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Chapter 137: I Dare You to Touch My Robots

Deep in the night, Zi Yis phone suddenly rang.

It was an alarm sent by the robots.

Zi Yi suddenly opened her eyes, sat up, and glanced at her phone.

Several red dots were displayed on the screen.

The red dots each indicated an individual who broke into her house.

Zi Yis expression darkened and she snorted.

She pushed the quilt away, got dressed, and headed outside.

Was there ever going to be an end to this Why are they here again

Just as Zi Yi came downstairs, the housekeeper came out from a passageway.

“Miss Zi, what are you doing”

Zi Yi never expected the housekeeper to be so sensitive.

She said, “Its nothing.

I couldnt fall asleep, so Im going out for a walk.”

After that, she continued walking outside.

How could the housekeeper possibly believe she merely went out for a walk It was the dead of night right now and something must have happened.

He immediately tagged along.

Zi Yi did not comment when she saw the housekeeper following her.

Zi Yi asked, “Do you have any means of transportation that doesnt produce much noise”

“Yes, there is.

Miss Zi, please hold on while I fetch them for you.”

The housekeeper headed elsewhere.

After a while, he took out two electric scooters.

“Miss Zi, will this do”

Zi Yi nodded and took one of them.

The housekeeper asked again, “Miss Zi, do you need me to call a few bodyguards to tag along”

“Theres no need.” She stood on the scooter having said that.

After the housekeeper opened the villas iron gates electric lock, both of them rode on their scooters and went out.

It was currently around 1 a.m.

The surroundings were originally rather serene, and in the middle of the night, it was even quieter.

The sound of the slightest bit of movement could spread far and wide.

She modified the scooter while they traveled.

After a while, she said to the housekeeper, “Ill make a move first.”

Immediately after, her scooter seemed to have been installed with a booster.

In a split second, it had traveled far away.

The housekeeper looked in shock.

He almost lost his balance and fell down, but he managed to correct himself and hastily sped up and followed along.

Zi Yi stopped in the vicinity of her villa.

She found a hidden spot before taking out her phone and tapped on it.

Very soon, the lights in her house were turned on.

At the same time, sirens sounded.

Within minutes, sounds of a struggle could be heard in the front yard.

Zi Yi saw her robots fighting against those men in black through the screen with a cold gaze.

As she continued watching, her brows furrowed together.

She saw another man in black with his face painted coming out of the inner courtyard.

There was even a laser gun in his hand.

Due to materials constraints, the robots she had produced were unable to withstand laser guns.

Once laser guns were used, the robots would turn into scrap metal.

“I dare you to touch my robots!”

Zi Yi put away her phone, took out her hidden weapon, and ran towards a wall.

At the edge, she kicked the wall and jumped on it.

After that, she shot out a few of her hidden weapons at the man with a laser gun.

The man had quick responses.

After dodging those hidden weapons, he aimed the gun at her.

Zi Yi jumped down the wall.

While she avoided the gun, she released several hidden weapons at him once again.

Unexpectedly, that man had once again evaded everything.

Very soon, they were engaged in a fight.

Zi Yi asked in a deep voice, “Who are you”

That man did not answer her.

A gun appeared in his hand and he shot at her.

Zi Yi swiftly evaded and immediately determined that this group of men were not here to capture her.

Another bullet came at her.

At that moment, with the sounds of a whip piercing through the air, a whip coiled around her waist.

Immediately after, it had dragged her several meters away.

When the whip released its grip on her, Zi Yi saw that familiar masked man descending from the skies and fighting against those men in black.


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