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Chapter 211: Weve Had Indirect and Direct Kisses

Zi Yi became the focus of attention the moment she stepped in.

A waiter hastily went over.

“Welcome, I wonder if you are alone or looking for a table for two”

“Table for two.”

Zi Yi glanced across the hall and realized that all the seats were basically for couples.

The waiter tacitly gestured for her to follow him.

“Miss, please follow me.”

Zi Yi followed the waiter and walked in.

Voices of people walking in could be heard from behind.

The two people behind her were in a discussion and the woman said, “Its Elder Lus seventieth birthday in half a month.

What present has your family prepared for him”

Man: “We havent decided.

My father mentioned that he would see how it goes.

Elder Lus present is not that easy to pick.

Were just afraid he might chase us out if hes unhappy with the present.

What about yours”

Woman: “Same for mine.

We are unable to decide on anything yet.

My father said that if worse comes to worst, he would prepare the safest present such as teacups or chess pieces.”

Man: “In fact, I think that Elder Lu definitely likes guns.

He has been a soldier his whole life and perhaps he might still have lingering thoughts after retiring.”

Woman: “Forget about that idea of yours.

You dare to bring in a gun on Elder Lus birthday Arent you simply seeking trouble”

Man: “Forget it then.

Ill let them worry over this problem.

We can just tag along when the time comes.”

Woman: “Hehe, theres definitely going to be tons of women dressed up beautifully on that day.

Perhaps the Elder Lu might fancy one and pair them up with someone from the Lu Family.

I wonder if Elder Lu would directly designate a fiancée for Second Brother this year.”

The man maintained silence for a moment and spoke in a gloating manner.

“This is highly likely.”

Zi Yi was led into a room for two by the waiter and only managed to listen up to this point.

She casually played with her phone after sitting down and had an indifferent expression, until Lu Jingye gave her a call.

Zi Yi told him the room number and after a while, sounds of people gasping could be heard from the hall.

As expected, the waiter had led Lu Jingye to Zi Yis room.

Lu Jingye sat opposite her and she said, “I havent ordered.”

The waiter passed out the menu in a timely manner.

Zi Yi did not receive the menu, and Lu Jingye took it instead.

He quickly ordered a few dishes and said to the waiter, “Deliver the cake and the ice cream first.”

“I understand.”

After the waiter left, Zi Yis eyes locked onto his handsome face for quite some time.

She suddenly recalled having met his younger brother today and asked, “Lu Jingye, where did you go for your business trip”

Lu Jingye knew she would not ask the question for no reason and so, he responded with a city.

Zi Yi nodded and asked, “Did your younger brother catch the person who threatened me”

Lu Jingye stared at her and said with confidence, “You went to Phoenix Road today.”

Zi Yi had neither admitted nor denied.

“Make a guess.”

Lu Jingye suddenly had the impulse to rub her head.

Just then, the waiter brought over the cake and ice cream Lu Jingye had specially ordered.

Zi Yi knew he had ordered this for her.

She was not polite in the slightest and slowly savored the ice cream with a spoon.

After having two bites, she asked, “You want some”


Just as he opened his mouth, Zi Yi directly fed him a spoonful.

At the same time, she stood up, leaned over, and gave him a kiss.

She did not immediately sit down and instead, threatened him in a low voice.

“Weve had indirect and direct kisses.

Youre not allowed to marry other women.


Having said that, she used the spoon and slashed it in front of her neck fiercely.


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