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Chapter 251: Whos That On the Phone

Dongfang Yao subconsciously blocked her face.

A calm and indifferent voice sounded.


Dongfang Yao, Dongfang familys Sixth Young Miss.”

Upon hearing the voice, she lowered her hands and went to snatch Zi Yis phone while screaming, “Whos that on the phone You better hang up right now”!

Zi Yi sneered and gave her a push.

After she pushed her inside and closed the door, she said to Lu Jingye, “Ah Jing, the live broadcast will be ending here.”

Following that, she hung up the call and coldly stared at Dongfang Yao.

Dongfang Yao stumbled from the push and upon steadying herself, she glared at Zi Yi with eyes that seemed to spout fire.

“Do you know who I am Do you not believe that a single call from me can make you disappear from this world forever”

Zi Yi remained calm and looked at her.

“Then give it a try.”

Dongfang Yao had really taken out her phone and dialed a string of numbers.

However, after several attempts, she realized she could not dial out.

Her expression changed and she viciously glared at Zi Yi.

“Are you the one! You used a signal blocker in this room!”

“Make a guess.” Zi Yi closed their distance as she spoke.

Zi Yi was around 1.75 meters tall while Dongfang Yao was only 1.68 meters.

However, she was wearing 10cm tall high heels and currently appeared to be taller than Zi Yi.

However, when Zi Yi walked towards her, Dongfang Yao inexplicably felt great pressure.

She glared at Zi Yi maliciously and wondered why the man she liked for so long would treat this woman so differently.

She then attacked Zi Yi with the intention of restraining her.

When Zi Yi saw Dongfang Yao approaching her, she threw a circular ball in her direction.


The circular ball acted like an explosive and exploded on Dongfang Yao.


Dongfang Yao stepped back while screaming.

She continued to retreat until her legs tripped on the bed and she fell down.

Zi Yi looked at Dongfang Yao whose clothes had been blown into pieces.

She was somewhat dissatisfied.

“The might is lacking.

Only the clothes were blown away.”

Shortly after, Dongfang Yao realized she was perfectly fine and processed what Zi Yi said.

Instantly, monstrous anger surged forth in her heart.

She then screamed loudly “How dare a woman like you with no power do this to me.

Im going to kill you!”

Having said that, she exploded in anger and attempted to pounce on Zi Yi again.

Zi Yi detected killing intent from her and a cold smile curled up on her lips.

She stepped forward and directly pressed down her shoulders.

Dongfang Yao struggled hard only to realize she could not escape her grip.

“Let go of me! Im going to kill you!”

Zi Yi lowered her eyes and looked at her.

She raised her hands and gave her two tight slaps before Dongfang Yao finally kept quiet.

“You want to kill me We bore no grudges and yet, you want to kill me”

In the interstellar era, all of them had to deal with alien species and had no time for such infighting.

If they disliked each other, they would say it out loud and have a duel.

There would be no instances where a person bore a grudge against another, to the extent of using various underhanded means with the aim of killing.

Zi Yi considered herself to have experience, and this was not the only instance where someone wanted to kill her since she arrived here.

“Again and again, its you people from high-society with your sense of superiority.

Or could it be that you cant accept that others are better than you Since you planned to kill me, why should I keep you alive”

After Zi Yi said that, she raised her hand and strangled Dongfang Yao.

Dongfang Yao felt an overpowering killing intent and started to be fearful.

Her face turned red from getting strangled and she said, “Im from the Dongfang family.

If you…”

Just then, Zi Yis phone rang and she hissed at Dongfang Yao to stay quiet

While she was strangling Dongfang Yao, to the extent she could not utter a single word and was only capable of struggling, Zi Yi took out her phone and answered it.

At the same time, she turned on the loudspeaker.

Lu Jingyes extremely chilly voice could be heard.

“Yiyi, if you plan to kill her, Ill stand guard for you outside.

I will block whoever approaches.”

Zi Yi smiled and asked, “What if the Dongfang family intends to take revenge”

Lu Jingye said seriously, “I will resolve everything that happens after.”

Zi Yi looked at Dongfang Yao whose eyes widened.

“Did you hear that It seems like youre meeting your maker today.”

“No-no… dont kill me!”

“I wont kill you.

Youre too weak.

However, it doesnt sound bad to turn you into a fool.”

Having said that, she directly used her mental powers to destroy the nerves in her brain.

Soon, a piece of explosive news flooded the internet.

Due to jealousy towards a womans appearance, the Dongfang familys Sixth Young Miss planned to ruin that woman at a certain hotel.

Unexpectedly, the people she hired were spies planted by her enemies.

Instead of doing anything to that woman, they had ruined Dongfang Yao instead.

The Dongfang familys Patriarch was infuriated and ordered the arrest of those people.



The porcelain cup fell to the ground and the sound was followed by the Dongfang familys patriarchs furious shout.

“Immediately get those articles removed at once and investigate this! Id like to see who dared to create such a rumor!”

Dongfangs Third Elder had a murderous expression on his face, and wished that he could capture all those people and give them a whipping.

“Someone must be trying to deal with our family and Yaoyao is perfectly fine.

Who dared to release such news that ruined Yaoyaos reputation! Im going to cut him into pieces!”

Dongfangs Second Elder said, “We are unable to stop the news from spreading and it seems like we can only make use of our relationship to get people from the Network Bureau to remove those articles.”

After he said that, he pulled out his phone and made a call.

After he mentioned his request, his expression darkened after having heard what the other party said.

“What did you say How could there be news that the Network Bureau is unable to remove! Tell me, who gave you the authority to do this!”

The other party continued to say something which caused the Dongfang Second Elder to hang up the call in a fit of anger.

“The Network Bureau has been attacked by hackers and they are unable to remove Yaoyaos articles.”

The expressions of everyone else darkened at the news.

“Whos that woman mentioned on the news Who was Yaoyao intending to deal with” Dongfang patriarch asked with a deep voice.

“It seems to be the granddaughter of Old Dou.”


“That girl from S Citys Zi Family.”

The Dongfang Patriarch furrowed his brows.

“Immediately investigate that woman.

Find out whos behind her and who she hangs out with.”

At the hotel.

After Zi Yi destroyed Dongfang Yaos brain nerves, she left the room.

The floor of the hotel was unexpectedly very quiet.

At the end of the corridor stood a tall figure and he had blocked the elevator as if guarding against something.

The moment she saw that man, Zi Yi hastened her footsteps and ran over.

“Ah Jing.”

Lu Jingye had his back facing her.

When he heard her calling him, he turned around.

Zi Yi walked to his side and glanced inside the elevator, only to discover numerous bodyguards inside.

Lu Jingye held her hand and asked, “Are you leaving”

Zi Yi nodded.

Lu Jingye held her hand and walked into the elevator, while he said to the bodyguards, “Take care of things here.”

“I understand.”

Soon, they entered the elevator and Lu Jingye pressed the button for the first floor.


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