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When they arrived at the school clinic, they heard Qin Yuqiao sobbing the moment they came to the door.

“Will I really be disfigured Wuuu….”


Dou Xiangling looked at Zi Yi and softly asked, “Whats going on”


Zi Yi lowered her voice and answered, “Lu Jingye was there too.

He said she was bleeding so she thought she was disfigured.

In fact, there was only a small scratch.”


While she said that, she used her fingers to show how small the scratch was.


Dou Xiangling: “…”


“Ahh! Dont touch my wound!”


Qin Yuqiaos scream sounded from inside the room.

Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling pushed the door and went in.


The moment she saw them, she immediately cried out loud, “Xiangling, Im disfigured.”


Dou Xiangling went over and carefully checked the small cut on her face that had started to scab.

She pulled out a tissue from the box beside her and said, “Qiaoqiao, wipe your face first.

Dont let the tears flow into your scab.”


Qin Yuqiao immediately wiped her tears away, then looked at Zi Yi and said with lingering fear, “Fortunately I had blocked the robot for Yiyi earlier.

Otherwise, she would also be injured.”


Zi Yis lip twitched and she reminded her.

“If you didnt grab me, I could have run away on my own.”


“…” Qin Yuqiao opened her mouth and she felt unhappy deep down.


Its no wonder her reputation was so bad.

She will not even admit that I saved her!


Thinking of this, Qin Yuqiao immediately revealed a hurt expression.

“So I was the one who grabbed Yiyi.

I wasnt thinking of anything back then and I only had the thought to prevent the robot from hitting Yiyi…”


Dou Xiangling turned around and motioned to Zi Yi with her gaze not to speak.

She then asked Qin Yuqiao, “Qiaoqiao, are you injured anywhere else”


The moment she heard her question, Qin Yuqiao felt that her whole body was in pain.


If she knew that the robot was so powerful, she would never have blocked it for Zi Yi.


She used the tissue paper and started wiping her tears.

“The doctor took an x-ray for me earlier.

He said that the results would only be out in half an hour… I feel that Im in pain everywhere.

I might have badly hurt my bones.”


After that, she looked at Zi Yi.

“Fortunately, you did not get injured.”


Zi Yi did not speak.

She took out her phone and hacked into the Science and Technology Building.

Very soon, she found out the one who tampered with the robot.

Suddenly she showed the phone to Qin Yuqiao and asked, “Do you know this person”




“Eh Qiaoqiao, isnt this your roommates younger brother”


The guy was too recognizable.

Previously Qin Yuqiao had shown her photos of her roommate and her younger brother.

Both of them practically seemed to be carved from the same mold.

At that time, Qin Yuqiao had specifically mentioned that her roommate and her younger brother looked very alike.


Since he could enter the building, it meant he was a student from the university.

Dou Xiangling had thought of him in an instant.


However, Qin Yuqiaos expression changed.


Zi Yi smiled.


Dou Xiangling suddenly had a thought.

She glanced at Qin Yuqiao who had a weird expression on her face and deliberately asked Zi Yi, “Yiyi, why did you show Qiaoqiao this person”


Zi Yi looked at Qin Yuqiao.

“You can ask her.

What did they actually intend to do to me”


Dou Xiangling looked at Qin Yuqiao with disbelief in her eyes.


“Qiaoqiao, you…”


Zi Yi used a small amount of mental energy to stimulate Qin Yuqiao.


Qin Yuqiao felt that her brothers and her plan had been exposed.

She panicked and quickly denied it.

“I didnt… I dont know that guy!”


Dou Xianglings expression finally darkened.

“Qin Yuqiao, do you think we are fools”


“No, I dont.

Its not what you think! Xiangling, listen to my explanation.”


A thought flashed past her mind and Qin Yuqiao hastily curled her body into a ball and groaned in pain.

“Urgh… Its so painful…”


Qin Yuqiao already felt pain all over and while she was currently pretending, an inexplicable twinge of injustice crept up in her heart.


She was gods favored young lady! Why should she sacrifice so much to befriend an infamous brat


To hell with being friends!


She did not wish to befriend someone like her.


Thinking of this, she grabbed Dou Xiangling and said pleadingly, “Xiangling, please call my brother and get him to pick me up.

I feel like Im dying and I dont want to stay here.




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