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Chapter 296: Words From the Bottom of My Heart

Lu Jingye looked at the young lady before him and his gaze unconsciously fixed on her beautiful lips.

His Adams apple twitched.

He seemed to have struggled for two seconds before he lowered his head and gave her a kiss.

Zi Yi had instantly hugged his neck.

It wasnt until quite sometime later that Lu Jingye restrained himself and widened the distance between them.

His voice was deep and hoarse, sounding very seductive.

“Go in now.

Good night.”

Zi Yis legs were slightly weak and she leaned against him.

She only nodded after a while and went back to her room.

What she didnt know was, the first thing Lu Jingye did after he returned to his room was take a cold shower.

Early the next morning, Mrs.

Lu received a phone call from Elder Lus subordinates, informing her that Elder Lu wanted her to make a trip back home.


Lu did not even have time to have breakfast and immediately made her way over.

As soon as she entered the living room of Elder Lus residence, she saw her two sisters-in-law sitting there.

Elder Lus expression was also particularly stern.

She knew that it was definitely nothing good.


“Youre here.

Take a seat.”


Lu walked over and sat down.

The Eldest Madam and Third Madam looked at her simultaneously with a weird expression.

Just then, the Third Madam said.

“Ersao[1], werent you concerned about Lu Jingyes marriage before I think theres no need for that now.

He seems to have found a woman he likes.”

The moment Mrs.

Lu heard that, she knew the reason why Elder Lu had called her over early in the morning.

Sure enough, after Elder Lu finished his tea, he asked with a stern expression, “Whats the background of the lady that Jingye likes”


Lu glanced at Elder Lus expression and thought internally, “Youve already called me over and I dont believe you have not heard of Little Zis background.”

On the surface, she replied with a hint of distress.

“Father, Ive told Jingye that as long as he finds someone he likes, I wont ask about the other party.

I can only say that the lady is rather pretty and very likeable.”


Elder Lu suddenly slammed the teacup on the table and the aura he gave off was so strong that Mrs.

Lus heart trembled.

“What a mess! How can someone from the Lu Family fancy a woman with a bad reputation.”


Lu wanted to speak up for Zi Yi.


“Shut up!”

When Elder Lu became headstrong, no one would dare to utter a single word.

Lu Jingye was the grandson he had the most pride in.

How could he allow him to marry an indecent woman

“As Jingyes mother, dont you know to think for the best of your children”

He then took several photos on the table and threw them to Mrs.

Li as he said in a stern voice, “Take a look, he went to such a place just to meet a woman last night and was even photographed.

Do you know if these photos were to leak out, how huge of an impact it would cause to our Lu Family”


Lu glanced at the photos by her feet and stood up to pick them up.

Her expression was not very good.

That bar belonged to Little Zi and so what if her son went there However, the person before her was her father-in-law and she could only endure it and was unable to refute.

Elder Lu became angrier at the sight of Mrs.

Lu keeping silent.

“Immediately call Jingye to come back at once!”


Lu said with a straight face, “Father, Jingye just returned from a business trip and he has many things to deal with in the company.

He should have gone to the company at this time.”

Elder Lu did not force her to make the call.

Just then, the Third Madam suddenly spoke up.

“Ersao, Father is thinking on behalf of Jingyes wellbeing… Not only does the Lu Family have a large business, we also have a special status where we always receive the attention of all sectors of society.

If everyone knew that Jingye had gotten together with a woman like that, what would people think and say about us”


Lu glanced at the Third Madam and a trace of displeasure streaked past her eyes.

The Third Madam sneered internally and on the surface, she acted as if she was thinking for her best interest.

“Ersao, what Ive said are all words from the bottom of my heart.

You shouldnt ignore it, else you will regret it later.”

The First Madam had also spoken up.

“What she said is right.


She turned to look at Elder Lu and suddenly changed the conversation.

“Father, I heard from Zhiheng that Jingye was eyeing the flying technology in that womans hands.

I was thinking then, how could a woman possess such technology Right now, its said that Jingye likes her.”

Speaking up to here, she glanced at Mrs.

Lu again.

“Could it be that Jingye deliberately gave her the Lu Groups core technology because they had gotten together Moreover, he purposely made her appear capable so that you could accept her.”


Elder Lu snorted and the aura he radiated caused the whole rooms temperature to drop several degrees.


Lu clasped her hands into fists and told herself to calm down.

She should not get her eldest son and Little Zi into trouble because of her rashness.

Only then, did she say, “I believe Father knows about Lu Groups core technology the best and he knows if we possess the flying technology or not.

Do you think he would suspect Lu Jingye just because of your random guesses”

Elder Lu swallowed the words he wanted to say and took a sip of tea before he said, “No matter how capable that woman is, our Lu Family can provide her favorable conditions to purchase the technology from her.

But people of our Lu Family cannot marry a woman with a bad reputation!”

“Father, Little Zi merely had a rebellious youth and she had never done…”

“Ersao!” Third Madam suddenly raised her voice and interrupted her.

“Its undeniable that she has a bad reputation.

Our Lu Family has an upright reputation and our Father emphasizes that.

We cant possibly ruin the Lu Familys reputation for a woman like her.

You shouldnt think that any kind of woman is good, just to make Jingye start a family soon.”


Li laughed at her words.

“Little Zi was only rebellious in the past and the majority of the rumors surfaced because others were jealous of her.

When has our Lu Family become so selective in what we want to hear”

“Ersao, do you think weve not investigated that woman Her reputation is well-known in S City and is there even a need to be selective of what we hear”


“Enough, all of you keep quiet!”

The moment Elder Lu spoke up, all the three madams became silent.


Lu wanted to continue explaining on Zi Yis behalf, but Elder Lu glanced at her as he said in a manner where she could not refuse, “I will find some suitable women for him and you should go back and educate him.”


Lus eyes turned red from anger.

However, she knew of Elder Lus temper.

He was used to having the final say and the more she said, the more it would cause his impression of Zi Yi to worsen instead.

Therefore, she suppressed her anger and planned to send her eldest son and her husband a message to get them to settle her father-in-law.

With a plan in mind, Mrs.

Lu responded.

“Father, I understand.”

Only then did Elder Lu nod in satisfaction and his tone turned for the better.

“Did Yunxiao come back recently”

“He hasnt.

Jianlin said that the task hes currently undergoing is rather tricky and he needs more time.”

Elder Lu did not continue to ask anything and ordered the housekeeper to serve breakfast.

[1] The Third Madam is referring to Song Lingluo as the Second Madam.


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