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Chapter 278: Elder Dou in Critical Condition

The doctor resisted the urge to vomit and was directly dragged by them as they ran towards Elder Dous car.

Zi Yi quickly alighted and carried the first-aid kit the doctor had not taken with him.

“Everyone, make way.”

The Dou Family members could only take a step back even if they were worried.

The doctor quickly checked up on Elder Dous condition and said, “Bring me the first-aid kit I brought with me.”

A crisp voice sounded behind him after he said that.

“Its here.”

The Dou Family members subconsciously got out of the way.

Zi Yi carried the oxygen bag and first-aid kit and walked to the car.

The doctor immediately put the oxygen mask on Elder Dou and gave him first-aid, while speaking to the Dou Family.

“The patient must be sent to the hospital immediately.

He has a cerebral hemorrhage and it will be too late if its delayed.

The expressions of the Dou Family turned ashen.

Just then, Dou Zerui thought of Zi Yis car and hastily said, “Get Yiyi to use her car to send Grandpa to the hospital.”


Zi Yi and the doctor vetoed his idea at the same time.

The doctor said, “The patient is unable to ride such a fast car.

It would only cause his condition to deteriorate.”

“Then what should we do”

Dou Zhiyuan spoke up.

“I just called the Transportation Bureau.

Even if they clear the road, our car needs more than half an hour to get to the hospital.”

For the first time in their lives, the Dou Family members felt despair.

It was currently the evening peak hour and it was impossible for their car to get through.

Elder Dous condition was also not something the doctor was able to alleviate.

Just then they were shrouded in great despair, Zi Yi suddenly said, “I wish to try something.”

Everyone looked at her and felt that she was fooling around.


“We cant possibly hand you Grandpas life!”

“Yiyi, this is no childs play.

Dont fool around.”

Zi Yi glanced at them and did not say another word.

Dou Jingning furrowed his brow and asked the doctor.

“Doctor, are there any other methods”

The doctor shook his head and said, “Unless you can send the patient into the emergency room at once, the current situation is not very optimistic.”

Zi Yi spoke up.

“Dont worry.

I only wish to allow… Grandfathers condition to be prolonged until he enters the emergency room.

If you have other methods, I wont try.”

The younger generation of the Dou Family wanted to say something when Dou Xiaoyong spoke up.

“Let Little Zi try.”

After that, he touched his face with his hand and said in a hoarse voice, “This is the only way.”

All of them trembled.

They truly had no other way out.

But are they truly intending to hand over their Grandfather to someone who had caused his condition to deteriorate

“No good, the patient has difficulty inhaling oxygen!”

The doctors shout caused all their breathing to turn sluggish.

With reddened eyes, Dou Jingning said, “Okay, you try.”

Zi Yi directly got in the car and swiftly opened the first-aid kit.

She then took out a circular ball and it swiftly transformed into a small mechanical hand.

Zi Yi recalled the various acupoints of TCM[1] and quickly operated the mechanical arm to insert the silver needles into several acupoints on Elder Dous head.

Following that, she manipulated the hand to massage his head.

Minutes and seconds passed by and everyone had stopped breathing as they stared at Elder Dou.

The doctor was surprised at Zi Yis series of actions.

He subconsciously looked at Elder Dous condition and hastily checked his pulse.

“Elder Dou can persist on for another half an hour!”

The Dou Family members were delighted at the news.

At the same time, the sounds of alarms from a command vehicle could be heard.

Soon, an officer came up to them and said, “Professor Dou, the road towards the First Hospital has been cleared.

Please follow our car at once.”

Traces of hope finally surfaced on their faces.

Half an hour later, Elder Dou was sent to the hospital.

There was already a team of specialists waiting for him.

The moment Elder Dou reached the hospital, he was pushed into the emergency room.

While they were waiting outside the emergency room, Dou Jingning shook hands with the officer who led the way.

“Officer Zhang, Im truly grateful for your help.”

Officer Zhang shook his head and said, “Headmaster Dou is a national treasure of our country and its my pleasure to be of help.”

After they conversed a while more, Officer Zhang left.

The Dou Family then entered into another round of suffering.

Zi Yi quietly sat in a corner and took out her phone as she quickly tapped on it.

Cerebral hemorrhage was no longer an incurable disease in the interstellar era.

However, in the current era, be it medical skills or medical equipment, everything was too lacking.

She directly hacked into the hospitals precision equipment room and checked around before she stood up and walked to the window of the fire escape to call someone.

It rang twice before a familiar gentle voice sounded from the opposite end.


“Ah Jing, can you get the First Hospital to give me access to the precision equipment room”

Lu Jingye did not ask anything and merely said, “Hold on.”

He hung up the phone afterwards.

Around a minute later, she saw a man rushing out of the elevator and he said to her, “Zi Yi, please follow me.”

When the Dou Family members turned to look at her, she had followed the man and left

“Why did Deputy Pang call for her”

“What is she intending to do”

The elevator arrived on another level and Deputy Pang led Zi Yi towards a corridor.

After they had walked for some time, they arrived at a room.

Deputy Pang opened the door and said, “All the precision equipment is inside, but you must be careful.

Also, please do not reveal any information outside.”

There was numerous advanced equipment that was not made known to the public.

Zi Yi nodded and said, “Ok.”

Following that, she entered the room.

Half an hour later, Zi Yi came out of the elevator while pushing a trolley with a set of apparatus on it.

Beside here stood Deputy Pang whose expression did not seem to be all that great.

When he looked at the items Zi Yi was pushing, his heart bled.

This young lady was too bold.

She had disassembled the majority of the parts of the precision equipment inside the room and reassembled them.

At that time, he wished that he could arrest her and throw her out.

However, the Lu Groups Second Young Master had assured him that he would immediately reimburse them for whatever was missing when he returned.

Moreover, he would also gift them the latest detector developed by their Medical Equipment R&D team.

Even though Deputy Pangs heart was still bleeding due to the precision equipment, he did not chase her out in the end.

Zi Yi pushed the cart to where the Dou Family members were standing and motioned for Deputy Pang.

“Open the emergency room.”

“What are you doing” He instantly widened his eyes.

“Im sending these apparatus inside.”

Deputy Pangs eyes widened even more.

But the next second, he did something crazy.

He walked up to the emergency room and opened it.

Zi Yi said, “Make way.”

The Dou Family members did not suspect anything when Deputy Pang held onto the card key and they hastily made way for him.

Following that, Zi Yi tagged along.

While Zi Yi was pushing the trolley and was about to go in, several of the Dou Family members stopped her.

Zi Yi said, “The doctor should have released a notice of critical condition earlier.

You can only believe in me once again.”

This time around, they merely thought for a few seconds and let her in.

Zi Yi pushed the apparatus to the operating room door and stood outside to spectate.

When she saw the meaningless surgery, she directly opened the door and went inside.

[1] Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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