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Chapter 187: Yiyi, Stop Fooling Around!

After her shower, Zi Yi saw Lu Jingye still in the living room when she came down.

Lu Jingye was currently standing by the windows and answering a call.

The light in the living room shone on his broad back, as if he were coated in a layer of light, making him appear more magnificent and elegant.

Lu Jingye sensed Zi Yis gaze and after agreeing with the other party, he disconnected the phone call.

When he turned around and saw what she wore, he unconsciously frowned.

Zi Yi was wearing a nightdress.

The upper body had modest short sleeves, but the skirt ended very high and stopped at her middle thigh.

Especially when she did not dry her hair properly after taking a bath, her long hair dripped with water and wetted her pajamas.

It caused the pajamas to stick to her skin and revealed her curvaceous figure.

Not to mention that stunningly gorgeous face of hers…

She had revealed an inexplicable touch of wildness which made people want to commit a crime.

“Go change your clothes.” Lu Jingyes voice was tight.

Zi Yi did not follow his orders.

“The weather is so hot.

Wearing this is cooler.”

She came downstairs and walked towards Lu Jingye.

The closer she got, the more he could see the front part of her clothes soaked in water.

Lu Jingye suddenly took off his suit jacket and wrapped her up in it.

He then said in a serious tone, “Your pajamas are soaked.

You will catch a cold like this.”

Zi Yi, who originally wanted to push the jacket away, blinked her eyes before she directly laughed out loud.

She looked at his gentlemanly handsome face and giggled.

“If you want to say that my clothes are transparent, just say so.

Why the need to go round in circles.”

Lu Jingye saw the giggling young lady and could not hold back as he pressed her on the head.

“Dont cause trouble.

Girls should know how to protect themselves.”

“…” Zi Yi wanted to say that she had improper thoughts towards him, so why does she need to protect herself However, she swallowed the words that came to her.

She looked at the gentle, old-fashioned Lu Jingye and said, “Then help me take out my hair from inside my clothes.

Its uncomfortable with it sticking inside my clothes.

Lu Jingye stared at her for two seconds.

In the end, he took a step closer.

As they faced each other, they could feel each others breath.

Lu Jingye stretched out his hand and gathered her hair out from her clothes.

Zi Yis line of sight was coincidentally at his Adams apple.

Her hands started to feel tingly at the sight of his throat.

As such, without any hesitation, she directly touched his Adams apple.

The next second, she was suddenly pulled forward and crashed into Lu Jingyes broad arms.

His powerful aura came out.

A dull voice sounded from above.

“Yiyi, stop fooling around!”

Zi Yi listened to his increased heartbeat and felt the heat radiating from his body.

Her heart started to beat faster while her face unconsciously flushed.

Just then, Lu Jingye suddenly released her and said, “Go to bed.

Well talk tomorrow.”

After that, he immediately headed upstairs.

Zi Yi: “…”

Looking at his quickly disappearing back view, Zi Yi was stunned for a moment before she chuckled lowly.

She touched her heart which was still rapidly beating.

“Hehe… this feeling feels good.”

After Zi Yi returned to her room, she recalled that she had intended to ask Lu Jingye about what had happened tonight.

But since he said theyll talk tomorrow, shell just ask him tomorrow.

At that moment, her phone rang.

The call was from Dou Xiangling.

The Dou siblings recovered their senses after they returned home and called her in a panic.

Zi Yi only hung up the phone after calming them down.


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