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Chapter 259: Youre Dead!

As for how powerful those rotating weapons are It could be seen from how those bodyguards covered their chests and wailed after having had their clothes ripped off and their skin sliced apart.

Zi Yis actions had not only shocked the boss and employees of the coffee shop, but even Rick was surprised.

It seems like he had belittled her.

Zi Yi glanced at Rick and she did not put her two circular balls away.

Instead, she sneered at him.

Rick inexplicably felt a chill rising from within.

“Quick, stop those things!”

With a shout, all his bodyguards immediately took action.

The two balls were rotating at extremely fast speeds and were also covered with sharp blades.

For a moment, those bodyguards were helpless as to what to do with them.

Those balls seemed to have eyes on them as they made their way directly to Rick.

Rick instantly turned pale.

He instinctively took out his gun and shot at the balls.



The gunshot sounds frightened the employees in the shop as they screamed and fled.

At the same time, it had attracted the attention of the passers-by outside the coffee shop.

Zi Yi coldly looked at Rick, who had a stern expression on his face, and sneered as he said to her, “Youre dead meat.”

Having heard that, she took out her cell phone and said with a frightened voice, “Is this the police Did you hear what the guy said This CEO of the UP Group took out his gun to kill me.”

The policemens serious voice immediately sounded.

“Little friend, dont be afraid.

Our men have already arrived at XX Cafe.”

The moment he said that a loud siren could be heard from outside.

“You there, weve already surrounded you and its best for you not to harm the innocent.

Otherwise, we will be taking forceful measures!”

Zi Yi looked at Rick with those beautiful eyes of hers and curled the corners of her lips as she said, “Mr.


Do you wish to become a fugitive or will you turn yourself in”

Upon hearing what she said, Ricks expression instantly turned livid.

He looked at the gun in his hand and a sharp glint flashed past his eyes.

He put away the gun, walked towards Zi Yi, and looked at her with a furious gaze.

“Were not done.”

Having said that, he went out with his group of bodyguards.

Zi Yi saw Rick leaving with the policemen and knew that there would definitely be people protecting him.

However, she did not proceed with dealing with him.

She had to find out what happened between his younger sister and Lu Jingye.

Otherwise, she would feel irritated deep down.

Not long after Rick was brought in, he was bailed out by the Dongfang family.

The Second Elder of the Dongfang family said to Rick, who had a gloomy expression, “Mr.


You were too hasty.”

Rick raised his hand and straightened his wrinkled sleeve.

“Thats right.

I was indeed hasty.

That woman is very smart, but…”

He suddenly revealed a cruel smile.

“I can let Lu Jingye see the true colors of the woman he fancies.”

After that, he took out his phone and gave Lu Jingye a call.

“Hey old friend, Ive just arrived at the capital… Im here to attend Elder Lus birthday party.

Dont tell me youre not welcoming of my arrival Haha….

I have something you will be very interested in.

You wanna take a look Alright, lets meet at the old place.”

The old place Rick mentioned was a famous financial club in the capital.

It was a place for elites to make exchanges and those who were allowed inside were the elite of the elites.

Even so, it had caused quite a stir when Lu Jingye stepped into the clubhouse.

“Why did Second Young Master Lu come”

“Could there be any upcoming fluctuations in the economy of the capital”

“I doubt so.

Tomorrow is Elder Lus birthday and Second Young Master Lu shouldnt have time to talk about economic matters”

“Didnt UP Groups CEO, Rick, come earlier I heard that they were classmates.”

“When two business giants meet, I wonder how many trade secrets they will be discussing.”

The crowd started to stir.

If they could eavesdrop on just the slightest bit of information, perhaps it could give them great profits.

However, when they headed for the balcony room, there was a group of bodyguards standing guard.

No one was able to get close.

When Lu Jingye went inside, Rick was already sitting there waiting for him.

He was currently steeping tea and based on his elegant movements, he had obviously spent time learning the art of tea.

The moment he heard the door opening, Rick looked at Lu Jingye with a smile.

“Hey, Lu.

Long time no see.”

Lu Jingye nodded and sat down on the opposite chair.

Rick had poured the steeped tea in the cup and pushed it to him.

“Its been a long time since Ive made tea.

I wonder if it still tastes the same as before.

Have a taste.”

Lu Jingye took a sip and put down the teacup as he said with a nod, “Its still the same.”

Rick smiled and also took a sip before he sighed.

“Its already been several years since we graduated.

Youre still a talented and upright young man while Im already reaching middle age.”

Lu Jingye had skipped levels and completed his Ph.D.

in Finance at the age of 17, while Rick completed it at the age of 27.

There was a 10 year age difference between them.

Speaking of this, Rick lamented.

“We have been developing our businesses all these years and your capabilities still amaze me.”

Lu Jingye did not respond.

However, Rick did not pay attention to it and continued talking in a reminiscing voice.

“Back then, Aisha was so infatuated with you and chased after you every single day.

Whereas you were so ruthless and refused her time after time.

I remember I had asked you for a duel for Aishas sake several times back then.”

“Mm.” Lu Jingye took a sip of the tea and calmly said, “Youve never won against me.”

“…” Rick felt uncomfortable, but he still pretended to be indifferent.

“Im not a genius like you.

You could spend time studying and follow your younger brother to some mountain area to undergo training, whereas I could not.


While he spoke, he kept a close eye on Lu Jingye.

“Since I took over the company, I have arranged weekly training.

On the other hand, I heard that you have been busy flying around.

I feel that if we have a fight right now, it is uncertain who would be the winner.”

Lu Jingye slightly raised his eyes and said, “Youre a guest.

I wont fight with you.”

Rick interpreted it as Lu Jingye saying that he would never defeat him.

Even though he was displeased by that, he did not insist on it.

He changed the topic to the days when they were studying.

After chatting for some time, Rick finally redirected the topic to his motive for coming here today.

“Lu, do you have someone you like now”

Rick kept close attention on Lu Jingye after he asked that question, for fear that he would miss the slightest expression on his face.

As always, Lu Jingye had an amicable appearance, but a trace of gentleness flashed through his eyes.

Moreover, he had no plans of hiding it and so, he nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Is that so” Rick revealed a curious expression.

“What kind of person is the woman you like”

Just as Lu Jingye was about to speak, Rick interrupted.

“The moment I arrived in the capital, I heard someone saying you had dinner with a woman.

But her reputation isnt the best… Dont tell me that the woman you like is that girl everyone is talking about”

The moment Lu Jingye heard what he said, his expression slightly changed.


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