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Chapter 269: Compensate For My Clothes!

Just that, the mans communication device rang.

Zi Yi tapped Little Loli on her arm and beckoned for her to connect to his communication device.

Little Loli immediately understood.

Shortly after, a voice sounded from a nearby stereo.

“Weve already taken care of the people here.

Hows your side doing”

That man looked at them in shock and first responded to the other party.

“Itll be resolved soon.”

After which, he lowered his voice and asked, “How did you do that”

“Why should we tell you” Little Loli walked towards him.

His killing aura intensified and he swiftly took out a gun and aimed at the Little Loli.


Bam! Bam! Bam!

When she saw bullet holes in her favorite clothes, Little Loli was enraged.

“Compensate for my clothes!”

Following that, she suddenly pounced towards him.

That man was clearly shocked that Little Loli was not afraid of the gun.

With a punch, Little Loli had sent him flying as he hit the glass window.


The quality of the glass was pretty good.

The man bounced back from the glass and fell to the ground while covering his arm.

His complexion turned pale and it was so painful that he could not even get up.

Little Loli walked over while the man was struggling and stepped on his back.


The sound of broken bones could be heard.


Little Loli turned to Zi Yi and asked, “Master, how should we deal with this person”

Zi Yi looked at the man who repeatedly rolled his eyes and said after slight consideration, “Lets check how people in the other rooms on this floor are doing.”

Having said that, she directly hacked into the signal blocker on this floor and connected to all the suites.

There were a total of eight presidential suites on this floor and the people in seven of the rooms were all resolved.

Looking at this, Zi Yi snorted and looked at the man lying on the ground.

“Who are you people”

That man remained silent.

Little Loli increased the force of her legs.

“My Master is asking you a question, how dare you keep quiet!”

That man gritted his teeth and remained silent.

He was waiting.

Waiting for his companions to notice the situation on his side and come to his rescue.

“Master, since this person isnt saying anything, we might as well dispose of him.”


Little Loli followed orders and her leg pressed down.

That man directly stopped breathing.

Zi Yi came to Little Lolis side, squatted down, and took out the communication device in his ears.

She swiftly made some adjustments and passed it to Little Loli.

She took the communication device and imitated the mans voice.

“Im done on my side.”

The other party said, “Open the window.

The items will be delivered shortly.”

Having said that, the communication device was disconnected.

Little Loli looked at Zi Yi.

“Go to the window first.”

Little Loli hastily headed to the window while Zi Yi stood near the wall.

Soon, movement sounds could be heard.

Little Loli slightly pulled the curtains and saw a man in black carrying a backpack and descending from the rooftop with a rope.

The man knocked on the window with his forefinger.

Little Loli opened the window slightly and took the item from him.

Soon, the person went back upstairs.

When there were no more movements from outside, Little Loli placed the items on the ground, took off her gloves, and placed her mechanical palm on the backpack to do a quick scan.

“Master, the item in here is not dangerous.”

Zi Yi nodded and said, “Open it up.”

Little Loli soon opened the backpack.

Zi Yi was surprised to see the item inside.

It was unexpectedly a medicinal ingredient stored in a special container.

She knew what this medicinal ingredient was.

“This is one of the medicinal ingredients that was offered a high reward money in the black market”

Zi Yis expression slightly changed.

They had exerted such a great deal of effort to bring this medicinal ingredient here and did not even hesitate to kill all the guests on this floor.

Their motives must be to lure a certain person over.

She hastily said to Little Loli.

“Bring this along.

Lets leave this place first.”

She then went to the window, took out a ball from her pocket.

With a press, a small aerial gadget flew up into the skies.

Little Lolis signal connected to the gadget and after it reached the rooftop, Little Loli said, “Theres more than 30 other men upstairs.”

Zi Yi remained taciturn for several seconds and said, “Explore the surrounding buildings.”

After a while, Loli said, “There are ambushes on the left and right rear buildings.”

“Check what weapons they have.”

“There are XX sniper rifles and XX anti-aircraft guns.”

These two types of weapons were currently the most advanced equipment.

Zi Yi pondered for a moment.

These people had gone through so much trouble and the people they were waiting for were certainly not simple.

Moreover, they have this medicinal ingredient with them.

At the thought of the ingredient, Zi Yi said to Little Loli, “Bring up your control panel.”

Little Loli lifted her clothes and revealed her back.

Zi Yi went over to remove her skin and below was the control panel.

She quickly tapped on the control panel and directly entered the black market bounty list to start tracking the person who offered a reward for the medicinal ingredient.

A few minutes later, when she was about to identify the other party, Little Loli reminded her.

“Master, theres a helicopter coming and its heading towards this building.

Zi Yi hastily stopped tracking and implanted a virus into the signal on the floor before she said, “Bring this along and well leave here at once.”

She then went back to the bedroom and took her backpack to carry all the necessary items.

Following that, she left the suite together with Little Loli and headed towards the stairs at the end of the corridor.

At this time, the corridor was deathly silent.

As it was a high-class hotel, the whole corridor was decorated luxuriously with Persian carpets and various famed paintings.

A woman and a robots feet landed on the Persian carpet and it did not create much of a sound.

Just then they were approaching the end of the corridor, heavy crashes could be heard from one of the rooms.

Zi Yi motioned to Little Loli.


The two quickly ran in the direction of the safety stairs and just as she was about to reach the door, she suddenly stopped.

She sensed people there.

At the same time, the door was opened.

Time seemed to stand still when both parties saw each other.

“Lu Yunxiao!” Zi Yi cried out in surprise.

Lu Yunxiao was wearing a mask and upon seeing her, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he did not respond.

He directly said to the people behind him, “Take her away.”

After that, he led the others towards the few presidential suites.

Zi Yi subconsciously turned to look at the tall figure brushing past her.

The person Lu Yunxiao left behind urged.

Mss Zi, please leave with me at once.

“Its very dangerous here.”

Zi Yi pondered for two seconds and said to Little Loli, “Stay here and help.”

“Yes, Master.”

Zi Yi then turned to the man and said, “Lets go.”

The man glanced at Little Loli and was just about to speak when Zi Yi said, “Shes a robot.

She can be of help to them.”

Having said that, she headed towards the stairwell.


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