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Chapter 203: Invited by Dozens of Directors

After returning to her bedroom, Zi Yi investigated the mastermind behind the group of gangsters who had trailed behind her.

She then discovered that not long after she left Linjiang Road, a large number of men dressed in familiar clothes had arrived and captured those gangsters.

Moreover, they were still going after those from the killer organization.

Zi Yi quickly hacked into the security network monitoring center of the whole S City and set up a tracking program.

In less than ten minutes, she had managed to locate where they were.

She then sent a message to Lu Jingye and asked for his younger brother to send his men to chase those from the killer organization.

After that, she sent him another short message.

[Lu Jingye, I miss you.

When are you coming back]

As expected, there was no reply from the other party.

The smile on her lips deepened.

She put her phone to one side and continued to surf the net.

The next day, Zi Yi went to Metropolis University.

She did not expect the teacher from the Admissions Office to take her directly to the professors office building.

Upon entering the building, everyone she walked past on the way would glance at her.

The teacher then said to her, “Student Zi, there are quite a number of individuals who wish to meet you later.

Theres no need to be nervous.

They just wish to explain to you the advantages of various renowned courses at Metropolis University.

The final decision is still yours.”

Zi Yi was not nervous in the slightest and nodded.

They went up the second floor and the teacher opened one of the office doors and motioned to her.

“Go in.”

When she glanced into the room, she saw dozens of people sitting inside.

Internally she thought, “There are indeed many people.”

“Student Zi, come in.”

One of the directors waved at her.

Zi Yi walked in.

That professor pointed at the seat that faced everyone and said, “Student Zi, please sit.”

Zi Yi glanced at the chair and suddenly felt that an interrogation was about to happen.

However, she was not nervous in the slightest.

She walked over and said, “Greetings, everyone.”

She sat down after that.

Those directors first introduced themselves.

“I am the Director of the Teaching and Research Department and my surname is Yang.

Today, we have called you here because a few directors of various courses look highly upon your grades and wish to explain to you the advantages and development prospects of each school.

He then introduced, “This is Mr.

Tang, the Director of the Medical School, Mr.

Wu, Director of Foreign Language School, Mr.

Jiang, Director of Law School, Mr.

Ouyang, Director of Computer Science School, Mr.

Li, Director of International Finance School…”

After Director Yang introduced everyone present, he added, “Student Zi is the first student in the history of Metropolis University to have scored full marks in the Independent Enrollment Exam.

Based on your results, you can choose to enroll in any of the schools.”

Director Wu said, “However, there are various rules and regulations in each School.

Even though we wish that you can enter our school, we hope that you can complete a few more sets of papers.

I wonder if Student Zi has any objections or queries”

Zi Yi faced a dozen pairs of eyes and pursed her lips for a moment before she said, “I dont mind.

Even if all the schools craft a set of examination papers, I dont have any objections.

Everyone present: “…”

Student Zi was really daring!

“However, I also have a condition.”

Zi Yi looked back at them without any fear and her gaze was firm and steady.

The dozens of Directors never expected Zi Yi to bring up conditions with them and so, they discussed in a lower voice.

A minute or so later, Director Yang asked, “What condition does Student Zi have”

“Metropolis University has a regulation that each student is not allowed to choose more than three interdisciplinary courses.

I hope that you can make an expectation for me.”

Everyone turned silent.

Deep down, they felt that Zi Yi was very daring.


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