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Chapter 196: Youre Not Allowed To Sleep With Anyone.

Otherwise, Ill Be Jealous

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A few seconds later, Lu Jingye opened his mouth and ate the candy.

Zi Yi was elated.

She tiptoed and rewarded him with a kiss on the corner of his lips.

Following that, she headed to her car, not forgetting to give him a wave before she left.

“Lu Jingye, bye~”

Lu Jingye looked at the car driving away and felt that the candy in his mouth tasted really sweet.

After Lu Jingye turned around and walked back to the elevator, the safe passageway left unlocked was suddenly pushed open and He Fei walked out.

He stood there with his eyes downcast, and his thoughts were indiscernible.

It was nearly 11 a.m when Zi Yi arrived at the Painting and Calligraphy Association.

“Little friend, youre finally here.” Senior Bai was particularly happy at her presence.

Zi Yi apologized.

“Im sorry, I was late.”

“No worries, youre arent late.

We werent in a hurry anyway.”

Senior Bai led Zi Yi to meet a few industry seniors and they were all very enthusiastic as they met her.

At noon, everyone went to have a meal and under the strong requests of various seniors present, Zi Yi drew a painting for the association before she left.

She returned straight back to her villa.

The housekeeper and the servants had already been waiting for her return.

“Miss Zi, youre back.”

Zi Yi walked together with the housekeeper and he said, “Theres still another half an hour before dinner.

You can head upstairs and wash up first.”

Zi Yi nodded.

When they walked past the backyard, she deliberately glanced at the pavilion and rockery, and discovered that it had already been repaired.


The housekeeper smiled in return.

“Its something we ought to have done.

The pavilion and rockery have been restored according to their previous styles.

Also, as for the lilies in the pond, I have already tasked others to replant them.

Zi Yi nodded and suddenly recalled the pot containing the emerald orchid that she had brought back with her.

“What about my orchid”

“Its being kept in the villa for the time being.

Ill get someone to deliver it after the underground basement has finished its construction.”

Zi Yi responded with a hum and headed for the living room.

At 9 p.m in the evening, the sounds of a car driving in could be heard.

Zi Yi was currently commanding the robots to upgrade the defense system of the wall at the courtyard.

When she saw Lu Jingye alighting from the car, she happily greeted him.

“Lu Jingye, youre back”

Lu Jingye glanced at her standing at the edge of the wall and walked towards her.

He first glanced at the robot before he responded.

“Is there anything I can help you with”

Zi Yi shook her head.

“Nope, Im almost done here.”

She then thought of something and said with a smile, “Your room is the second one on the second floor.

The housekeeper has prepared it for you.

Go and take a shower.”

Zi Yis villa was built in a way that the front yard only had one floor, while the backyard had two floors.

Lu Jingye stiffened for a second and his expression instantly turned serious.

When she saw that he was about to preach again, Zi Yi blinked her beautiful eyes and said innocently, “Other than the front yard having empty rooms, all the rooms in the backyard have been converted for other usages with the exception of my bedroom.

Your room was only vacated after the housekeeper had the servants move out everything that wss piled inside.”

She added on.

“The rooms in the front yard are all occupied by the servants and the bodyguards.

You cant possibly go over and squeeze in with a few people in a room, right If thats the case, I wont allow it.”

While she said that, her face tensed up and appeared particularly serious.

“As my future boyfriend, youre not allowed to sleep with others.

Otherwise, Ill be jealous.”


Lu Jingye who had a lot to say: “…”

In the end, Lu Jingye headed for the room prepared for him.

Zi Yi went to knock on his door at 10.30 p.m in the evening.

Lu Jingye opened the door and blocked the entrance as he looked at her.


With a smile on her face, Zi Yi asked in a particularly friendly tone, “Are you accustomed to staying here”



He stared at her and said, “Its getting late, sleep early.”

Looking at Lu Jingye who looked at her as if guarding against a pervert, her lips curved up.

She then tiptoed and kissed him on his lips before she giggled, took a step back, and said, “A goodnight kiss.”


Afterwhich, she went back to her room.


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