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Chapter 926: You Are So Money-minded!

“What nonsense are you sprouting” The man was obviously feeling guilty and his voice had raised several pitches higher.

“Tsk…” Qin Zes expression instantly turned cold.

“Ian has a phone with him.

Call him if you are looking for him instead of trying to sneak a peek in here.

Oh, thats right… your Madam doesnt know that Ian has gifted this winery away Since the winery is no longer his, dont come here looking for him.”

“How impetuous! A commoner like you is speaking to me like that”

Qin Ze laughed.

It was his first time encountering someone who bullied people using their status and looked down on others.

“And whats your status”

The man had unexpectedly raised his chin and said with pride, “I am one of the Madams stewards.”

“Oh! So youre a servant.”

“What do you mean by that”

“I meant what I said literally.

Its strange that a servant like you is here to look down on other people.”


“You what, you Right now, this winery belongs to my friend.

Do you believe that I wont get someone to chase you out”

“You dare!”

“Lets see if I dare to do so or not.”

The more Qin Ze said, the more he felt a sense of accomplishment.

Even though he cant win against Zi Yi in an argument, he could easily deal with these types of people who are weak in front of the strong and strong in front of the weak.

“You can leave now.

Otherwise, Ill immediately call Ian.”

“Who do you think you are A commoner like you dares to be so unbridled in front of me.

Do you believe that I wont get someone to cause you to be arrested”

Qin Ze could not be bothered to waste his time talking nonsense with him and he said to the housekeeper, “Find two people and give him a beating.

This type of person would really think hes the king if he doesnt receive a beating.”

The housekeeper standing next to Qin Ze was one of Ians men.

After hearing Qin Zes orders, he only pondered for two seconds before he turned around and was about to leave to call for reinforcement.

“Just you wait!”

The man was finally afraid.

He left behind a warning and left.

Looking at the car driving away, Qin Ze scoffed and turned to walk back into the living room.

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye came downstairs, he told them about what had happened with the man.

Lu Jingye understood the situation here better and said to Zi Yi, “The Countess isnt Ians biological Mother and Ians eldest brother is her child.

If my guess is right, the Countess would surely feel unhappy when Ian brought your cousin back home today.”

“Then why did she send someone here” Qin Ze could not quite understand the motive behind this.

On the other hand, Zi Yi thought of a reason.

“I think the Countess sent someone here to inquire if we are here or not”

“That must be it.”

“Hmph!” Zi Yis expression darkened.

“In that case, when Ian brought my cousin back home today, they must have made things difficult for her.”

The more she thought about it, the unhappier she got.

Zi Yi called out, “Little Loli.”

Little Loli appeared out of thin air and said, “Sister, why are you looking for me”

Zi Yi had given her a task to complete when they arrived here and she would basically be invisible most of the time.

Therefore, she was a little surprised to be called out.

Zi Yi said, “Go look for my cousin.

If shes in the Counts Mansion, follow her around.

If someone bullies her, find a way to take care of them.”

“Okay~” Little Loli loved this type of job the most and she turned invisible immediately afterwards.

Qin Ze looked at Little Loli who left just like that and somehow sympathized with those who were planning to bully Dou Xiangling.

At around five oclock in the evening, the group of architects they had invited to dinner arrived.

The farewell dinner was held in the open space in front of the house.

The moonlight was very beautiful tonight.

Plus, they were in the vineyard and so, everyone held a glass of wine in their hands as they listened to the music.

They chatted about how excited they were when they saw the laboratory being built step by step.

The atmosphere was extremely comfortable and easy.

“This building can definitely be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records if you apply.

It took us less than half a year to build such a large and complex building.

Perhaps no one would believe us if we said it outside!”

“So what if no one believes us This is a fact.

Moreover, there are many materials here that we have used which I feel are better than those used in the aviation industry.”

“What background does the boss here have How are they so capable of purchasing such superb building materials”

“I heard that it was custom-made.”

“Who is the boss Even the chief architect doesnt know.

Say, do you think it is Mr.

Lu and Mrs.


“Why would they build such a large laboratory for”

“Perhaps it might not be a laboratory.

The building can also be used for other things.”

“Thats true.”

Some architects who got together from time to time would look at the chief architect standing together with Zi Yi and Lu Jingye.

The architects were guessing if they were the bosses and what the building was going to be used for.

Lu Jingye raised his glass and proposed a toast to Yi Lanke.


Yi Lanke, youve worked hard during this period of time.

Let me propose a toast to you.”

Lu Jingye casually raised his glass but he gave off the impression that he greatly valued the other party.

Yi Lanke subconsciously raised his glass and laughed.

“Its indeed hard work, but looking at the building, which I originally thought was impossible to build, slowly forming shape, the sense of accomplishment is too strong.

Ive been in this industry for many years and this is my first time taking on such a project.

I am also very thankful to you two.”

Both of them touched glasses and drank the alcohol.

Just then, Lu Jingye poured another cup for himself and increased his voice as he said to everyone, “Everyone, spare me some time to speak to you all.”

The moment his gentle and dignified voice was heard, everyone subconsciously stopped talking.

Lu Jingye mentioned some words of appreciation before he raised his glass toward everyone.

“Youve all worked hard.

I will provide all of you with a big red envelope when the time comes.”

Upon hearing that Lu Jingye mentioned a big red envelope, Qin Ze who was standing next to Zi Yi suddenly said, “There is actually a day when I can hear Lu Jingye say something like that”

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at him.

Qin Ze grinned and said, “Zi Yi, dont you feel heartache when you hear Lu Jingye saying he will be giving out red packets to them”

“Why should I feel upset Its just a small amount of money.”


Qin Ze was speechless.

After Lu Jingye finished his speech, everyone seemed to look excited and they were also satisfied with how Lu Jingye treated them.

The farewell dinner did not end until half past nine in the evening.

Many people had too much to drink and Lu Jingye got the bodyguards to send them out.

Looking at the cars headed for the city, Qin Ze asked Zi Yi, “They are leaving just like that”

“Of course.”

“Then will they still remember the situation here”

“They will only remember taking up an ordinary construction job.”

Qin Ze wanted to continue asking, but Zi Yi glanced at her wristwatch and said, “Isnt it time for my cousin and Ian to be at the airport now”

“Yes.” Lu Jingye said, “Zeruis flight lands at 10:30 p.m.”

“We can wait for them then.”

“It will be around midnight by the time they return.

If you cant hold on, you can go to bed early.”

“Who says I cant hold on Ill look at my two babies while waiting for them.”

When Qin Ze heard Zi Yi talking about her two babies, he hastily said, “Zi Yi, you should watch your babies in the living room later.

I also want to have a look at them.”

Zi Yi said rudely, “Go have your own baby if you want to see one.

You have to give me a red packet if you want to see mine.”

Qin Ze: “…Youre so money minded!”

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