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Chapter 275: You Actually Hit My Car!

Little Lolis body jumped into the air and directly landed on the cliff.

She then easily plucked several Blood Lotuses and passed them to Lu Jingye.

He then motioned for one of his men, “Pack them up.”

After the Blood Lotuses were packed, all of them headed to the valley that Lu Jingye had mentioned earlier and a helicopter soon arrived.

Zi Yi glanced at Lu Jingye and he nodded back.

Following that, she and Little Loli got on the helicopter.

When the helicopter arrived at the capital, it was already the next day.

It was currently 9 a.m in the morning and the helicopter had directly landed in the backyard of Lu Jingyes villa.

The housekeeper was already waiting there for her arrival.

The moment he saw Zi Yi alighting, he immediately went over and took her luggage.

“Miss Zi, welcome home.”

“Long time no see.”

Just then, Little Loli who alighted next had also greeted the housekeeper.


The housekeeper had never seen Little Loli before and he was thinking deep down, “Where did Miss Zi find such an adorable girl from.”

Zi Yi said, “Shes my robot.”

The housekeeper was surprised and he carefully sized up Little Loli.

Little Loli allowed him to check her out and even deliberately did a twirl around.

The housekeeper exclaimed, “This robot is too humanized!”

“Hehe.” Little Loli was delighted at his compliment.

Zi Yi said, “Go back to my courtyard and drive out one of the cars to return to the bar.”

“Yes, Master!”

Little Loli immediately left after that.

Zi Yi and the housekeeper went towards the door.

While walking, the housekeeper explained to Zi Yi about what happened after she had left.

“There were some express delivery packages that arrived after you left.

I got the robots in the courtyard to move them down to the basement.”

Zi Yi nodded in acknowledgement.

After arriving at the living room, breakfast was already prepared and served on the dining table.

The housekeeper said, “Miss Zi, you must be tired after sitting in the helicopter for a long period of time.

You can eat something first.

Your rooms in the villas have been prepared and so you can take a rest after breakfast.”

Zi Yi was indeed somewhat tired and nodded at him.

After breakfast, she returned to her villa to take a nap for several hours.

It was already past 2 p.m in the afternoon when she woke up.

Zi Yi directly made her way to the bar after waking up.

As she had left for more than twenty days, the renovations of the bar were basically complete.

Zi Yi was very satisfied after she took a tour around.

Little Loli tagged behind and asked expectantly, “Master, since the renovations are complete, when will we open for business”

Zi Yi thought for a moment and said, “In a few more days time.

During these two days, you shall lead everyone around to learn various skills.”

“Yes, Master!”

Zi Yi stayed in the bar until it was about dinner time before she then drove to a cake shop near the downtown area.

She merely pondered for two seconds and parked her car in the parking lot outside the store.

After she alighted, a young man who was waiting for the traffic to stop so he could cross, while whistling in a good mood, suddenly saw her from the corner of his eyes.

He hastily stretched out his neck to double check if it was her.

After confirming, he took out his phone and dialed a number.

“I saw the woman you talked about… Just wait and see, Ill help you deal with her… Rest assured, I know my limits.”

It was the weekend and there were many people in the cake shop.

When she walked in, there was also a long queue.

The moment everyone saw her, all of them were amazed by her appearance.

“What a beautiful girl.”

There were many who subconsciously took out their phones wanting to photograph her.

Zi Yi gave them a cold glance and they guiltily put away their phones.

Only then did she walk over to the queue and line up.

When she bought the cake and walked out the shop, she discovered a large crowd of people around her car.

She frowned at the scene and walked over in large strides.

After she came closer, she realized that her car had been bumped.

The frown on her face deepened.

She had parked her car in the parking lane and yet there was still someone who had bumped it

The crowd were all engrossed in their discussion and Zi Yi could not be bothered to get them to move.

She directly pressed on the car keys.

The moment the headlights flashed, everyone subconsciously turned to look at her.

When they saw Zi Yi holding onto the car keys, they were momentarily dazed before they subconsciously made way for her.

Zi Yi discovered that the person who bumped her car was a man with bleached ash grey hair who was wearing a flowery t-shirt.

His style was basically publicizing to everyone that he was a young man.

The moment he saw Zi Yi walking over, he insincerely asked, “Hey, is this racing car yours”

When he asked that question, his pair of eyes was quickly scanning Zi Yi from head to toe.

Zi Yi coldly glanced back.


The young man did not show the slightest bit of guilt from bumping her car.

“Give me your phone number.

How much is the repair fee Ill pay you.”

Zi Yi looked at him and detected a glint that was hinting he had done it deliberately.

She guessed that this person must be someone who knows about her and had deliberately approached her to embarrass her.

Someone had come knocking on the door to cause trouble for her the moment she returned and she was very unhappy about that.

She then sneered and said, “You dont have to pay.”

The young man revealed an exaggerated and unexpected expression.

“You dont need me to pay”

The onlookers were also surprised.

“Isnt this beautiful lady too generous That man had bumped her car and she doesnt need him to pay”

“Perhaps shes a mistress for a rich person.

That young man appears to be quite rich and perhaps she might be eyeing up his wealth.”

“But she drives a racing car.

How could she possibly be a mistress”

“Pft… these days, mistresses are richer than others.”

These days, the number of jealous people has also increased.

Zi Yi scanned her surroundings and her cold gaze caused those people who were gossiping behind her back to feel a shiver down their backs and subconsciously shut their mouths.

Zi Yi headed towards her car and stared at the young man.

“I dont need you to pay me.

Well be even after I bump your car once.”

When everyone heard that, they looked at her in disbelief.

The young man had also taken two seconds before he recovered his senses.

“What did you say You want to hit my car” He felt that he had just heard a joke and was thinking that hed like to see if she dared to do so.

At that moment, Zi Yi had already reached her car.

She opened the door and looked at him with a chilly expression.

“Im not discussing it with you.”

Having said that, she started the car and stepped on the accelerator.


The sound of the impact had shocked everyone and their hearts quivered.

The young man was also dumbfounded by Zi Yis ferocity.

He looked at his car whose bumper had a dent and pointed at her in anger.

“You actually hit my car!”

Zi Yi rolled down the windows and said coldly, “You can call the police.

I will pay what I need to pay then, without a single cent less.”

Following that, she stepped on the gas pedal.

When her car roared out, the surrounding crowd had subconsciously made way for her.

The young mans expression darkened and pointed at the crowd as he angrily shouted.

“What are you looking at Get lost”!

“What a brute.”

“He deserves it.”

While the crowd was dispersing they did not forget to complain about him.

After the onlookers had left, the young man kicked the curb in a fury.

“Motherf*cker! How dare she hit my car.

Just you wait!”


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