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Chapter 255: Mr.

Busybody, I Find Myself Liking You More and More

Lu Jingye looked at the young lady who was confident he would do nothing towards her.

A trace of helplessness flashed past his eyes as he said, “Dont sleep so late in the future.”

Zi Yi knew that he must have come here for something and so, she asked, “Why did you actually come over Shouldnt you be very busy these days”

“Those people have been caught.” Lu Jingye specifically came to tell her about this.

Zi Yi was not surprised that he knew what happened last night.

“Ive dispatched some bodyguards in the vicinity.

If your cousins take that path in the future, my bodyguards will be around to ensure their safety.”

Zi Yi looked up and kissed him on the lips as she said happily, “Mr.

Busybody, I find myself liking you more and more.”

The corner of his lips curved up and he raised his hands to support her back.

“Then dont stay up too late.”

Zi Yi: “…”

Lu Jingye left after breakfast.

Just as Zi Yi started swiping across her tablet on the sofa, she received a call from Dou Xiaoyong.

“Are you in school yet”

Zi Yi had focused all her attention on the killer organization and coupled with Lu Jingyes earlier visit, she had forgotten about the agreement.

She frankly said, “Nope.”

Dou Xiaoyong was silent for several seconds before he said, “I heard you live near M.Uni.

Ill wait for you at the Mechanical Department in the Science and Technology Building.

Can you reach it in half an hour”

Zi Yi was somewhat tempted when she heard him mentioning the Science and Technology Building.

“I can.”

Soon, Zi Yi appeared at the entrance of the building and Dou Xiaoyong was standing there waiting for her.

His tense expression subconsciously softened at the sight of Zi Yi walking over.

“Since you have knowledge in machinery, Ill take you around to check out some higher-end technologies here.

Take a good look later and learn well.”

Upon seeing how serious Dou Xiaoyong was in wanting to teach her, she did not reveal that the higher-end technologies in this world were considered ancient tech in her era.

She nodded and followed him inside the building.

It was already half-past ten and there were many students following behind their teachers in the building.

When everyone saw Zi Yi following Professor Dou, plenty of boys found themselves unable to move.

After they left, the crowd started to gossip.

“Whos that girl around Professor Dou How come Ive not seen her before in the past Oh gosh, shes so beautiful.”

“Quick, take a picture to upload it on the campus forum and ask if anyone has seen her.

There must be many who know of such a pretty girl.”

“Perhaps shes our junior that Professor Dou managed to poach from somewhere else.”

“I doubt it Such a pretty girl is learning machinery”

“Could she be Professor Dous relative and she came here to tour around”

“Speaking of which, if I have such a beautiful relative, I would want to let the whole world know about it.”

The Science and Technology Building was divided into three floors plus an underground level.

The first floor was where undergraduate students conducted their experiments.

The second floor was for professors to bring graduate students or Ph.D.

students to conduct research.

The third floor was the research institute and generally, students were not allowed entry.

As for the underground level, it was only open to senior researchers.

Dou Xiaoyong had explained the finished products displayed on the first floor before he brought her up to one of the laboratories on the second floor.

There were several people inside there and they seemed to be Ph.D.


The moment they saw Dou Xiaoyong, they immediately stopped what they were doing and greeted him.

“Good morning, Professor Dou.”

Following that, a few male students eyes uncontrollably peeked at Zi Yi.

How could they still be in the mood to continue with their work

Dou Xiaoyongs expression tensed up.

“Have you all finished your experiments Or can you independently design a robot All of you better continue with your work.”

The few male students quickly returned to their senses and continued with their work.

Dou Xiaoyong said to Zi Yi, “There are plenty of materials here.

Create something for me to take a look at.”

Zi Yi took a quick glance at the laboratory.

Even though there appeared to be plenty of materials, they were not considered high-end.

She did not feel like doing it.

“These materials arent good.

Its a waste of time.”

The group of Ph.D students who were eavesdropping: “…”

This beautiful girl Professor Dou had brought here was very arrogant!

Dou Xiaoyong educated her with a stern expression.

“The materials here are considered high-end.

Its not a problem to create a simple robot.

As a student, you shouldnt place your sights too high.

Otherwise, you will lose face if you are unable to produce results.”

Zi Yi pursed her lips and looked at him while her eyes seemed to say,I wont embarrass myself.

Dou Xiaoyong: “…”

Can anyone tell him if this brat before him was really his niece, who would make all sorts of excuses whenever she was asked to study

Looking at the current Zi Yi, Dou Xiaoyong felt that he could not get angry at her.

“Make something that is related to a robot.

If you pass my test, Ill bring you to the third floor.”

The few Ph.D.

students: “…!”

Did their ears fail them

The Professor Dou who was nicknamed the devil professor of the Mechanical Engineering Department in M.Uni, was actually coaxing a young girl to conduct experiments

Zi Yi thought for a moment and nodded.

She walked towards the pile of materials and asked, “What kind of robot do you want me to make”

Everyone at present: “…”

That question of hers was very strange!

Dou Xiaoyong said, “Make it to the best of your abilities.

Create whatever youre capable of creating.”


Zi Yi quickly took the parts which she required to create the robot.

She then walked to an assembly station and connected the circuit.

Dou Xiaoyong stood beside her and spectated without uttering a single word.

The group of Ph.D.

students were unable to remain calm and they had all gathered at her table.

“Does this junior know how to make robots Why did Professor Dou suddenly become so nice”

“Such a pretty junior must definitely be Professor Dous relative.

However… so it turns out that Professor Dou is also part of the appearance gang!”

Upon hearing their whispers, he shot them a stern gaze.

“You better take a good look at whats called talent.

Dont always look at people based on their appearance.”

The several students could only mutter in their hearts, ‘Does this student have anything more amazing than her appearance

However, since Professor Dou had spoken up, they dared not continue talking and looked at Zi Yi assembling the parts seriously.

After they shifted their attention to Zi Yi, what remained were only their shocked emotions.

Half an hour later, Zi Yi asked Dou Xiaoyong, “Is there a control panel retrofit machine There are many bugs in the control panel and the program is unable to be debugged.”

Dou Xiaoyong remained silent for several seconds and said, “Take the control panel and come with me.”

Zi Yi took the control panel and followed Dou Xiaoyong outside.

The few students subconsciously wanted to follow them.

When they arrived at the door, Dou Xiaoyong sternly said, “Who allowed you to follow”

In the end, their feet could only stop in their tracks.

Dou Xiaoyong brought Zi Yi up to the third floor.

Just as they entered one of the laboratories, they saw a middle-aged man around Dou Xiaoyongs age walking over.

He looked at Zi Yi who Dou Xiaoyong had brought with him, furrowed his brows, and blocked him.

“Professor Dou, students are not allowed on the third floor.”


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