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Chapter 185: Are You Nervous to See Me Hurt

Zi Yi tried to make her way back in but unexpectedly, she was blocked by the group of masked men.

“Its dangerous inside, please leave at once.”

Zi Yi glanced at them for a moment, thought about it, and left.

However, instead of leaving, she waited in her car.

The handkerchief bandaged on her arm was dyed red in blood.

Zi Yi rummaged through her car and took out a small first-aid kit.

Just as she was about to bandage her wound, her phone rang.

The moment she saw the caller ID, the corner of her lips unconsciously curved up.

Sliding to answer, she pleasantly called out, “Lu Jingye.”

Lu Jingyes voice sounded a little heavier than usual.

He asked, “Where are you right now”

Zi Yi guessed that he was already aware of the situation here.

“Im in my car, outside the private restaurant.”

“Ill come over at once.”

He only hung up the call after Zi Yi responded.

Before Zi Yi was done bandaging her wound, Lu Jingye had already arrived.

She looked at Lu Jingye alighting from his car and walking over.

His expression was more serious than usual and her lips curved up in response.

Lu Jingye came to Zi Yis side and said as he looked at the wound on her arm, “Come over to my car.

Ill bandage it for you.”

Zi Yi loosened the bandage at once, opened the door, handed the key to a bodyguard, and followed Lu Jingye to his car.

Lu Jingye said to the driver afterward, “Drive.”

“Youre not waiting for your younger brother” Zi Yi looked at him taking out the first-aid kit and naturally stretched her arm towards him before she turned to look at the doors of the private restaurant.

Unexpectedly, it was already closed shut.

Lu Jingye lowered his eyes and looked at the wound on her arm.

After two seconds, he said, “I dont interfere in what he does.”

Looking at him bandaging her wound in all seriousness, she suddenly had a bad idea.

“Lu Jingye.”


When he looked up at her, she raised the other hand and touched his face.

The driver nearly made a mistake from the sight of her actions.

It was the bodyguard seated in the co-pilot seat who forcefully suppressed his shock and pressed down on the drivers arm.

Zi Yi looked at the stunned Lu Jingye, curved her lips, and asked, “Are you nervous to see me hurt”

Lu Jingye pursed his lips and stared into her eyes with his deep-set eyes without talking.

Zi Yi did not care if he spoke or not.

She leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

After the kiss, she even stuck out her tongue and licked his lips.

Lu Jingye trembled and tightly held her arm the next second as he pushed her away before he said in all seriousness, “Sit properly.

Glancing at his reddened ears, Zi Yi smiled like a fox.

The driver and the bodyguard sitting in the front nearly went blind.

Lu Jingye continued to bandage her wound.

After he was done, he said, “When we return, Ill get the doctor to give you an injection for tetanus.”

“Its just a small wound.

I dont want an injection.”

In the interstellar era, no matter how serious the illness was, they would soak themselves in medical baths and be fine.

Zi Yi had never had an injection and she subconsciously disliked it.

Lu Jingye never expected such a reaction from her and said in an attempt to soothe her, “The injection can prevent your wound from getting infected.

It would be very troublesome if it does get infected.”

“Are there no other medicines to replace the injection” Zi Yi furrowed her brows.

She lifted his arm and swayed it.

“Lu Jingye, I dont wish to get an injection.”

Lu Jingye did not expect the young lady to act cute.

A delicate touch came from his hand and his heart trembled.

Even so, he had a solemn expression.

“No, you must get it.”

However, he did now withdraw his hand from her touch.

Zi Yi looked at his expression for two seconds.

She thought about what other medicines there were on Earth that could replace a tetanus shot, and decided that she must keep those medicinal ingredients in stock in the future.


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