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Chapter 128: Because I Blacklisted You

When there was no response from the other end, Zi Yi walked to the window, pulled the curtains, opened the windows, and looked upwards.

As expected, there was a light source from upstairs.

She called out.

“Lu Jingye.”

The next second, Lu Jingye stretched out his head and said in disapproval, “Why arent you asleep at this time of night”

“Haha…” Zi Yi answered in a justified manner.

“Arent you awake too Moreover, I have nothing to do.

Cant I surf the net”

Lu Jingye looked down at the young lady addicted to the internet and frowned.

“Its not good.”

“How is it not good” Zi Yi said, “Your logic basically means, you tyrants can do what they like, but the common people like me arent allowed the slightest bit of freedom.”

Having said that, she waved at him.

“Well, I shall not talk to you anymore.

It wont be good to disturb other people.”

After which, she moved back from the window, closed it, and walked away.

Lu Jingye looked at her window and stood there for a long time with his lips pursed.

Early in the morning when Zi Yi came downstairs, she coincidentally saw the housekeeper informing the cleaning servants.

“Everyone, keep your voices down.

Dont wake Miss Zi up.”

After that, he turned around and saw Zi Yi standing by the stairway.

He greeted her with a smile.

“Miss Zi, good morning.”

“Good morning.” Zi Yi looked around the living room and did not see Lu Jingye.

“Wheres Lu Jingye”

The housekeepers smile became brighter.

“Second Young Master suddenly decided to head abroad and he left early in the morning.”

The housekeeper added.

“Before he left, Second Young Master has specially informed me to tell Miss Zi that you should not stay up late surfing the net.

Its not good for your health.”

Zi Yis lips twitched the moment she heard that.

Since Lu Jingye was going abroad, he would definitely have brought quite a few of his bodyguards with him.

To her surprise, she did not see a single bodyguard when she went out to modify her cars.

There were only two maids that followed behind her.

Zi Yi had a feeling that Lu Jingye deliberately arranged for this.

For the next two days, Zi Yi remained at Lu Jingyes house to modify her racing cars.

When she had time, she would check up on the progress of the construction of the underground basement.

Time passed by very fast.

After two days, just as she walked out from her courtyard after checking the construction progress, she discovered a familiar car parked in front of her house.

When she walked out, Ouyang Ming alighted with a gloomy expression.

When he saw her, he looked at her in a strange way.

He deliberately checked her up and down before he said, “Zi Yi, why is your phone number an empty number”

Zi Yi laughed.

Her laugh was very irritating.

“Because I blacklisted your number.”

Ouyang Ming: “…”

What should he do if he wanted to punch the woman before him

After he took a few deep breaths, he calmed his raging temper and sneered.

“I believe youve not only blacklisted my number.

Instead, youve blacklisted everyone.”

“Thats right.”

Zi Yi could not even be bothered to hide it and that caused Ouyang Ming to gnash his teeth.

“Then do you know your family is looking for you”

Zi Yi had guessed what transpired.

“My family went to you”

“Yes.” Ouyang Ming said cynically, “I think youre arrogant now that youre rich.

You dont even intend to care for your family How did Ah He even fancy someone like you”

Zi Yi looked at him coldly.

Ouyang Ming became even angrier at her expression.

“Your family is at the Palace Hotel.

Its up to you if you want to meet them.”

Having said that, he turned around and got in his car.

Zi Yi looked away and a trace of chilliness flashed through her eyes.


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