou Shijin, who was stuffing the rice into his mouth at a fast speed, looked up at her with his bloodshot eyes.

He was clearly tired, but he stubbornly said, “I wont rest.”

He continued to gulf down his lunch after he said that.

Zi Yi furrowed her brows and said in a cold tone.

“It doesnt matter to me if you rest or not, but my place is under the attention of many.

I dont wish for rumors of someone dying here to spread.”

Zhou Shijin looked up again and his gaze could be described as fierce.

Zi Yi snorted.

“Just because I havent visited doesnt mean Im unaware of whats going on here.

Youve been training 10 hours a day and you will most probably meet a sudden death before the competition if you carry on.”

Speaking up to here, she was even more unhappy.

“I honestly suspect you are deliberately acting so desperate because you have plans of extorting a sum of money from me to replace the money your brother has lost.”

Zhou Shijin was originally frustrated by the first half of her words.

However, his eyes widened when he heard the second half.

He was a little flustered and had asked in a deep voice, “How did you know my brother lost a huge sum of money”

“Its easy for me to know anything.”


Zhou Shijin stopped talking and continued to eat.

However, his shoulders shook while eating.

Zi Yi was stunned.

“Are you crying”

“Im not.

The staff meal today is a little spicy.”

Zi Yi: “…”

She glanced at him for a moment and thought, “Its up to you to say it or not.”

Following that, she continued to eat.

After finishing the meal, she planned to continue to upgrade the system.

Just then, Zhou Shijins awkward voice sounded.

“Zi Yi.”

She stopped but did not look back.

“Whats the matter”


His voice trailed off.

Zi Yi found it irritating and said coldly, “If you have something to say, speak your mind.

Dont hesitate here and there.

Im very busy.”

Zhou Shijin stared at Zi Yi, clenched his teeth, and finally said it aloud.

“Can you give my brother a hand”

She turned towards him and with an expression of indifference, she asked, “Why should I help”

Zhou Shijins expression paled.

He thought of what his brother had done to Zi Yi in the past and he could not utter another word.

Zi Yi thought for a moment and said, “If you really want my help, get your brother to talk to me.”

She left after saying that.

Zhou Shijin stared at Zi Yis back.

After standing there for quite some time, he took out his phone and called Zhou Shiyu.

Zi Yi knew something happened in the Zhou Family because she had paid close attention to the financial industry in the capital.

She just happened to see the Zhou Familys current situation and thought that Zhou Shijin was her racer and thus, checked it in passing.

The Zhou Family was also one of the eight great families in the capital.

At the beginning of the year, Elder Zhou said that the CEO of the Zhou Group would be elected from the third generation.

There were nearly twenty people of the third generation and the older ones were in their thirties while the youngest ones were still in primary school.

Removing those who were still attending primary school and junior high school, there were thirteen who were qualified to compete.

Zhou Shijin was uninterested in the family business and had given up long ago.

Zhou Shiyu was an ambitious man, but was too conceited.

Not long ago, he had fallen into a trap and made a mistake in his decision, which incurred several billions of losses for the Zhou Group.

Elder Zhou was furious at that time and said that he would lose the inheritance qualification if he could not retrieve the money.

After she read through all these things, Zi Yi sighed.

“Sure enough, its the same situation inside every rich family.”

Zhou Shiyu did not look for Zi Yi and she did not care.

At the end of the day, she made her way back.

Early the next morning, Zi Yi unexpectedly received a call from the head of the Chinese Department of M.Uni.


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