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Chapter 155: Capture That Woman

Lu Jingye frowned immediately after.

He felt that he was a little childish.

On the other hand, Zi Yi did not notice his state of mind.

She approached him directly and narrowed her eyes while revealing a ferocious expression.

“You were the one who made this promise, and you cant go back on your words in the future.”

Lu Jingye could not endure it anymore as he saw her expression.

He raised his hands and rubbed her forehead.

After which, he released her and took the juicing machine to the sink to wash it.

While washing, he asked.

“When do you intend to recruit staff”

Zi Yi recovered from the shock where her head was rubbed and watched him standing at the sink to wash the machine.

She took a leftover orange and slowly peeled it.

“I dont intend to hire staff.”

Lu Jingye tilted his head and looked at her.

Zi Yi flashed him a smile.

“I intend to create a vastly different bar.

If there are no accidents, everything should begin before school starts.”

As for how different it would be, she deliberately kept him in suspense.

Lu Jingye did not inquire further and only said, “If you need my help, feel free to tell me.”

Zi Yi coincidentally finished peeling an orange just then.

The moment she heard him, she happily separated the orange and looked at his soft lips.

Her lips curled up and she approached him.

“Lu Jingye.”


“Open your mouth.”

Zi Yi fed a small piece of orange to his lips.

Lu Jingye only opened his mouth after a few seconds.

He did not know if she did it deliberately or not, but her fingertips had swept across his lips when she retracted her hands.

A strange feeling directly struck his heart.

Lu Jingyes hand that was holding the sponge had tightened for two seconds before he continued to wash the machine.

After Zi Yi took back her hand, she watched him while slowly eating the orange.

After Lu Jingye was done, both of them left.

Just as they got in the car, Lu Jingyes phone rang.

He only said a sentence, “Stop them.”

After hanging up, he said to Zi Yi, “Ill send you back first.”

Zi Yi looked at his expression, which became stern, and asked, “Did the Ouyang family unleash their wrath”

Lu Jingye stared at her for several seconds.

“No, dont think too much.”

After which, Lu Jingye sent her back to the villa and left.

As soon as the car drove away, his expression sank.

“Head directly to the hospital.”

The First Hospital.

After the Ouyang family heard that Ouyang Ming was admitted to the hospital because he was beaten up, nearly all of them were stationed outside the emergency room.

There were only a few male members in Ouyang Mings generation.

Therefore, almost everyone treated him as a treasure.

When their treasure was trampled on, the Ouyang family wished that they could capture that person so they could dismember them into pieces!

“What did you say Mingming was beaten by a girl”

“What kind of joke is that Mingming is a black belt in Taekwondo; how could he be beaten by a woman”

“Who is she”

Those who sent Ouyang Ming to the hospital could only stand at a corner where they did not even dare to take a breath due to the tsunami of wrath that was being radiated by the Ouyang family.

The moment they were asked about the culprit, they were all inexplicably excited.

That terrifying woman was finally going to suffer!

Then, the few of them busily recounted Zi Yisevil acts, not forgetting to add additional details.

The more they listened, the darker their expressions became.

When Ouyang familys Fifth Young Miss heard of Zi Yis name, she angrily said, “Isnt she the woman He Fei insisted on marrying previously As expected, shes a greedy woman.

Could she be thinking of seducing cousin”

The moment she said that the expressions of the Ouyang family turned livid.

Ouyang Mings father whispered to the bodyguard, “Go and capture that woman.”

No matter who it was, since they dared to harm his son, they had to be prepared to suffer the revenge of the Ouyang family.


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