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Chapter 193: If It Cant Be Resolved, I Will Bear All Consequences

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Zi Yi had basically guessed what Lu Jingye wanted to do and so she intended to help him.

As expected, she soon discovered that the date stamp of Dou Xiaoyongs design had been changed.

Moreover, the one who tampered with it was a famous hacker in the hacking world.

Lu Jingye should have also sent someone to track down this issue.

However, Zi Yi knew that he would not get any results in a short period of time.

A chilly glint flashed through her eyes.

“If you like framing others so much, Ill give you a taste of your own medicine… In addition, Ill add on a big gift together.”


While she muttered to herself, she broke through the encoded virus wall that the hacker had built in a short time.

At the same time, she set up her own serial virus.

As long as there were any movements on the other side, everything would be restored to its original state.

“President, all preparations are complete.”

A moment later, the secretary came over to report.

They had already completed all preparations for a worldwide live broadcast.

Lu Jingye looked up at the screen.

“Were ready too.”

Through the screen, the chairman of Y Group asked Lu Jingye with a serious expression, “President Lu, do you truly intend to interfere in this matter today”


With a calm expression, Lu Jingye said, “Yes.

Since this matter has caused trouble to Professor Dou and his reputation, this needs to be resolved.”

He then said to his secretary, “Inform the Network Department to broadcast this live everywhere on every platform.”

His words caused everyone to be shocked.

Dou Xiaoyong walked over to him and finally called out to him in a soft voice, “Little Lu.”

Lu Jingye looked towards Professor Dou and said, “Please believe in me.

If I cant resolve this, I will bear all the consequences.”

Dou Xiaoyong looked at him in shock.

“Little Lu, you…”

“Please be at ease, Professor Dou.”

Just then, his secretary came over and said, “President, everything is set up.”

Lu Jingye nodded and gestured to everyone around him.

“Take a step back.”

Everyone subconsciously retreated towards the back and shortly afterwards, a group of bodyguards blocked out a large area.

Behind them was Professor Dous robot exhibition area.

The Chairman of Y group said, “Since President Lu insists on it, lets settle this once and for all.”

He then turned to his subordinates.

“Bring up the whole process of making iChip.”

The person sitting next to the Chairman swiftly tapped on the keyboard.

After a moment, the whole process of how their company made iChips was displayed on the large screen.

At the same time, a researcher was explaining the difficulties they had encountered while making the iChip along with its solution.

Also, he explained how they overcame the bottleneck.

The similarity of their explanation of the iChip making process was 80% similar to Professor Dous and his team.

The people in the surroundings started to discuss.

“Its really similar… in that case… could it be that Professor Dou and his team really did copy their technology”

“Look at the timestamp of the recording.

Why was it three months ago Nearly half a month has passed since the International Robot Competition.

How could they develop such an advanced chip in less than three months”

The moment someone said that, everyone present exploded.

Many people who were forced to watch the live broadcast on the net were originally cursing at the sudden broadcast.

But when they heard what was said, many people subconsciously went to investigate further.

For a moment, all the citizens were in an uproar.

Y Group had also discovered the timing and the President became anxious.

“Whats going on Who changed the timing! Check, immediately investigate!”

At that moment, Lu Jingye said to Professor Dou and his team who were excited at the situation, “Professor Dou, you can bring out your evidence now.”


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