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Chapter 192: Second Young Master Lu Taking Action

The secretary got through to the upper management very quickly.

Lu Jingye took the mobile phone and spoke with the other party in fluent D Countrys native language before he politely asked in Chinese, “Since Y Group claims that Professor Dous team stole your companys core technology, have you managed to gather any evidence”

He put the phone on loudspeaker after that.

The other partys tone of voice sounded furious.

“We will find the evidence very soon!”

“Is that so” Lu Jingyes voice suddenly contained a hint of seriousness.

“Our side has already taken out evidence that our core technology was developed earlier than yours.

Shouldnt the Y Group provide everyone with an explanation”

“What Impossible!”

When Lu Jingye said that, not only did the senior executives of Y Group raise their voices, but even everyone present was whispering in disbelief.

“Since Second Young Master Lu has said so, does it mean that it was Y Group who stole the core technology”

“Second Young Master Lu never lies.”

While standing in the crowd, Zi Yi overhead them.

She glanced at Professor Dou and the group of people around him, before shifting her attention to Lu Jingye.

Unexpectedly, she met gazes with Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye suddenly gave her a brief nod.

Zi Yis lips curled up and she returned the nod with one of her own.

It was considered as them having greeted each other.

Lu Jingye turned to Professor Dou and said, “Im really sorry for making a decision, without discussing with you beforehand, to reveal the evidence.”

Professor Dou looked at the calm, restrained, and polite young man before him.

In fact, he admired how he dealt with things, but… the evidence was stolen.

Therefore, he could not take out any evidence right now.

Just as he was about to speak, a confident, cold voice sounded over the phone.

“Then show us the evidence.”

The voice then openly said to his subordinates, “Go and gather everyone from the board of directors.”

Afterward, he said to Lu Jingye, “Since Second Young Master Lu is standing up to support Professor Dou and his team, why dont we openly resolve this matter.

Originally I had already obtained the evidence, but I did not wish to discredit Professor Dou and his teams reputation.

However, from the current looks of it, it is unnecessary right now.”

His words caused the majority of the expressions of everyone present to change.

Even Dou Xiaoyongs expression had changed.

Just then, Lu Jingye gave him a glance to appease him and said to the other party, “Ok.

We will broadcast this confrontation live globally.”

“Little Lu, this…”


Lu Jingye looked towards Professor Dou and his team and said, “Everyone, please remain calm.”

His voice was gentle and calm, which had a strong soothing effect.

With just a few words from him, he had calmed everyone down.

Everyone suddenly thought of Lu Jingyes capabilities and felt that the young man before them might have a way to help them resolve this crisis and get back at the Y Group.

Lu Jingye called his secretary and whispered some orders to him.

The secretary then walked away to somewhere quiet to make a call.

No one knew what Lu Jingye had up his sleeves.

But looking at the expressions of Professor Dou and his team, they were still somewhat worried.

“Does Second Young Master Lu truly have evidence Why do I feel that Professor Dou and his team seem worried”

“Could it be that because Dou Jingning is his teacher and so, even without any evidence, he intends to support Professor Dou”

Everyone had differing opinions and even He Fei knitted his brows in worry.

He wanted to persuade Lu Jingye to refrain from being impulsive.

But when he thought of what Zi Yi said about liking his Second Brother, his legs felt as if they had grown roots.

If Second Brother was unable to take out evidence, would Yiyis favorability for him decrease”

No one noticed Zi Yi pushing down her hat in an attempt to hide as she walked out from the crowd and found a remote corner to squat down.

She took out the laptop from her backpack and swiftly started typing on it.


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