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Chapter 169: Lightning Rod

“Ive already taken the exam.”

The other side suddenly fell into silence.

It was not until quite a while later that Dou Zeruis excited voice sounded.

“Youre the one who scored first place in the Metropolis Universitys independent enrollment”


Dou Zerui suddenly became silence again.

Zi Yi could not be bothered to maintain a silent phone call and said, “Ill hang up if theres nothing else.”

Immediately after, she hung up the call.

Outside it was raining torrentially with thunder and lightning rolling across the sky.

Zi Yi thought for a moment and decided to go to bed early.

However, in the middle of the night, her phone placed on the bedside table suddenly rang.

She sat up, glanced at her phone, and coldly snorted.

“You dare to break into my house even during a rainy day Do you honestly think I am a good target to bully”

She pushed the quilt away, walked over to the windows, pulled open the curtains, and looked at the rainstorm outside as she quickly composed a message.

[If your younger brother is in the vicinity, ask him and his men to immediately retreat fifteen meters away from my yard.”

She waited three minutes after sending the message and directly pressed two buttons on her phone.

For a moment, the lightning rod outside and inside the courtyard was concurrently activated.

Thunderous thunder and lightning sounds were attracted in an instant.

The walls of the courtyard had exploded like fireworks as rumbles scattered everywhere.

There was an incoming call from the housekeeper.

Zi Yi glanced at thefireworks at the courtyard walls and swiped to answer.

Immediately, the housekeepers anxious voice sounded.

“M-Miss Zi, your courtyard walls are about to attract all the lightning in the skies.

Please dont come out.”

Zi Yi asked, “Is everyone awake”


With such a commotion, those who could continue to sleep were most likely dead people.

Zi Yi curled her lips and said, “Then you guys should pay attention too.

Do not approach the wall at any cost and itll be best not to leave the room.”

“I understand.”

Zi Yi headed downstairs with her phone after the call was disconnected.

As the wall had attracted streaks of lightning one after another, the entire courtyard seemed to have been shrouded in an electric field.

Zi Yi opened the living room doors and checked out the wall.

Nearly three minutes later, she pressed her phone.

The lightning rod and electric field had disappeared and an eerie silence enveloped the entire courtyard.

At the corner, the pavilion she liked the most was destroyed.

Zi Yi was inexplicably distressed.

“The science and technology of ancient Earth is too far behind.

Even with the best materials, it had not prevented my pavilion from getting destroyed.

“Forget it, I can stay cooped up in Metropolis Universitys research lab when school starts.”

Zi Yi turned around and prepared to return to her room to continue sleeping.

At that moment, there was a huge movement outside her courtyard and it was clearly a fight.

Zi Yi was not a nosy person and decided to pretend as if she had not seen anything as she closed the door.

However, before she managed to close the door, she heard a smashing sound.

It was the sound of her rockery collapsing.

“Its too much.

How dare they destroy my rockery.”

Zi Yi came out and stood under the eaves as she coldly stared at the masked man and woman dressed in white who were fighting inside her courtyard.

The woman in white had a small figure, but her movements were as fast as a cunning fox.

Regardless of how fast the whip was in the masked mans hands, it could not injure her in the slightest.

Just then, the woman suddenly saw Zi Yi standing under the eaves.

With a flash, she went in her direction.

The womans speed was so fast to the extent she seemed to have appeared before Zi Yi in the blink of an eye.

Zi Yi did not manage to react at all.

At that time, a whip reached her and coiled around her waist while it lifted her up towards the courtyard.

Heavy rain splattered all over her in an instant.

The masked mans low voice sounded in her ears.

“Find a place to hide.”


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