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Chapter 274: Zi Yi Discovered That He Was Him

Lu Yunxiao said to the other two, “Take out the equipment.”

The two men quickly put down their backpacks and took out several gun parts.

The parts were assembled quickly.

It was a very powerful sniping gun.

Lu Yunxiao took it and headed outside the protective area of the rock.

Zi Yi hastily called out to him.

“Lu Yunxiao.”

Lu Yunxiao stopped.

“Ill go with you.

I can accurately calculate their flight path so you can be more prepared in hitting the helicopter.”

Lu Yunxiao refused.


He then continued walking.

Zi Yi looked at his departing back view and clicked her tongue in dissatisfaction.

She simply put her luggage on the ground and took out a tablet, before she chased towards where he went.

The two men had no time to stop her.

“Miss Zi, please come back!”

Zi Yi had already run far away by that time.

After Lu Yunxiao came out, he saw an open spot and aimed at the helicopter.

Sure enough, the bullet did not hit its target.

However, it had attracted the attention of the helicopter.

Zi Yi saw the incoming helicopter and rushed to Lu Yunxiaos side.

The moment he saw her, he exuded strong anger and his gaze became terrifying.

He then growled at her.

“Who told you to come out Go back!”

Zi Yi pretended not to hear him and quickly tapped the tablet and told him.

“Aim at 57 degrees north latitude and 32 degrees east longitude and get ready.”

Lu Yunxiao had unexpectedly understood her immediately and turned back to aim in the direction.

The helicopter approached them and the men riding on it had already aimed in their direction.

“Open fire.”

Lu Yunxiao had fired the shot before Zi Yi managed to finish her words.

The next second, he threw away the sniper rifle in his hand and turned around to grab Zi Yi as they jumped away.



At the same time when the helicopter was struck and its wing fell towards the foot of the mountain, the place in which they stood earlier had also been hit.

Snow splattered all around and instantly covered the two who were rolling on the ground.

Zi Yi did not have time to respond.

The instant she was protected, she was momentarily stunned before she smelled a familiar scent.

This scent… it was impossible for their scents to be identical, even if they were biological siblings.

Therefore, this person…

Zi Yis heart rate suddenly sped up and she subconsciously tightened her hold on his clothes.

Yet, a hoarse voice sounded from the top and his voice contained undisguised concern.

“Are you alright”

Zi Yi looked up at him.

Currently, his back was covered in snow, including his eyebrows.

She originally planned to frankly ask him, but she subconsciously felt that he would not admit to it.

She quickly devised a plan and said, “I seemed to have sprained my leg.”

In order to increase the credibility of her words, she deliberately blinked and tried her best to squeeze out some droplets of water from her eyes.

Lu Yunxiao quickly got up without a care for the snow on his back.

He squatted beside her with his lips pressed together tightly and asked, “Which one”

Zi Yi stared at him and randomly pointed.

“This one.”

Lu Yunxiao did not even suspect her in the slightest as he stretched out his hand to hold her ankle while preparing to take off her shoes to check on her condition.

Zi Yi hastily stopped him and Lu Yunxiao turned to look at her.

When their gazes met, it seemed as if the surrounding wind and snow had come to a standstill.

Just then, Zi Yi suddenly leaned forward and kissed his lips.

Their breathing intertwined and her heart rate increased.

It was this feeling.

Zi Yi used her beautiful eyes and stared at the mask from a close distance.

The man before her only pushed her away two seconds later.

He neither admitted nor denied and stood up without speaking a single word.

Under her gaze, he bent down and carried her as he headed in the direction of that large rock.

Zi Yi tightly held his neck and leaned her ears on his back to listen to his steady and powerful heartbeat.

The corner of her lips curled up.

After Lu Yunxiao carried her to the rock, he said to the two men who revealed shock in their eyes, “Go out and get the sniper rifle.”

The two of them immediately headed towards the vast white snow.

When they left, Lu Yunxiao tried to put her down.

However, Zi Yi refused to cooperate.

She tightly held onto his neck and softly asked, “Why did you pretend to be him.”

Lu Jingye looked down at the young lady in his embrace.

He was currently feeling complicated deep down but still ended up saying, “Hes sick.

The Lu Familys secret guards cannot be without their leader.”

Lu Jingye only revealed this much.

Zi Yi understood after thinking for a moment and did not ask any more questions.

Taking advantage of the fact that the two men had yet to return, she whispered in his ears.

“Ah Jing, I miss you very much.”

Lu Jingye directly gave her a tight squeeze and let her hear his faster than usual heart rate.

The curve on the corner of her lips deepened.

Zi Yi only got down from his arms after hugging him for a while longer.

She looked up at him with a sheen in her eyes.

Lu Jingye suppressed the urge to pull her back into his embrace and said, “Therell be a helicopter coming later.

You should return to the capital first.”

“What about you” Zi Yi was a little reluctant.

“I still have something here.

Ill go back in a few days at most.”

Zi Yi thought for a moment and walked to her luggage.

Upon opening it, she took out a bunch of gadgets.

“Bring these along with you.

They can be of help when the time comes.”

Lu Jingye took the items and kept them inside his backpack.

The two men who went looking for the sniper rifle returned very quickly.

They came over to the rock and disassembled it into several parts to store it into their bags.

After they waited for a while, Zi Yis cell phone suddenly rang.

With the exception of Lu Jingye, the other two men looked at her in surprise.

There was no signal on the mountains so why did her phone ring

She took out her phone and quickly tapped on it.

Shortly after, Little Lolis somewhat excited voice sounded.

“Master, Master! I found the Blood Lotus.

Theres also a white bear beside it and its very beautiful!”

Based on her tone of voice, she was clearly more interested in that white bear.

“Your position.

Well come over right now.”

“Yes, Master.”

When they rushed towards the location Little Loli provided, Lu Jingye had got in contact with his men.

After everyone arrived at where Little Loli was, they found her currently sitting on the back of a bear while excitedly stroking its fur.

All of them found the little girl in front of them to be very cute.

Only Zi Yis lips twitched uncontrollably.

Little Loli was clearly interested in the fur of the white bear.

The moment the bear sensed people approaching, it was about to become irritable.

Little Loli patted its back in discontentment and unexpectedly caused it to slump on the ground.

“Dont shout.

Else Ill give you a beating.”

The white bear who almost suffered from internal injuries was trembling in fear.

Zi Yi could not continue watching it and asked, “Wheres the Blood Lotus”

Little Loli pointed at the cliff in front of her.


Everyone turned in the direction where she was pointing.

As expected, they saw several flowers with the appearance of a Snow Lotus on the cliff that was at least fifteen meters high.

Little Loli said, “I went to double-check earlier.

Its the Blood Lotus.”

“Go and harvest it.”



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