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Chapter 117: Leading by Six Laps in the First Segment

When the fiery red car increased its distance by shooting out like a bolt of lightning, everyone forgot to react.

Even some of the racers almost committed a mistake out of surprise.

However, they had quickly recovered their senses, as they were prepared to catch up.

But when they continuously accelerated, they realized that the fiery red cars wheels seemed to have been installed with a rocket launcher.

Its speed was simply beyond their reach.

After quite some time, the commentators voice finally sounded.

“Cameraman, please aim at contestant No.6.

Let us see how the female racer has driven her car at such speeds.”

God, the camera could only detect a shadow of her car.

No.6 has finished her first lap.

No.6 has finished her second lap.

No.6 has finished her eighth lap.

Everyones line of sight was fixed on that fiery red ghosting image.

After rounds and rounds, they basically forgot there were still six other contestants.

Not only was the audience holding their breaths with their eyes and mouths wide open.

Even those watching the webcast forgot to breathe.

Just when they were about to be out of breath, the counter on the big screen reflected a number, 10 laps completed, hovering underneath the No.6.



Voices of everyone swallowing their salivas could be heard.

The commentator was even more surprised.

“Our No.6 contestant has obtained the first place in the first segment, and led by six laps compared to the other contestants!”

“Oh god, am I dreaming”

When the commentator said that, wealthy individuals worldwide who had placed bets could no longer keep their calm.

“Whats going on How could there be such a fast racing car!”

“This is not scientific at all!”

“Even if the racing car is capable of such a fast speed, the racer themselves cannot withstand such pressure.

Unless that woman is on drugs!”

“Check, we must make a joint check!”

Instantly, many large organizations had pressured the organizing committee to give Zi Yi a full physical examination.

When Ouyang Ming heard of this news, he suddenly stood up and kicked his chair.

“This woman is indeed fond of causing trouble!”

He then spoke angrily to Chang Teng.

“Go tell that woman.”

Zi Yi was the only contestant who completed ten laps and she had already walked down from the race track.

With nothing to do, she waited at the finishing line.

Even though she was truly idle, in everyones point of view, she was looking at the other six contestants in contempt in a high-profile manner.

“Miss Zi.”

Zi Yi turned towards Chang Teng.

“Miss Zi, this…”

“Speak your mind.”

“There are dozens of big organizations that jointly requested for the organizing committee to have you undergo a full physical examination.”

“Ha, theyre doubting me”

Chang Teng advised her out of kindness.

“Miss Zi, the money involved in this bet is too massive.

Moreover, you completed the laps at such a fast speed and its normal for everyone to be doubtful.

I think it would be better to cooperate with the check.”

When Chang Teng mentionedsuch a fast speed, his expression became strange.

Zi Yi glanced at the VIP seats.

There were several club bosses and managers, along with the judges sitting there.

They were all staring at her and many of their gazes were examining her with fury.

Zi Yi curled her lips.


With so many bosses jointly requesting for the examination, the capital would certainly respond immediately.

A few minutes later, a helicopter that carried several of the most famous, authoritative doctors and most advanced medical testing equipment in the capital had arrived.

In a manner where the results were fully revealed to everyone, they completed the physical examination for Zi Yi.


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