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The two directly headed to the racing car Zi Yi intended to modify.

The car she wanted to modify was a fiery red one.

The robots were currently testing the performance of the racing car on her behalf.


Zi Yi went to have breakfast while Lu Jingye stood by the car.

When she finished her breakfast, she went over, feeling proud, and asked Lu Jingye, “My car is beautiful, isnt it”

Lu Jingye hummed in response and turned to her.

His expression was still of disapproval.

“You really intend to compete with Ouyang Ming”

“Thats right.” Zi Yi looked back at him confidently.

“Do you think I cant beat him”

Lu Jingye reminded her.

“Its international racers competing against you.”

Zi Yi shrugged her shoulders.

“No matter who it is, it makes no difference to me.”

She then glanced at the elegant suit Lu Jingye wore, extended a finger, and poked him.

“Lu Jingye, are you sure you are going to modify the car together with me in your current clothes”

Lu Jingye eyed her naughty finger and pursed his lips.

Zi Yi wanted to continue at the sight of his expression.

However, before her fingers could reach out, he had walked over to one side.

While he walked, he took off his jacket, folded it, and placed it neatly on a stool.1

Only then did he say, “Arent we modifying cars What do you need me for”

Zi Yi motioned for a robot to bring the tool box over and said, “I need your help to pass me the tools shortly.

There are some parts where I will require your help to install them.”


Due to the previous cooperation, they had a better rapport this time.

When Zi Yi modified the cars, she would unconsciously exude a charming, confident aura.

Lu Jingye would occasionally glance at her.

During those moments, he could not help but sigh.

If she remained like this, his teachers family would not be disappointed with her anymore.

The morning passed by very quickly.

When Zi Yi announced the completion of the modification, she asked Lu Jingye, “Im heading out to try the car.

Do you want to join me”

Lu Jingye had not answered when Zi Yi immediately dismissed the suggestion on his behalf.

“Wait, you are definitely unable to withstand the speed of the car.

I better test it by myself instead.”

After that, she opened the door and got in.

Lu Jingye saw her chic movements as she got in.

He lifted his long legs, walked around the front hood, and opened the door.

Zi Yi turned around, looked at him and warned him.

“Youve never experienced such fast speeds and you might not be able to withstand it later.”

Lu Jingye took the helmet and asked calmly.

“Is it faster than an airplane”

“More or less.”

Zi Yi felt that the extreme speed would cause ordinary racers trauma and out of humanitarian morality, she had only increased the speed slightly.

Lu Jingye did not speak further.

He wore the helmet and his intentions were obvious.

Her lips curled up when she saw he remained unmoved.

Out of kindness, she repeated herself.

“Sit tight.

You must say it out loud if you are unable to withstand it.”

Following this, she wore the helmet and stepped on the accelerator.

The car instantly sped out.

The place of her residence was rather remote.

One could directly get on the highway after driving a few kilometers from her courtyard.

The fiery red racing car traveled at high speeds on the highway.

The cars passing by could only catch a glimpse of a red streak.

In the blink of an eye, there was nothing left in their view.

“Oh god, did a racing car pass by earlier”

“I doubt it No matter how fast a racing car is, it cant possibly disappear in the blink of an eye.”

“Could I have seen it wrongly”


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