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Chapter 164: It Was That Woman Who Said She Was Going to Beat Me Up!

The group of young masters and young ladies expressions turned ashen.

Dou Zerui narrowed his eyes as he said in a low voice, “Who said my cousin seduced He Fei and Ouyang Ming”

Dou Xiangling had also spoken up in anger.

“You people who claim to be from high-society are really a joke.

Just because my cousin is pretty, it has suddenly turned into that she is seducing people from your circle”

The Dou family was a scholarly family and they never regarded themselves as people from high society.

The expressions on the siblings faces were ugly.

Dou Zerui said, “If you really insist on talking about this topic, isnt it He Fei who used the influence of the He family to force my cousin!”

“As for that Ouyang Ming, are all of you blind Dont you know why my cousin put him in the hospital”

Dou Zeruis tone was very aggressive and the expressions of those privileged brats turned uglier.

From the earlier conversation of Zi Yi and He Fei, the meaning behind his words was obvious.

It was not Zi Yi who seduced Ouyang Ming, but instead, Ouyang Ming had betted with Zi Yi.

After losing, he was unwilling to admit defeat and so, fought with Zi Yi.

In the end, he even ended up hospitalized.

From the looks of it, it was Ouyang Ming who had ulterior motives.

“How is that possible Ouyang Ming has a black belt in Taekwondo, how could he be hospitalized from a fight!” Just then, a woman suddenly yelled.

“Ha!” Dou Zerui sneered in response and asked, “Im also surprised.

Why was Ouyang Ming hospitalized Isnt this the usual method you people from high society use to have a hold over men and women Its just that my cousin dared to resist!”


“How is that possible!”

No one would jump out for such situations.

Even though they felt that Ouyang Ming was not someone like that, the facts were placed right in front of their faces.

Zi Yi who appeared as if she was incapable of fighting had unexpectedly caused Ouyang Ming to be hospitalized.

Some people suddenly thought that it could be Ouyang Ming who tried to use force on Zi Yi, but was injured in some awkward places with a sharp object.

With the thought of such a possibility, the expressions of the men looking at Zi Yi turned strange.

However, the women still had things to say.

But the Dou family siblings expressions were extremely ugly at that moment.

In the end, they could only swallow their words.

Dou Zerui said to Dou Xiangling and Zi Yi, “Sis, Cousin, lets go.”

Having said that, he led the two outside.

Zi Yi did not forget to glance at the group with a sharp gaze when she walked past them.

It caused their bodies to shiver.

Looking at their departing figures, the expressions of the women who recovered their senses, became twisted.

“Even if that woman did not seduce He Fei and Ouyang Ming, dont tell me her reputation in S City is all fake That snatching her cousins boyfriend was also fake”

“I honestly suspect that she did something to influence Dou Zerui and Dou Xiangling, making them so protective of her.”

“Ha! Perhaps she relied on that face of hers and acted like a white lotus b*tch in front of them.”

“Shes so disgusting.

We must let He Fei know of this.”

A woman took out her phone and called He Fei.

As she spoke, she emphasized the incident where Zi Yi stole her cousins boyfriend.

However, they never expected He Fei to yell at them instead.

He Fei hung up the phone in anger, looked at Ouyang Ming who was covered in bandages all over his body, and said with a darkened expression, “Are you satisfied now Perhaps we will get beaten up every time we appear before Yiyi in the future.

Ouyang Mings expression became twisted when he recalled the scene where he got beaten up.

“Why didnt you tell me that woman is so skilled”

He Fei got angry at that question.

“How would I know you would be so unreliable and even dared to bring up such a tasteless request of fighting with her.”

“What do you mean I brought up fighting… Ouch~” Ouyang Ming was too frustrated and had accidentally touched his injuries.

However, he still had to say what needed to be said, “It was that woman who said she was going to beat me up!”


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