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Chapter 174: The He Fei that Cousin Knows Of

While Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling were walking back to their room, Dou Xiangling gave her several glances.

It was as if she had something to say but did not know where to start.

“Cousin, speak your mind.”

Dou Xiangling nodded.


Even though Im not sure how you and He Fei got acquainted, nor do I understand this person, but the incident between you two has caused a big ruckus in their circle.

Previously, Qin Yuqiao had mentioned this to me before.”

Dou Xiangling paused for a moment.

She was never fond of talking behind peoples backs, but when it concerned Zi Yi, she felt that she had to say it.

“The waters in an influential family are very deep, especially the He family.

The current head is Master He, but he is getting on in his age and he has also said that he will be choosing a suitable person from the next generation to pass down his authority to.

During the past year, anyone from the He family, as long as they reached marriageable age, had an arranged marriage.

You… if you dont like him, its better not to have deep connections with him.”

Zi Yi looked at Dou Xiangling and all of a sudden, she felt her mood getting better and she nodded.

“Cousin, you can rest assured that He Fei is not my type.”

Only then was Dou Xiangling at ease and she revealed a smile.

The two of them entered their rooms with a smile.

Dou Zerui who had been waiting for quite some time asked, “Why did you only return now Quick, come and eat.

Otherwise, the dishes will turn cold.”

After lunch, the three of them returned to the art gallery.

Around 4 p.m in the afternoon, Zi Yi finished setting up the scene Dou Xiangling wanted.

Looking at the scenes that seemed even better than real-life scenery, with the help of the simulator, the Dou siblings and the boss were stunned.

“Yiyi, how did you accomplish this”

Zi Yi was not all too satisfied with the results.

“The equipment on hand is too bad and we can only achieve such an outcome.

Cousin, if you dont mind, you can try to make do with this.”

Zi Yis lips curved up at the end of her sentence.

Once again, Dou Zerui had a new level of respect for Zi Yi.

He suddenly asked.

“Since you are so capable, why did you allow other people to spread so many bad rumours about you”

Zi Yi definitely would not tell him that the owner of this body had changed.

As such, she said, “I like it that way.”

She did not expect Dou Zerui to nod in agreement.

“I guess its good too.

In that case, your family members will not push their schemes onto you.”

Zi Yi suddenly felt speechless.

Since Zi Yi had managed to create the simulated scene Dou Xiangling wanted, she did not have to visit again before her exhibition was officially open.

After the trio finished dinner, Zi Yi said before she left, “I have something else to do in the next few days.

I will come straight here on the exhibition date.”

After that, she left.

For the next few days, Zi Yi together with all her robots, were all cooped up in the racing club.

At the same time, the national college entrance examination officially kicked off.

Zi family.

Zi Xu and Li Peirong had personally sent Zi Xuan to the examination location.

Li Peirong wore a cheongsam and nervously advised Zi Xuan.

“Xuanxuan, did you bring your admission identification Do you have enough pens Also…”

Looking at Li Peirong who appeared to be more nervous than her, Zi Xuan interrupted her with an expression of confidence.

“Mom, dont worry.

Ive brought what I needed.”

After which, she looked towards Zi Xu.

Zi Xu patted Zi Xuan on her shoulders and encouraged her.

“Do well during these three days examinations.

Ive already prepared a celebration dinner for you.”

The thought that Zi Yi did not even have a chance to enter the examination hall, she smiled.

“Dad, rest assured that I will definitely get into Metropolis University and make you proud.”


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