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935 Who Says She Doesnt Have a Backing

The other three burst out laughing.

Ian looked at the crowd around the King and asked Dou Xiangling, “Xiangling, do you want to continue dancing”

Dou Xiangling saw that Lu Jingye had left and so, she shook her head.

“Cousin Yiyi and I will have a seat over there.

If you have something to do, you can go ahead.”

Ian nodded his head and left.

Just then, the second piece of music started playing.

Dou Zerui and Qin Ze, who thought that they would be besieged by a group of women, were surprised to find out that those women merely stood by the side and looked in their direction.

None of them approached them.

Dou Zerui was delighted.


I finally dont have to continue dancing with Old Qin anymore.”

Qin Ze thought about it a little deeper.

“Why do I feel that those women are looking at us strangely”

“Whats strange about their looks Why dont I see it”

No matter what, there would no longer be any unfamiliar women approaching them to invite them for a dance.

They were somewhat relieved.

However, as soon as they breathed a sigh of relief, a large group of women headed in their direction.

Dou Zerui widened his eyes and said, “What the f*ck, why are there so many women coming over”

Having said that, he turned around and left.

Qin Ze also hastily followed suit.

However, those women were not here to look for them.

“Hello Miss Zi and Sister Dou, I am Ians younger sister, Camila.

Can we invite you over to have a seat with us”

Camila pointed to a semi-open rest area filled with cakes and drinks on the table.

It was clearly an area used for entertaining female guests.

Dou Xiangling had heard from Ian about the situation in their family.

The high society of Country M still maintains the polygamy system and men could have multiple wives.

The Count has three wives in total.

The present wife was the first wife and she has a son along with two daughters.

Her eldest son was overthrown by Ian while her two daughters had gotten married two years ago.

One of them was going to have a baby soon while the other had gone abroad.

Therefore, none of them were able to attend.

His Mother only had a single son, which was him.

The Third Madam had a son and a daughter.

The First Madam was unable to accept the other two wives and their children.

Long ago, she had forced the Third Madam to enter the church to become a nun.

Other than important events happening in the Counts Mansion, the Third Wife would not return.

Her two children were also rather low-profile and they usually would not fight for things.

Tonight, the First Madam did not appear and so, the Third Madam was entertaining the female guests.

Camilla was the Third Madams child.

She was around the same age as Zi Yi and her appearance made her look obedient.

Dou Xiangling did not immediately agree to her invitation.

First, she asked Zi Yi, “Cousin Yiyi, do you want to go over there and have a seat”

The guests today were all ladies from high society.

Since Dou Xiangling was going to marry Ian, she would definitely have to interact with these people often in the future.

Zi Yi nodded her head.

She had to help her cousin do some filtering and identify who is worth associating with and who wasnt.

The group of women surrounded the two of them and they all headed for the rest area.

After taking a seat, all of them started introducing themselves and gave presents to Dou Xiangling.

The culture here was that one should give back a present when they received one.

Ian had already prepared those gifts for her.

Dou Xiangling called for the maid to bring her the gifts and distributed them to everyone one by one.

Shortly afterwards, they started to chat.

“Miss Zi and Miss Dous paintings are too amazing.

I also study art and all your paintings are teaching materials that our professors use in class to teach us.”

“After Miss Dou marries Ian, will you be coming to the university here to teach Arts”

“I cant confirm for the time being.

I currently have a position at M.Uni and at the very least, I wont be leaving for at least half a year.”

“Then I hope that Miss Dou can come over and teach in the future!”

Everyone chatted merrily and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

Dou Zerui and Qin Ze who made their escape noticed that the group of women was not there to look for them and soon, they breathed a sigh of relief.

After all, because Dou Zerui was Dou Xianglings biological brother, he was soon surrounded by a group of men.

Qin Ze had nothing to do so he stood in a corner with a glass of wine and quietly drank it.

Just then, Little Loli who had somewhat disappeared earlier suddenly appeared in front of him while asking with a smile, “Brother Qin Ze, why are you standing here alone”

Qin Ze looked at Little Loli and thought about how if she was around earlier, he would not have had to dance with Dou Zerui and embarrass himself.

As a result, he asked, “Little Loli, where did you go earlier”

“I went to visit the Countess.” Little Loli came closer and whispered in a soft voice, “Brother Ian had prepared a dress filled with itching power.

I was curious if the Countess would wear it and so, I went to take a peek.”

Qin Ze was speechless.

He looked at Little Loli and said, “Youre a gossipmonger.”


“But Im really curious, I wonder if the Countess is really planning on not making an appearance.

All the guests that have come today are madams of the high society in Country M.

She doesnt plan to build relationships with them”

“She wants to, but Ians bodyguards are keeping a watch on her.

If she dares not wear that dress or if she changes into something else, she will not be able to take a step outside.”

Having said that, the whispers between the two ladies could be heard from the side.

“Thats strange.

Tonight is such an important banquet but the Countess isnt here to receive the guests!”

“Do you think it might be because Ian snatched her eldest sons position as the successor In a fit of pique, she didnt come out to entertain the guests in order to embarrass Ian”

“Perhaps the Countess is trying to teach Miss Dou a lesson.”

“Its possible.

After all, Miss Dou will be alone once she marries here.

Her family and friends are all in China and she would have no one as her backing.”

“Who says she doesnt have anyone as her backing”

A displeased voice suddenly interrupted the women and the two of them received a fright.

They hastily turned around.

When they saw Zi Yi among the group, they made eye contact and pretended they had said nothing just seconds ago, as they turned to leave.

“Wait,” Qin Ze called out to them with a smile.

He walked over to them together with Little Loli and asked politely, “Dear Madams, what kind of person is the Countess How would you commend or describe her as”

“We arent criticizing her.

We were only having a casual conversation,” one of the ladies said and so they headed in another direction.

Qin Ze stopped them and said, “Madams dont be in a rush to leave.

Why dont we tell you the reason why the Countess didnt show up”

“You” The two Madams looked at them suspiciously.


My younger sister accompanied Xiangling here today and shes extremely clear about what happened.”

The two Madams were both in a gossiping mood.

“The Countess tried to give my cousin a show of power so she sent some of her people to…”

Little Loli exaggerated the story and throughout the storytelling, the expressions of the Madams continuously changed.

In the end, they acted as if they wanted to reveal to their other friends this gossip they had just learned right away, so Qin Ze took this opportunity and said, “Dear Madams, we shall not bother you anymore.”

Having said that, he pulled Little Loli away and left.

After they took their leave, the two Madams immediately went over to the other ladies to gossip about what they learned from Qin Ze and Little Loli.

Even though these people were wives in high society, they would not lose out to anyone when it comes to gossiping.

Soon, the gossip changed from how the Countess was deliberately making things difficult for Dou Xiangling to how she did not want Ian to inherit the Counts position.

In the end, it turned into the Countess being yet to give up and wanting to kill Ian and Miss Dou so that her eldest son could return and inherit the Counts position.

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