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Chapter 165: She Said She Was Going to Beat You Up and You Agreed to the Fight

“She said she was going to beat you up and you agreed to the fight!” He Fei looked at Ouyang Ming with a gaze as if he was looking at trash.

It made Ouyang Ming feel like jumping up from the bed and giving him a beating.

Just then, with an odd expression, He Fei asked, “Do you know why I went to Second Brothers bodyguard training grounds to train”

Ouyang Mings body ached from anger and he immediately guessed the reason.

“It must be because you couldnt defeat that woman and so, you went training.

The atmosphere became unusually quiet.

It was silent to an eerie extent.

Ouyang Mings eyes slowly widened and revealed a ‘What the f*ck expression

After a while, he no longer cared how much his body ached and directly shouted, “Why didnt you tell me this”

He Fei felt that he had lost his pride as a man and shouted back in anger, “How am I supposed to tell you this Should I say that I got beaten up by a powerless-looking girl”

Speaking of this, he released his anger on a stool.

After the stool was kicked away, he rubbed his face with his hand and said, “You should just rest well in the hospital.

Im going.”

If he did not take the initiative to offer a humble apology, perhaps that woman might really beat him up at least once every time they met.

He Fei left immediately afterwards, leaving behind Ouyang Ming staring into space.

After Zi Yi and the Dou family siblings left the restaurant, Dou Xiangling was afraid that Zi Yis thoughts might wander.

“Yiyi, dont take what they said to heart.

They are at fault in this and even despite not knowing the truth, theyre running their mouths recklessly.”

Zi Yi looked at her and nodded.

On the contrary, Dou Zerui stared at her with a complicated gaze.

“Its getting late, well send you home first.”

“Theres no need.” Zi Yi took out her car keys, and opened the door before she said to them, “They cant influence me in any way, theres no need to worry.”

She did not care about people that were irrelevant to her.

She headed for her car but after walking two steps, she suddenly stopped and turned back as she said, “Goodbye.”

After which, she left.

Looking at her departing car, Dou Zerui and Dou Xiangling subconsciously looked at each other.

“Brother, you can be considered as having learned more about Yiyi today.

Do you think shes still that girl from our first impressions”

Dou Zerui fell into deep thought.

Dou Xiangling added.

“Ive heard from the elders before that Grandfathers favorite child is Zi Yis mother.

Say, if he knows Yiyi is no longer how she was in the past, would he…”

“Xiangling.” Dou Zerui interrupted.

“I know what you want to say, but I dont agree with letting Grandfather know of her matters right now.

You may know one person for a long time without understanding his true nature.

Right now, we dont know if this is another ploy of Uncles to prey on the Dou familys business.”


“Xiangling, Grandfathers body can no longer stand another round of torment.”

Dou Xiangling stopped talking following that sentence.

Dou Zerui added another sentence in the end.

“From the looks of it, she should be staying here for the long term.

As long as she honestly changes for the better, its not too late for us to bring her to see Grandfather.”

When Zi Yi returned to the villa, the housekeeper was already waiting for her in the courtyard.

Zi Yi parked her car, walked over, and the housekeeper immediately informed her.

“Miss Zi, some surveillance equipment in the villa is outdated and will be undergoing maintenance today.

Im afraid you will have to return to your villa tonight.

The servants and I will also be following you over.”

Zi Yis stopped walking.

“Outdated surveillance equipment”

She was clearer than the housekeeper as to whether there was outdated surveillance equipment in this villa or not.

Therefore, he was clearly lying.

However, Zi Yi did not ask for the reason.

She nodded and turned to walk towards her car.


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