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Chapter 230: Identity Exposed Just Like That

“Really” Song Lingluo definitely wanted to, but she thought that Zi Yi intended to go over herself and hastily said, “No.

its too dangerous there and you cant go either.”

“Im not going there.”

Having said that, she threw the ball into the air.

The ball opened up in the air, transformed into a mechanical dragonfly and flew over to the fighting area.

Zi Yi took out her phone, and after making some configurations, she drew closer to Song Lingluos side and passed her the phone.

Song Lingluo subconsciously glanced at it and cried out in shock.

“This is a surveillance camera”

“Thats right.”

Song Lingluo had a whole new level of admiration for Zi Yi.

With complicated emotions, she looked at the screen.

A short while later, she saw the fighting scene on the other side.

At that moment, Lu Yunxiao had already gained the upper hand.

Whoever Lu Yunxiaos whip landed on, their body would start bleeding.


Lu looked at the masked man.

Only her youngest son liked to wear a mask when he was out on missions and he also preferred using a whip.

Therefore, the sight of him allowed her to finally relax.

While the battle lasted for a while on the other side, Lu Yunxiao had subdued the enemies on his side.

At that moment, Lu Yunxiaos whip had struck Zi Yis mechanical dragonfly.

“Uh… what happened”

The screen went black and Mrs.

Lu suddenly stood up, wanting to head over there.

On the other hand, a strange feeling surged up in Zi Yis heart.

Her mechanical dragonfly was resting on a cherry tree and generally speaking, no one could discover it.

Thinking of this, she hastily followed Mrs.

Lu and headed towards the area of the fight.

However, when they arrived, those men had already disappeared.

Even those men who they subdued were brought away.

Just as Song Lingluos eyes turned red from anxiousness, her phone rang.

Seeing that the call was from her eldest son, she answered and hastily said, “Jingye, I saw your brother earlier.

He left without saying anything.”

Zi Yi did not know what Lu Jingye said over the phone, but Mrs.

Lu no longer felt grieved and responded with an, “Ok.”

However, after she hung up the call and saw Zi Yi standing beside her, she realized that she had been exposed.

Zi Yi stared at her with a sullen expression.

“Youre Auntie Lu.”

“Little Zi, this…” Mrs.

Lus eyelids twitched.

She felt awkward and had no idea how she should explain herself.

If the earlier incident did not happen, she would not have been so guilty.

However, she felt extremely guilty right now.

At that moment, fast-approaching footstep were heard from a distance.

Very soon, they saw Lu Jingye wearing a suit coming over.

As he had been walking too fast, his hair looked messy.

His current appearance made him appear less formal.

Following behind him were a large group of bodyguards.

He first stiffened for a second at the sight of Zi Yi, before he went to Mrs.


“Mother, are you alright”


Lu was currently feeling so guilty that she had no idea what to do.

Seeing that her eldest son had arrived, she hastily said, “Im fine.

Little Zi protected me earlier.”

Lu Jingye looked towards her with a hint of inquiry in his eyes.

Zi Yis lips curved up and she turned to look at Mrs.


With a complicated expression, she called out.

“Auntie Lu.”


Lus guilt increased when Zi Yi called her.

She hastily grabbed Zi Yis hand and placed it on her sons palm.

“I was slightly frightened earlier and now I require some rest.

Well talk after I rest.”

Having said that, she headed towards the temple.

Lu Jingye watched his mother leaving in a hurry and seemed to have guessed the reason.

He then looked at Zi Yi with those deep-set eyes of his.

At the same time, he gave orders to his bodyguards.

“All of you, follow my Mother.”


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