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Chapter 184: Yiyi, Your Arm is Bleeding

Yiyi forced the woman to retreat.

The surrounding customers had yet to figure out the situation when those backup dancers had enveloped them.

They no longer concealed their murderous aura and those who blocked their paths were resolved.

Zi Yi hid Dou Xiangling behind her and swiftly used the hidden weapon to force back those dancers.

“Yiyi, who are these people”

Yiyi already had an answer.

These people should be in cahoots with those people who repeatedly trespassed her courtyard.

They were here today to deal with her most probably because of the wooden box the masked man had taken away the previous time.

“Perhaps they recognized the wrong person.”

While she said that, the customers from other tables were screaming in panic as they fled outside.

The boss and the waiters did not appear and evidently, they had been restrained.

Very soon, the white-robed lady leaped towards them and the dagger shining with a cold glint had aimed for Dou Xiangling.

Zi Yi quickly protected Dou Xiangling and she pulled the trigger for the hidden weapon with a cold expression.

The woman was unable to approach due to the hidden weapon and so, she said to the group of women standing by the door, “Attack.”

Those women swiftly attacked Zi Yi and each of them had a dagger on hand.

A chilly glint streaked across Zi Yis eyes.

She directly aimed at their vital points and pulled the trigger.

After two women collapsed the others were shaken and retreated.


The white-robed lady snorted and said in a low voice, “Id like to see how many hidden weapons you could possibly have!”

Zi Yi coldly glanced at her and aimed the weapon towards her.

A killing intent flashed past the whited-robed ladys eyes as her body swiftly moved.

While Zi Yi was on guard against her, the dagger in her hand aimed towards Dou Xiangling.

Dou Xiangling saw the dagger aiming at her, but was worried Zi Yi might be distracted.

She suppressed her fear and did not scream aloud.

How could Zi Yi possibly allow a dagger to injure Dou Xiangling She hastily stepped forward and blocked it.

Just as she blocked it, the white-robed lady took out another dagger and slashed towards Zi Yi concurrently.

“Yiyi, be careful!”




As the dagger caused a cut on Zi Yis arm, a powerful whip with killing intention pierced through the air.

Very soon, the masked man who made a sudden appearance fought against the white-robed lady.

There were another group of men wearing masks swiftly appearing together with the masked men as they fought against the other dancers.

“Yiyi, your arm is bleeding.”

Seeing that reinforcements had arrived, Dou Xiangling redirected her focus onto Zi Yis bleeding arm.

The cut was not very deep, but blood continuously seeped out.

Dou Xiangling was about to cry from distress.

She hastily took out a silk handkerchief from her pockets and carefully bandaged Zi Yis arm.

Zi Yi said without a care, “Im fine, its just a small wound.”

She then pulled her hand.

“Lets leave here first.”

Dou Xiangling nodded.

The two of them evaded the people fighting and quickly headed outside.

After they left the backyard, the front yard was unexpectedly encircled by a group of masked men.

The customers had already all fled at that moment.

When they saw Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling coming out, they did not say anything and directly made way for them to leave.

Dou Zerui was blocked outside and he was extremely anxious.

The moment he saw Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling coming out, he hastily walked towards them and checked them up and down.

Seeing blood stains on Zi Yis arm, his expression turned dark.

“Yiyi, whats with your arm”

“Im fine.

You two should leave first.

I still have something to do here.”

Dou Zerui furrowed his brows.

“No, you have to leave with us.

Its too dangerous here.

Ill send you to the hospital first.”

“Theres no need, I have band-aids in my car.”

“How are band-aids sufficient for such a long cut!”

Zi Yi knew they would not be reassured to leave her behind here.

She thought for a moment, and apologized before she directly used her mental energy to control them.

“Go back first.”

The Dou siblings turned and headed for the car.

After seeing Dou Zeruis car driving away, Zi Yi made a detour.


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