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Chapter 231: Do You Like It

After everyone left, Zi Yi smiled at Lu Jingye.

“What do you want to know As long as you kiss me, Ill tell you.”

Lu Jingye looked into Zi Yis eyes that were flickering with a crafty glint.

He knew she was sure he would never do it.

All of a sudden, he grabbed her waist with one hand while holding the back of her head with another and pressed down on her lips.

“Tell me.”

Zi Yi widened her eyes in shock.

The next second, her lips were pried open.

At that very moment, Lu Jingye thoroughly allowed Zi Yi to feel his enthusiasm.

Zi Yi felt as if countless fireworks exploded in her mind.

Their kiss lasted for quite some time before they separated from each other.

Due to the aftereffects of the kiss, Zi Yi was breathless as she leaned against his chest.

Listening to his faster-than-usual heartbeat, the corner of her lips curled up.

Just then, a deep voice sounded from the top of her head.

“Do you like it”


Zi Yi tightly held onto his waist as her heartbeat followed the frequency of his, and their breathing intertwined with each others.

Some time later, Lu Jingye asked, “Yiyi, how did you get acquainted with my Mother”

Zi Yi remained in his embrace and slowly recounted how they met each other.

Lu Jingye could not restrain the smile creeping on his lips after listening to the story.

He never expected that this young lady would manage to handle his mother so easily.


“Sister Song, huh”

“Hehe.” Zi Yi had also thought that he would mention the way she addressed his mother.

She swore that she had unintentionally called her as such and she merely continued afterward.

“I mean, auntie looks really young and I cant possibly bring up that Im your girlfriend when we met for the first time.

Ill call her Auntie Lu in the future then.” She did not wish to scare her future mother-in-law away.

Lu Jingye tightened his grip on her waist and said, “My mother wont dislike you.”

He only released her some time later.

To be honest, Zi Yi was not too worried.

“Isnt it better this way Auntie feels guilty for keeping it a secret from me, and so she will stand on my side in the future.”

Lu Jingye could not restrain himself and stroked her head.

“I wont let anyone make things difficult for you.”

“No one is capable of doing such a thing.” Unless she willingly allowed them to do so.

She did not wish to continue this conversation.

Zi Yi pulled his hand and swung it back and forth.

“Lu Jingye, are you going back to work today”

Lu Jingye looked at the young ladys expectant expression and softened.

“Ill stay and accompany you and my mother.”

Zi Yi was overjoyed.

She pointed at the cherry trees.

“I want to eat cherries.”

The cherry tree near where they stood had been more or less destroyed by the fight earlier.

However, the forest was pretty big and the cherries in other places were still in good condition.

Lu Jingye released her hands, picked up the baskets they had thrown away earlier, and passed one to her before holding her hand again.

What happened next was, Lu Jingye was responsible for picking the cherries while Zi Yi was responsible for taking the cherries and placing them in the basket.

Lu Jingye was tall and had long legs, so he could reach the cherries that grew at the top.

Those that he picked were all large and red.

The greedy Zi Yi could not resist and sneaked one into her mouth.

It just so happened that Lu Jingye saw her actions when he turned around.

He then said disapprovingly, “There are bugs on cherries.

Eat them after washing them.”

Zi Yi blinked her beautiful eyes and ate the cherry without the slightest guilty conscience before she said, “The bugs inside the cherries are rich in protein, so it doesnt matter if you eat some.”

She continued chewing after having said that and smiled at him.

“The cherries are delicious.”

Lu Jingyes temper disappeared in an instant.

In the end, they only made their way back after he had picked two and a half baskets worth of cherries.

On the way back, Zi Yi glanced at Lu Jingye who was carrying one basket in each hand, and asked, “Do you think Auntie will feel awkward if she sees me now”

Lu Jingye turned towards her and said affirmatively, “Youre very good, so it will be fine.

My mother likes you a lot already.”

Zi Yi smiled in response.


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