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Chapter 272: Why is His Tone of Voice so Similar to That Old-Fashioned Guy

The next day, Zi Yi was woken up by the voices outside.

She checked her phone and realized it was already 8 a.m in the morning.

She put her phone aside, moved the quilt to one side, and got up, only to recall that there was no toilet here.

There wasnt even a comb to comb her hair.

She casually ran her fingers through her messy hair and headed outside after wearing her shoes.

Little Loli was currently talking to an unfamiliar voice.

The other party should be here to ask if she had woken up.

Little Loli said, “My Master has yet to wake up.”

The other party responded.

“We will be setting off at 10 a.m.

Its best if you get your… Master to wake up.”

Zi Yi walked out at that moment and said, “Im already up.”

Just as she said that Little Loli and that man looked in her direction.

Zi Yi looked on helplessly at the man having a nosebleed and she kindly reminded him.

Your nose is bleeding.

The mans cheeks flushed red and he ran away.

Zi Yi and Little Loli looked at each other.

“Master, your current appearance is not good.

Your long and messy hair is too seductive.”

Zi Yi originally had a gorgeous appearance and her face was slightly flushed because she had just woken up.

Coupled with her slightly messy hair that was freely hanging down her shoulders, she had revealed somewhat of a wild charm.

She shrugged her shoulders out of helplessness.

“We left in a hurry yesterday and I didnt grab the makeup bag.”

When they left the hotel, she subconsciously took the tablet, her phone, and the circular ball.

She did not grab anything else.

Zi Yi did not dwell on this much and she headed towards the faucet at the corner.

There was a stone bench beside it and a washbasin placed above it with nothing else.

Zi Yi stared at the washbasin.

Little Loli stood beside her and muttered, “Master, you should have taken your luggage along with you last night.

Or should I go and fetch it for you now”

“Do you think my items would still remain in that room”

With such a huge commotion last night, it would have certainly attracted the police.

Lu Yunxiao and the other party would never leave any traces of evidence behind and perhaps all her items had already been destroyed.

Just as Zi Yi stood there at a loss on how to start, someone knocked on the door and Little Loli hastily went over to open it.

What followed after was her sweet-sounding voice.

“Oppa Lu~”

Zi Yi turned around to see Lu Yunxiao carrying familiar luggage and standing there.

Even though he was wearing a mask, she could see that his face was stiff.

She walked over and pleasantly asked, “Brother-in-law, when did you bring my luggage with you”

Lu Yunxiao stood there and said in a heavy voice several seconds after, “Call me Lu Yunxiao.”

“Ugh…” Zi Yi looked up at him .”Im your sister-in-law.

Why cant I call you brother-in-law”

Lu Yunxiao pursed his lips and remained silent as he directly passed the luggage to her.

Little Loli tactfully took it and headed inside.

Zi Yi stood there and continued watching him as she educated him, “Even though we havent met often, its a fact that Im your sister-in-law.

Why cant I call you brother-in-law”

Lu Yunxiao stared at her deeply without saying anything he turned to leave.


Zi Yi cried out discontentedly and wanted to chase after him.

Lu Yunxiao suddenly stopped.

Without even turning around, he said, “Since youre my sister-in-law, please pay attention to your image.

What if other people see the appearance of your messy hair.”

Zi Yi: “…”

She stood at the door for quite some time until Lu Yunxiaos figure had disappeared, before she recovered her senses.

She touched her chin and softly muttered, “Why is that tone of voice exactly the same as that old-fashioned man” Shortly after, she concluded.

“As expected of siblings.”

After Zi Yi finished washing up, she headed outside with Little Loli.

Before long, they saw someone walking past.

Zi Yi originally wanted to ask if there was breakfast available.

However, at the sight of her, he acted as if he had seen a ghost and turned to leave.

The next few people she met were all like this.

Zi Yi: “…”

Was she a poisonous beast for them to act like that

Little Loli had also deduced that something was amiss and said, “Master, why are they suddenly avoiding you”

“How would I know”

With a sullen expression, she rubbed her stomach and said, “Go and ask where I can get something to eat.”

She was famished.

Do they honestly think she was an immortal that doesnt need to eat

“Ok!” Just as Little Loli responded, they saw Lu Yunxiao coming over.

When he saw Zi Yi, his gaze landed on her hand rubbing her stomach for two seconds before he said, “Follow me.”

He then turned around and walked in a different direction.

Zi Yi and Little Loli tagged behind him.

But not long after they started walking, Little Loli saw someone walking past with two rabbits in his hands.

She then turned around and went over.

Zi Yi glanced at Little Loli who left her side and reminded her.

“Youd better stop with your green tea b*tch tactics here.”


After Little Loli left, only Zi Yi was left to follow behind Lu Yunxiao.

His strides were not exactly very wide and she had managed to catch up very soon.

While walking, she looked at him and curiously asked, “Lu Yunxiao, why are you still wearing a mask here”

He did not respond to her question.

Zi Yi didnt pay much attention and sighed.

“You two are clearly brothers so why are your personalities so different”

As expected, Lu Yunxiao did not reply.

She found it boring and did not continue to talk.

Soon, Lu Yunxiao brought her to the kitchen.

There was a chef inside who was preparing some dry rations.

When he saw Lu Yunxiao walking in, he hastily stopped what he was doing and greeted him.

Lu Yunxiao nodded and called for a middle-aged man.

“Make her something to eat.”

The middle-aged man asked, “Does Miss Zi eat noodles Should I make a bowl for you”

Zi Yi nodded.

The middle-aged man started to prepare a bowl of egg noodles for her.

Zi Yi sat there and ate her noodles while Lu Yunxiao sat beside her and waited.

The others originally wanted to sneak a glance at Zi Yi but with Lu Yunxiao there, they dared not even take a single glance.

When Zi Yi was about to finish her noodles, Lu Yunxiao said, “After youre done, lets talk.”

Zi Yi knew what he wanted to talk about.

The corner of her lips curled up and she nodded.

After Zi Yi finished her noodles, they returned to the courtyard that originally belonged to Lu Yunxiao.

“The item in their hands, did you take it yesterday”

“Thats right.” Zi Yi did not beat around the bush and straightforwardly said, “As long as you call me sister-in-law, Ill pass you the item.”

Since he had exerted a great deal of effort to obtain that medical ingredient, it must be very important to him.

Zi Yi felt that she had to enforce the might of a sister-in-law before him first.

Lu Yunxiao pursed his lips and his eyes darkened at her words.

Zi Yi was dissatisfied with his reaction.

“Why are you like this Im only asking you to call me sister-in-law.”

The corner of his lips moved as if wanting to speak.

But in the end, what came out was.

“You have yet to marry him.”

Zi Yi took a deep breath and thought deep down that as expected, they were siblings.

Their train of thought was just as old-fashioned.

However, she felt unhappy deep down.

“Its fine if you dont call me, lets have a fight.

If I win, Ill give you the item.”

She could not win against Ah Jing and she could not bear to use those inventions of hers on him.

It just so happens that she could use his younger brother as practice.


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