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Chapter 262: Mrs.

Lu Warns Lu Jingye

At the mention of Lu Yunxiao, many people could not help but guess if something had happened to him.

Why did he not appear during such an important day

Just then, Elder Lu asked with a fierce expression, “I had my grandson do something and so what if he hasnt managed to rush back today Could it be that I have to explain to you about his whereabouts”

How could the guests continue to talk about it All of them immediately stopped guessing.

Lu Jingyes family gifted Elder Lu an antique chess set.

Elder Lu was clearly happy with the present and he specially took it out to play with it.

After they gave their blessing, Lu Jingyes family retreated to one side to make ways for others to continue.

When Elder Bai from the Painting and Calligraphy Association took out a painting and had people unfold it, everyone was shocked by the magnificence of the painting.

“What a marvelous painting.

As expected of a painting by Master Bai!”

“Master Bai must have spent a great deal of effort on completing this painting.”

“Good! Fantastic! Marvelous!” Elder Lu praised as he looked at the painting.

“Master Bais painting is indeed exquisite.

This painting is capable of moving ones heart.

How beautiful it is!”

“Haha…” Elder Bai smiled and shook his head.

“This did not come from me.”

He then said with pride, “The one who painted this was a young lady from our association.”

No one believed what he said.


Lu standing on one side suddenly chuckled.

Lu Jingye had noticed her laughter and turned to look at her.


Lu spoke in a volume where only the two of them could hear.

“It must be Little Zis painting.”

She had seen Zi Yis painting before in the past and she could be sure of it.

A trace of a smile flashed past Lu Jingyes eyes.

The guests were all asking Elder Bai the identity of the painter.

Elder Bai said, “Her name is Yiyi.

Shes a very beautiful young lady.”

To be honest, there werent many who believed what he said.

Even Elder Lu himself was doubtful.

“How is a young lady capable of creating such a magnificent painting Old Bai, who is this Yiyi you speak of I basically know all the masters within the capital and how have I not heard of that name before”

“Yiyis surname is Zi.” The moment Elder Bai said that he revealed a proud look.

“Her name is Zi Yi.”

The moment he mentioned her name, there were many who were shocked.

However, they felt that the Zi Yi they knew must not be the same one Elder Bai had mentioned.

Perhaps only their names were spelled the same, and so, they did not comment on it.

Elder Lu had someone hang the painting in his study room and the birthday banquet continued as guests continued to offer him birthday blessings.

After the segment was done, the birthday banquet officially started.

As usual, those who sat with Elder Lu were those bigshots and his subordinates as usual.

During the meal, someone brought up their granddaughter once again.

“My Lanlan just graduated from university this year.

That girl has been given offers by several large international enterprises before she even graduated.

However, she has set her heart on entering Lu Group.

She seems to be preparing to apply to the company recently too.”

Elder Lu nodded.

“Yang Lan does indeed have the capabilities.

It would be good if she entered the Lu Group.”

Elder Yang was delighted at his words.

“Haha, I was thinking of having Lanlan chat with Jingye.

She studied international finance and speaking of which, shes also Jingyes junior sister.

I believe they would have tons to talk about.”

The intent behind his words was considered to be very obvious.

Elder Lu had also appreciated Elder Yangs granddaughter and so, he had given his consent.

Elder Yang was even more delighted at that.

Just then, Rick walked over with a glass of wine in his hand.

“Elder Lu, I wish you happiness and longevity.”

After Rick finished giving his blessing in Chinese, he raised his cup and gave a toast.

Elder Lu was rather fond of Rick and he motioned for the staff behind him.

“Prepare a chair for Rick.”

The chair was soon brought over and Rick took a seat.

Elder Lu asked, “Hows Hank doing recently”

“Grandfathers legs have recently been getting worse.

Otherwise, he would have liked to come in person to celebrate Elder Lus birthday.”

“Sigh, we can only accept old age.

Back then when Hank and I had encircled those international bandits together, he was the type that wanted to rush to the front lines in every situation.”

Speaking of this, Elder Lu could not help but lament and the others had also followed suit.

Rick quietly observed Elder Lus expression.

He revealed a moved expression when Elder Lu reminisced about the past and spoke in a casual tone.

“Grandfather has also often mentioned his days with Elder Lu.

He said that Elder Lu was the most loyal and capable Chinese man he had ever met.

He also said that if the two families gave birth to a son and daughter, they would have an arranged marriage.”

Elder Lu recalled the past and said, “Thats right.

Unfortunately, our wives gave birth to sons and the agreement did not happen.”

Rick smiled and said, “In fact, grandfather has always regretted not having the chance to become in-laws with Elder Lu.

He would occasionally mention that it would be nice if the grandchildren of the two families get married.”

Upon hearing this, Elder Lu suddenly thought of something.

“Rick, you have a younger sister”

“Thats right.”

“Why didnt she come with you”

“Three years ago, my sisters calf suffered from a comminuted fracture when she saved a child crossing the road.

It was a great blow to her then, as she was a dancer and could no longer dance.

However, she managed to think things through and installed a prosthetic limb last year and theres now no problem with her walking.”

After hearing the story, the elders on the table lamented.

Elder Lu said, “Your sister is a strong and kind-hearted young lady.”

Rick had a gentle expression on his face.

“Thats right.

Aisha is the strongest girl in the world.


Speaking of here, Rick suddenly sighed.

“Aisha has always liked Lu.

However, after the accident, she dared not visit the capital anymore.

Shes afraid that Lu and the others would look at her differently.”

Elder Lu said with a straight face, “Your sister got injured from saving someone.

Who would dare to talk behind her back!”

Rick smiled at his words.

He knew that based on Elder Lus personality, a person who distinguished love and hate and was also upright, what mattered most to him was a persons innate quality.

It just so happened that his younger sister was not lacking in that aspect.

He believed that after he left Elder Lu with a good impression of his sister, he would certainly stand on her side in the future.

On the other side.

Lu Jingye was surrounded by a group of young people and everyone chatted casually.

At that moment, several young women came up to the group.

One of the women walked over to Lu Jingye and openly toasted him.

“Second Brother, I am Yang Lan.

I am a student with the same major as you and I just graduated this year.

I am planning to apply for the position of assistant for the GM in the Lu Group.

Please take care of me.”

Before Lu Jingye managed to speak, Mrs.

Lu who was standing among a group of rich wives had called out to him, “Jingye, come over for a moment.”

Lu Jingye politely nodded at her and headed towards Mrs.




Lu casually made up an excuse and led Lu Jingye outside.

They headed somewhere empty before Mrs.

Lu stopped and educated Lu Jingye with a stern face.

“Youre attached right now and you shouldnt raise the hopes of other girls.

Otherwise, Zi Yi would be very disappointed and sad if she knew about it.”

Lu Jingye did not expect his mother to talk about this.

The corners of his lips curled up and he said, “Mother, dont worry.

I wont do anything that would make Yiyi misunderstand.”

Only then was Mrs.

Lu relieved.

She patted him on the shoulder and said, “Its your grandfathers birthday banquet today and its unavoidable to drink.

After the banquet is over, go and look for Little Zi.”

Lu Jingye looked at Mrs.

Lus serious expression and nodded.


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