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Chapter 116: When the Competition Ends, Ill Treat You to a Meal

The individual competition took place in the morning while the team competition was held in the evening.

Those who participated in the individual competition were the best racers of each team.

Only Team Whirlwind had two contestants, Zi Yi and Gerry.

“The individual competition is divided into two segments.

The first segment will be happening on a circular racetrack, while the second segment will be held on the mountain road outside the stadium.”

The Capitals International Racing Circuit had mountains behind it.

They werent considered high, but the terrain was rugged and steep.

Therefore, the roads were all curved and difficult to maneuver.

When most people drive in the mountains, they would normally reduce their speed.

However, it was an extremely challenging and exciting racing track for racers.

At 9 a.m, the announcer excitedly broadcasted several constants entering the stadium.

“There are a total of seven racers participating in the individual competition today.

No.1 is D Countrys Yadles, No.2 is R Countrys Gerwin, No.3 is M Countrys Wind God, No.4 is Y Countrys Ito, No.5 is the Capitals Gerry, No.6 is the Capitals Zi Yi, and lastly, No.7 is A Countrys Tuas.”

“Right now, all seven racers have entered the track through the entrance…”

The announcer explained their previous achievements and chances of winning one by one.

When it came to Gerry, his pitch had increased due to excitement.

“Gerry is the secret weapon of Team Whirlwind.

I believe everyone is no stranger to him.

He is known as a wolf on the dangerous racing track! Please look forward to Gerrys performance at the mountain track.

The crowd became enthusiastic with the announcement of Gerry.

For those who were still placing bets, many of them had placed a bet on him when they saw the contestant was Gerry.

Just then, when the announcer mentioned Zi Yi, his tone subconsciously carried traces of teasing.

“The next individual we are introducing is this beautiful contestant.

I believe with what transpired an hour ago, everyone is no stranger to her.

This beautiful content is participating in the international competition for the first time.

Everyone, do remember to cheer for her later!”

Within the racetrack, all seven contestants met at the exit.

The few men simultaneously gazed in her direction and their eyes contained contempt.

When each contestant walked towards their racing cars, Gerry suddenly said, “See No one takes you seriously here.

Youd better not embarrass the Lightning Flash racing club later.”

Having said that, he walked away in large strides.

The moment Gerry left, Gerwin who was standing behind Zi Yi spoke in a gentle voice.

“Beautiful lady, thank you for causing the bets to reach a shocking level.

When the competition ends, Ill treat you to a meal.”

His words caused several other contestants to turn back and glance at the smiling Gerwin.

Gerwin spread his hands in a mock shrug.

“Shouldnt we be treating the beautiful lady to a meal”

Zi Yi swept her gaze over them and walked towards her racing car.

After which, she opened the door and took a seat.

Cheerleaders from several racing clubs entered the stadium at the same time.

After several segments of enticing dances, a gunshot sounded and seven racing cars sped out.

The commentator then began to explain.

“Below, we see seven racing cars speeding out at the same time.

No.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 are all neck in neck.

Right now, we have to wait to see who will take the lead.

As for No.6, the cameraman should give her more screen time so that we can see her performance.

Oh ho, pretty good.

Our only female racer appears to be rather calm.

They are about to reach the first corner.

This is a section that is easiest to pull the distance.

Let us wait and s…”

Before the commentator could finish the last word, his voice abruptly stopped.

Even the enthusiastic audience suddenly widened their mouths in disbelief and forgot to cheer for their favourite racer.


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